Fielda Michelle Looney
Wed Apr 11, 2007 06:06

OUTLAWS LEGAL SERVICE. What a great Idea! Wish I'd known about you folks while being buried in an avalanche of criminal activity - compliments of "Big Boys in Black Coats." At this point if I hoped for justice, I'd be dead before any "honest" court could grant it, because American courts move slower than snails, although the Consitution speaks of "fair and speedy." And it won't give me back my son.

THANK YOU for defining "OUTLAW!!" How Appropriate! And now that we know we've been force-taxed to pay the salaries of CIA members who failed to protect this country; and instead have, along with Washington D.C. been involved in importing cocaine, covering it up, and spreading disinformation, corruption, and terror within for DECADES, I'm wondering when Americans will finally say, "We've had enough!" Check out this "MAD COW NEWS" Video. These folks are put it together. Truth ROCKS! Gary Webb will never be forgotten.

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