Michael M. Murphy
Fri Apr 15, 2005 14:01


Judge Sentences Woman Accused Of Making Anti-Semitic Comments

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- An Orange County judge handed down an unusual sentence for a woman accused of yelling anti-Semitic comments at her Jewish neighbor.

Geraldine Ballard wasn't charged with a crime. What happened in court Thursday will not show up on her record unless she violates the conditions of her probation.

Orange County judge Mike Murphy handled the sensitive case by drafting a creative sentence for Ballard. Ballard is accused of threatening Lisa Green and her children by shouting derogatory remarks at them as they walked in front of her property on their way to the Jewish Community Center in Maitland.

"I truly have to say, the system worked, it really worked," said Green.

The judge sentenced Ballard to 180 days of probation with the condition she either serve 50 hours of community service or visit one of three holo-sichoax-caust museums in Washington DC, St. Petersburg or the Jewish Community Center located in her own defiled neighborhood.

Ballard has denied the accusations against her all along and Thursday she refused to talk about the conditions of her approbation.

************************************************************Ballard must also undergo a mental health evaluation. If she fails to comply, she'll be back in court where she could be criminally charged.***************************************************************************************************************** Ever wonder why they call it {NYC} the Big Apple....that's where the worms come from.....********************************************************
Ballard will have to pay $250 in court costs and she cannot have any contact with Green and her nonsemitic "Jewish" family.
Copyrightaway. Send to Edgar J. Steele. And Jim "Braveheart" Floyd......And any other semitic , Hebrew , Israelites that know the truth about these Synagogue of Satan "JEWS"....being nonsemitic, nonhebrew, and NOT from the tribe of Judah. Tell Judge Murphy the truth about the Synagogue of satan jews - **************************************************************************************************************************[http://www.israelect.com/reference/Willie%2DMartin/] Stop the Insanity - Learn the Truth! Go Orlando Mary ! Tell it to the Judge !

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