Roger Rancor
The Truth behind drugdealer Dan Lasater, of the Roman Mafia.
Wed Apr 18, 2007 01:27

For years, drug-dealer and hitman linked assassin Dan Lasater has poisoned American school children and ruined governments on the behalf of his bosses, the Knights of Malta.
Distribution Source : Market Wire
Date : Tuesday, May 16, 2006
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- (Market Wire - May 16, 2006) -- In
the news release, "DAC Technologies Announces Private
Transaction," issued earlier today by DAC Technologies
Group International, Inc. (OTC: DAAT), we are advised
by the company that the first sentence of the second
paragraph should read " David A. Collins, Chairman and
CEO, stated, "The Company has reached an agreement to
put its GunMaster gun cleaning kits into Kmart's
approximately 1,100 stores in the July/August time
frame." rather than "David A. Collins, Chairman and
CEO, stated, "The Company has reached an agreement to
put its GunMaster gun cleaning kits into Sears/Kmart's
approximately 1,100 stores in the July/August time
frame." As originally issued. Complete corrected text
""Dan Lasater sells something Clinton Wants"
"agreed to purchase all the outstanding shares
(679,065 shares) from Dan Lasater and his family."
Distribution Source : Market Wire
Date : Tuesday, May 16, 2006 "

Dan Lasater fully facilitated the use of Brent Snowcroft, and all of Turkey to enter the drug trade later on....and subsequently, poison millions of kids and create the pretext for the school shootings.

Manufactured by Knights of Malta pedophile freaks, Catholic criminal traitors, who deal drugs and line the heroine with PCP while they launder the narcotics money into foreign banks.
A month earlier, when police responded to a complaint
that Myers had threatened to kill himself and others,
he talked about bringing in a squad of Green Berets to
kill drug dealers in the area.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Martin Hatfield said his
office and FBI agents confirmed late Wednesday that
Myers was eventually committed to a psychiatric
hospital and later pleaded guilty to attempted grand
theft in the extortion case.
Several years ago a system of software was developed
called PROMIS, by a company called INSLAW. This was
criminal tracking software that was used by the
Defense Dept. and other agencies after they stole it
from the maker and forced him into Bankruptcy and
Jail, where he remains today. Danny Cassalero was
murdered investigating this case shortly after he came
up with an “Octopus” conspiracy theory of they way
things operated in the highest circles. Anyway, this
software was slightly modified by the CIA and secretly
“slipped” into banking software that was exported out
of our country for use by foreign and offshore banks.
The software was modified to track banking
transactions instead and the information about the
flow of finances throughout the world was now being
monitored by the CIA or at least a few agents who
wanted to find out where the money was going. After
this rogue CIA group got ahold of the information they
then photocopied it and had it hand delivered to each
particular congressman, senator or politician along
with a note explaining to them that they no longer had
their bribe fund and they had 24 hours to turn in
their resignation or face public scandal, humiliation
and possible criminal charges if they refused. This
gave the politician just enough time to check and see
if the funds were still there or not and to make a
decision. Well, according to Jim Norman, a respected
journalist for Forbes Magazine (who happens to be the
Fifth Column’s only Media Liason), EVERY politician so
far has resigned. Media Bypass published Norman’s
story detailing how former White House Deputy Vince
Foster was a spy for Israel and had his $2.73 million
dollar espionage bounty, stashed at a Swiss bank,
raided by the Fifth Column shortly before his
death—after Forbes declined to run it. Norman was
later forced to resign from Forbes after coming across
evidence that Forbes Inc. Chairman, Casper Weinberger
himself had more than $2 million raided from a Swiss
account by the Fifth Column.

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