Bush/CIA/MOSSAD created Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein

Bush/CIA/NSA/MOSSAD/Mafia Mind Control Victims
Bush/CIA/MOSSAD created Al Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein
Mon Apr 12, 2004 15:17

April 12, 2004

Bush/CIA/NSA/MOSSAD/Mafia Mind Control Victims
Bush/CIA/MOSSAD created Al Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein
& these are diversions for the Elites Media.

Many Mental Midgets still do not see the Globalists
Elitists Illuminati's big picture plan for mass destruction and the Elites Mass Profiteering while carrying on their Mass Deception of the remedial
non thinking masses.

This Puppet show for Mass Murder, Moslem Ethnic Cleansing, and for the Globalist Elitists Mass Profiteering and their looting of every country especially the United States was planned out for over a century.

These Elites live and breath the study of Demography, the study of how their Goyan Sheep reproduce and breed world wide, generation after generation, as they have studied this for thousands of years in their controlling the gentile goyans like live stock for thousands of years, and they plan all of their wars for keeping their control, especially by their continuation of their banking debt over all nations every generation, by their planting their agents into the power structure of every country in order to lead these countries into a perpetuated theater of constant wars for their profiteering and for their continued indebting of all nations as that that anyone can see that Kerry and Bush are not only a part of this Elitist Jewish/
Jesuit Satanist Blood lines, both being cousins to one another. Bush, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, to name only a few are all related to the British Royal Family, to the Rockefellers, to the Rothschilds, as have all the Elitist appointed presidents since the beginning of the last century.

Is it by coincidence you think that we live in a real democracy when two Satanist Skull & Bones Fraternity brothers from the same college campus who are also blood related to one another with back grounds that are
completely falsified for the propping of media monopoly diversionary lies, that this country is a democracy?

The entire AM Radio Talk Show circuit is comprised
of solely only Bush Disinformation Jockeys, except
George Noory on the http://www.Coasttocoastam.com
night time AM radio program where this past week
was interviewed the likes of Alex Jones on the rampant
globalist murder campaign of the Elites
all now powerful Bush/CIA/NSA/MOSSAD/JesuitBlackPopeBankingMafia/
British Reptilian Royal Family/Rockefeller/Rothschild/Bilderberg/WTO Satanic
agenda of these Elites.

Well, mental midgets, you still keep putting your
mental midget useless views that includes your inability to realize that the Saddam Hussein in custody is one of twenty fake Saddams, and the Bin Laden Al Qaeda is a CIA MOSSAD front for the Elites all controlling
mind controlling disinformation diversion to make you midgets think that this CIA MOSSAD funded and created puppet organization are the bad guys when you still cannot realize that this whole current Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East mass murder for Oil, Drugs, Depleted Uranium disposal for killing off both Moslems and U.S. Serviceman, money laundering, weapons testing for the Elites sole corporate profiteering and U.S. economic looting, and yet, you midgets still write and prove that you are all incapable of evolving past the first stage of mental midgetry to realize how much the Elites have planned this
global mass murder for their mass profiteering, that in the short and long term is also ethnically cleansing of the entire Moslem world for the Israeli Globalist Banking
and American Pillaging Mafia. For their oil, drugs, money laundering, weapons of mass population elimination use for their corporate profiteering, and more, wake up
and start to think and to realize that Israel has more weapons of mass destruction then both the U.S. and Russia, and this country is currently responsible for more
human rights violations then any other country in known history so why isn't the U.S. going in there and start to bomb and also to mass murdering Israel-lice, awake yet.

These Israel-lice have bilked our country and our economy for well over a trillion dollars, and the Bushs are responsible for ripping off more then six trillion from this country, and old granddad Prescott Bush even handled all of the Nazi Banking for the Nazi's through out all of World War Two, and you by being an American Citizen are sponsoring global terror by allowing for these Satanist Luciferian Necromancing Bohemia Grove Death Society Skull & Bones Elitist thugs who serve solely only in the interests of the globalist Bush/CIA/NSA/MOSSAD/Corporate Banking WTO Elites and their on going out of control stealing and pillaging of your economy currently and that is has been going on through out the past while they are planning your's and your children's soon to occur deaths and if you don't wake up and start to do
more then just posting your ignorance on Message Boards, and Blog Strings, you will be dead or in one of their many concentration camps soon.

Wake up concerned American mental midgets and start to write like you are no longer falling for the Elites Media Mind Programming of this fake Bush CIA MOSSAD Elite's false Al Qaeda, fake Saddam scam at least, please, for all of our sakes.

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