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Re: [mojowire] CIA recruiting at Virginia Tech
Wed Apr 18, 2007 22:06

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Subject: Re: [mojowire] CIA recruiting at Virginia Tech
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 15:42:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jonathan Sellers

The Inner Circle no longer consider this to be a lone nut kind of thing. It's all over the industry! And anybody who continues to nail me as a conspiranoiac or a paranoid is working for THEM, as well, and I shall never shut up until I am murdered by their minions.

The Inner Circle are working at creating the ultimate X Files episode and/or penultimate 24 Season 8!

Alamantra wrote:

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From: Vigilius Haufniensis
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Subject: Re: [mojowire] CIA recruiting at Virginia Tech

oh yeah, the serial numbers on the guns had been filed off. why would he do
that if he was gonna suicide himself?

The srial #'s were filed off, ehh? If that is so, how was it that the media
was able to tell where the guns were obtained and get that report so
quickly? Odd.



CIA recruiting at Virginia Tech | Wake Up From Your Slumber
CIA recruiting at Virginia Tech. "The single shooter was unusally effective at killing, almost as if he had been trained to do so."


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