Bushes Parallel Universes-In this world, lies are lucrative
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"As George H. W. Bush mentioned in his famous unpublished quote to Sarah McLendon more than a decade ago: "[I]f the American people ever knew the whole story about Iran Contra, we Bushes would be chased down in the streets and lynched." [Editor's note: Excellent suggestion.]"

Parallel Universes
In this world, lies are lucrative,
but the truth doesn't pay much
By John Kaminski

They say life is for learning. Here's what I've learned.

If you lie, you get rich. If you tell the truth, you stay poor.

Take a look around and smell the sewage. Do you dare disagree?

Which kind of world do you want? And if you think this one is so great, have you considered where your money has gone?

During the past twenty years, trillions of dollars have been illegally vacuumed out of that magnificent cash cow known as the American economy. The Bush family engineered Savings & Loan fire sale, the Bush family engineered 9/11 deception, the Bush family engineered Iraq war. In each case, and so many others, so much money has simply disappeared into the black hole of subterranean financial shenanigans that it's a wonder America is still afloat (if it actually is as you read this).

I don't want to blame the Bushes for everything; they just happened to have been involved in all the great financial crimes of the 20th century, from Samuel Walker in World War I to Prescott Bush in WW II and on down to the present crop of crooks. And it's important to remember the Clintons, among many others, are members of the Bush crime family. But anyway, even with their billions, the Bushes only work for the people with the real money.

Really, America is so rich that for almost one hundred years, bankers have skimmed the cream off the labor of every single American and deposited it in the pockets of those who participated in these clever schemes, and a majority of Americans barely noticed. Yet, our government officials don't protect us from this predation; they profit from it.

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