Mark Phillips is a CIA Containment Agent
Tue Apr 17, 2007 05:32

And Cathy O'Brien is still under mind control, but doesn't know it. Mark is luring people in to them whose mind control is "leaking" so they can be retargetted and shut down.

Mark tried to shut down Sue Ford to stop her from writing her expose Thanks for the Memories- The Truth Has Set Me Free- see

Is there in FACT a clandestine MKULTRA lab underneath a mountain near Blacksburg? Who knows? Its possible that there may be, but given what Mark tried to do to Sue Ford, theres no reason to trust anything he says.

He undoubtedly wrote this most recent book because he has to keep writing to stay enough in the public eye to be able to successfully carry out his mission of luring MKULTRA Mind Control subjects in to them who are "leaking" so they can be retargetted and shut down.

Beware of these people. His story of being a "knight in shining armor" who "rescued" the damsel in distress is a steaming load of BS, its not the truth, its all SPIN. If you want to know the truth, read Sue Ford's book which she wrote under the pen name Brice Taylor:

Someone should punch Mark Phillips lights out. The guy is a pathetic sack of human caca.

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