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The Truth behind drugdealer Dan Laster, of the Roman Mafia2)
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At the time of this writing, one member has died,
one is disabled and now Chuck Hayes “Angel of Death”
has been arrested on the eve of the presidential
election. A flood of information may be released soon
exposing many corrupt politicians if Hayes is messed
with. This could be a fun scene to watch unfold. Stay
tuned and pay attention.

Through the help of a mutual friend, I have been
able to talk to Charles Hayes’s attorney, Gatewood
Galbraith, who ran for Governor of Kentucky on a
Pro-Hemp platform. According to Gatewood, Chuck Hayes
is a liar and could not produce any good evidence or
witnesses at the trial. You would think if there was
an element in the CIA that was working for the good of
the people and one of their own was on trial for part
of an operation to expose high ranking officials in
the government, that they would use the opportunity to
bring out the information."

Bill Clinton's mother hangs out at the race track with
mobsters and other local figures, including Dan
Lasater who breeds race horses in Kentucky and Florida
and has a box at the track next to hers. Mrs. Clinton
introduces Lasater to Roger Clinton.

Roger Clinton develops a four-gram a day cocaine
habit, getting his stuff from New York and Medellin
suppliers, based (as one middleman will later testify)
on "who his brother was." Sharlene Wilson is one of
his dealers. Dan Lasater will give Roger work and loan
him $8,000 to pay off a drug debt.
The Banking Committee is supposed to be coming out
with a report in the next couple of months looking at
the relationship between Barry Seal, the U.S.
government and Clinton's folks. Alex Cockburn has done
a number of stories on this company called Park-On
Meter down in Russellville, Arkansas, that's hooked up
with Clinton's family, hooked up with Hillary's law
firm, that sort of thing. To me, that's a story people
ought to be looking at. I never thought Whitewater was
much of a story, frankly. What I thought the story was
about was Clinton's buddy Dan Lasater, the bond broker
down there who was a convicted cocaine trafficker.
Clinton pardoned him on his way to Washington. Lasater
was a major drug trafficker, and Terry Reed's book
claims Lasater was part and parcel with this whole

"DAC Technologies Announces Private Transaction

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- DAC Technologies (OTC: DAAT) today
announced a private transaction in which accredited
investors and DAC Technologies agreed to purchase all
the outstanding shares (679,065 shares) from Dan
Lasater and his family. Keane Securities of New York
City handled this transaction.
David A. Collins, Chairman and CEO, stated, "The
Company has reached an agreement to put its GunMaster
gun cleaning kits into Sears/Kmart's approximately
1,100 stores in the July/August time frame."
Collins further stated, "Mr. Bob Goodwin, th
Dan Lasater Sells Something Clinton Wants

Crime/Corruption Breaking News News Keywords: COCAINE,
Source: Arkansas Business
Published: June 26, 2000 Author: Gwen Moritz
Posted on 06/26/2000 22:10:36 PDT by HAL9000

Whitewater-era figures Dan R. Lasater and David A.
Collins are in business together again.
And they are selling a product that will be a hot
commodity if President Clinton has his way: trigger
DAC Technologies Group International of Fort
Lauderdale, Fla., a marketer of gun locks and other
safety devices, began trading publicly last week
(Nasdaq OTC BB: DATT). Little Rock businessman Dan
Lasater, whose personal and professional relationship
with then-Gov. Clinton was explored by the special
congressional committee on Whitewater, owns almost a
quarter of the company’s stock.
Collins, a former partner with Lasater in a Little
Rock investment company called Collins, Locke &
Lasater, is chief executive of the company. He or
members of his family have beneficial ownership of
almost a third of the outstanding shares of common
DAC stock opened at $2 per share on Monday, closed at
$4.38 on Tuesday and then closed at $3.38 on
Wednesday. Lasater and another primary shareholder,
Gerald E. Hannahs Jr. of Little Rock, each own
1,157,500 shares, valued Wednesday at $3.9 million.
Ralph Coppess of Little Rock owns 316,500 shares (6.3
percent). Uni Skit, a Chinese company that
manufactures personal and automotive alarms for DAC,
traded $252,000 in debt for 165,000 shares in the
company in December 1998.The shares offered to the
public last week were among the 5.05 million shares
issued to approximately 30 accredited investors
between July 1998 and April 1999, according to Robert
C. Goodwin of Little Rock, the company’s chief
financial officer. The sale of those shares raised
approximately $234,400, according to documents filed
with the Securities and Exchange Commission."

Bill Clinton pardoned Dan Lasater more than twice, a convicted drug dealing assassin and known criminal.

Lasater is a criminal traitor and an Alabama Grand Jury needs to go after this bastard Daniel Lasater.

Daniel Lasater disgraces all Christianity, and serves the Vatican Church's agenda well with his disease. He needs to be sentenced to MAXIMUM PRISON!!!!! And further, Daniel Lasater needs to be brought to face a Jury in Virginia over his connection to the SLAUGHTER of Americans in a CIVIL SCHOOL ON A SCHOOL DAY.

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