Representatives okay Real ID ban
Sun Apr 8, 2007 01:40

Be sure and let your local newspapers and State legislators
and governors know about this! It is easier to persuade them
to resist when the see they are not alone! (Interesting,
the Houses in each state are overwhelming against REAL ID
while the Senates are more tentative).

Representatives okay Real ID ban
T he New Hampshire House voted overwhelmingly yesterday to reject the federal Real ID Act as amounting to the creation of a national ID card. -

Delay of Real ID through houses
By Catherine
“A measure that delays Washington’s implementation of the federal Real ID Act, a 2005 law signed by President Bush requiring strict national standards for state-issued driver’s licenses, is headed to Gov. Chris Gregoire’s desk. ...
Flying Hamster -

New Hampshire Nixes Real ID
By galvanized
New Hampshire’s decision on Real ID — “Nuh-uhhhh!” The votes were an overwhelming 268-8. A great example of what well-organized community activism and vigilant reps can accomplish. Let’s hope that Texans will be as fierce in holding ...
Galvanized -

New Hampshire Steps Up to the Plate
By John R.(John R.)
CONCORD, NH — The New Hampshire House voted overwhelmingly Thursday to reject the federal REAL ID Act, which members said amounted to the creation of a national ID card. The House voted 268-8 to send the bill to the Senate. ...
Real ID Watch -

NH Opposing REAL ID - Again
By walterj
Last year NH legislators tried to stop the federal mandate of REAL ID but the bill failed. It has come up again in the NH House and passed as HB685 which prohibits NH from participating in the national identification card system. : ... -

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