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Top 10 Anti-Gun Senators
Tue Apr 17, 2007 21:46

 Top 10 Anti-Gun Senators

 10. Mike DeWine (R.-Ohio)
 Consistently the only Republican to speak in favor of anti-2nd Amendment legislation on the Senate floor.

 9. Jack Reed (D.-R.I.)
 The most vocal opponent on the Senate floor of congressional legislation to prevent lawsuits against firearms manufacturers based on the actions of criminals.

 8. John Kerry (D.-Mass.)
 Accepted a shotgun as a campaign gift from union officials, even though it would have been banned under a bill he cosponsored.

 7. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D.-N.Y.)
 Though just in her first term as an elected official, she campaigned for gun control while First Lady, advocating gun owner licensing, handgun registration and the retention by the federal government of records on lawful purchasers of firearms.

 6. Frank Lautenberg (D.-N.J.)
 Despite government studies showing that fewer than 1% of criminals get their guns from gun shows, Lautenberg sponsored legislation to run gun shows out of business.

 5. Dianne Feinstein (D.-Calif.)
 Sponsor of the much-vaunted assault-weapon ban of 1994-2004. Despite the ban's having been found to have been misdirected and irrelevant to crime, Feinstein said she wished for a stronger law, one that would say, "Mr. and Mrs. America, turn [your firearms] all in." Feinstein carried a handgun for her own protection in California.

 4. Ted Kennedy (D.-Mass.)
 A generation ago, this liberal lion sponsored legislation to ban and otherwise restrict handguns. He hasn’t let up a bit since.

 3. Barbara Boxer (D.-Calif.)
 Sponsor of bills to ban compact handguns, such as those commonly carried for protection, by making the legality of their manufacture in the U.S. contingent upon the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' (BATFE) regulation permitting the same type of firearm to be imported. BATFE uses regulatory authority over firearms importation arbitrarily and, some say, illegally. Boxer hoped the BATFE would do the same with U.S.-made firearms.

 2. Dick Durbin (D.-Ill.)
 Minority whip is top anti-gun activist in his party’s Senate leadership and a reliable activist for anti-gun legislation in his own right.

 1. Charles Schumer (D.-N.Y.)
 Sponsor of legislation to ban firearms as "assault weapons," to ban hunting, recreational, practice and defensive ammunition as "armor piercing," and to impose a waiting period on handgun sales. The member of Congress who most seeks publicity for himself on gun-control issues.

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C-Span Debate on Gun Control:

On Saturday and Monday, C-Span's BookTV will be broadcasting a gun control debate in which I participated. Here are the details:

On Saturday, December 16 at 8:00 am and at 2:30 pm and Monday, December 18 at 1:00 am Gun Control Debate with Arnold Grossman, "One Nation Under Guns" and David Kopel, "Gun Control and Gun Rights"

Description: The Denver Press Club hosts a debate on the issue of gun control. Arnold Grossman, author of "One Nation Under Guns - An Essay on An American Epidemic," argues the pro-gun control case while David Kopel, co-editor of "Gun Control and Gun Rights: A Reader and Guide" speaks for the opposing side. The debate is moderated by Cnythia Hessin, executive producer of Rocky Mountain PBS.

Author Bio: David Kopel is Research Director at the Independence Institute in Golden, Colorado. Arnold Grossman co-founded SAFE Colorado, a bipartisan anti-gun violence group, in 2000, following the Columbine school shootings. Mr. Grossman co-authored "1998" with former Colorado governor Richard Lamm.

I also wrote a lengthy review of a book, in which I argued that it was riddled with factual and legal errors, and that the book unintentionally reveals why the gun control movement in the United States has become such a failure in recent years.

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Gun Control and Mass Shootings:

Ross Douthat at Andrew Sullivan's blog writes (paragraph break added):

Eugene Volokh wonders how soon is too soon to start the inevitable post-Virginia Tech dialogue about gun control, and Joshua Claybourn chimes in. Obviously, this kind of meta-debate is somewhat academic, since nobody -- from the New York Times editorial page to Michelle Malkin -- seems interested in waiting even a day before trotting out their hobby-horses.

I'm extremely skeptical, though, that there's actually anything significant to learn about gun policy from yesterday's violence: Extreme, unpredictable events like this one seem like precisely the kind of thing that shouldn't dictate lawmaking decisions (though of course they inevitably do). If there's a case for gun control, it's in the daily run of shooting deaths that don't make the front page; if there's a case against gun control, it's in the daily run of crimes deterred by an armed citizenry (and in more abstract questions of personal liberty), not in the faint chance that a kid with a conceal-and-carry permit might have taken the Virginia killer down.

I would add "stopped" to "deterred"; and I would agree that, even if one thinks that either gun control or gun decontrol would have helped in this instance, we shouldn't make broad gun policy based on these highly unusual incidents -- which, tragic as they are, represent a tiny and extraordinarily unrepresentative fraction of all the homicide that's out there. (This of course is a separate question from whether it is improper or disrespectful to discuss policy questions immediately following a tragedy such as this one.)

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