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As the result of a federal sting operation named Diamondback, between the fall of 1998 and June 2001, a group of Middle Eastern men including Dr. Magdy Elamir and his brother Mohamed Elamir were named as suspects seeking to arm Osama bin Laden by trying to buy millions of dollars of weapons including stinger missiles and components for nuclear bombs, nuclear bomb triggers and weapons grade plutonium.

Dateline NBC aired two documentaries on the Diamondback sting operation: “On the trail of arms merchants” (August 2002) and “Stinger missile sting operation” (March 2003).

One of the men in the arms deal sting, Raja Ghulam Abbas, a Pakistani ISI agent, was inexplicably allowed to return to Pakistan.

Two others named in the illegal arms deal were the US citizens Dr. Magdy Elamir and Dr. Elamir’s brother, Mohamed Elamir, an engineer and a US citizen. A federal agent who was conducting the Diamondback sting was told at one point by federal authorities to not pursue with Mohamed Elamir where the arms to be procured in the deal were going.

After Michael Chertoff took over the DOJ criminal division in June 2001, no DOJ charges were filed against Dr. Magdy Elamir or Mohamed Elamir for their role in trying to buy nuclear weapons for bin Laden in New Jersey. There also was no adequate effort made to apprehend the Pakistani ISI agent Raja Abbas. Because the Diamondback case was handled as a criminal case rather than a counter terrorism case, Chertoff was also in a position to control and limit prosecution and arrests in the Diamondback case so that Magdy Elamir and Mohamed Elamir would not be charged or go to trial.

Dr. Magdy Elamir has not been arrested by the FBI nor charged or prosecuted by the DOJ under Chertoff even though the intelligence documents provided by Congressmen Gilman show that Dr. Elamir funneled millions of dollars from fraudulent HMO and MRI companies to fund terrorist activities for cleric Abdel Rahman in the 1993 bombing and also for bin Laden.

With no arrest, no charges filed against and no prosecution of Mohamed Elamir or of Dr. Magdy Elamir in the Diamondback case, Michael Chertoff was also able to avoid being publicly implicated in court as having known the details of Mohamed’s brother’s (Dr Magdy ElAmir) activities to skim HMO funds and transfer the funds to bin Laden AND to the Al Salaam mosque of Abdel Rahman used to carry out the 1993 WTC bombing during the FBI and Chertoff directed sting operation with provocateur Emad Salem, Ali Mohammed, Melvin Lattimore, the Siddiqys, and others.

It is ironic that Chertoff was a defense attorney for likely terrorist Dr. Elamir just as Lynne Stewart was a defense attorney for a terrorist advocate, Abdel Rahman, who was caught in a sting operation mounted by Chertoff and FBI provocateurs who were intentionally not stopped from carrying out the WTC bombing. While Stewart has been indicted on disputed and thrown out charges using highly questionable wiretaps known about and possibly authorized by Chertoff, Chertoff has yet to be asked to explain his improprieties, conflicts of interest and immorality for helping to promote the 1993 WTC bombing and for not having Chertoff’s client Dr. Elamir and his brother Mohammed Elamir adequately investigated and charged when Chertoff was head of the criminal division of DOJ.

Coptic Christian citizens of America should no longer trust the FBI and Michael Chertoff at Homeland Security for protection now that a Coptic Christian family in New Jersey connected to the Egyptian based Al Salaam mosque has been murdered in their own home by Muslim extremists. The Coptics from Egypt had been working to convert Muslims to Christianity at the Al Salaam mosque of Egyptian cleric Abdel Rahman, the same mosque that had been supported by the Egyptian bin Laden terror backer, Dr. Magdy Elamir who was protected by Chertoff. Some of the Christian Coptics recruiting Muslims as Christian converts at the Al Salaam mosque also likely had been informants to the FBI about terror activities at the mosque at the time Chertoff and the FBI were using Emad Salem and the mosque to carry out the 1993 WTC bombing.

A similar group of Coptic Christians from Egypt in OKC had been informants to the FBI concerning ME and Iraqi suspects. Some of these suspects turn out to actually have been FBI informants and provocateurs in the OKC bombing. But now that they have seen what has happened to their Coptic brothers in New Jersey, they now should know that they too could be murdered, especially since it is also now known that the FBI and Chertoff betrayed the Coptics’ good efforts to help and try to provide information that could have been used to stop and prosecute many more of those involved the 1993 WTC and 1995 OKC bombings. But this information was not used because the FBI and DOJ Attorneys like Chertoff did not want to publicly expose their knowledge of the use of FBI provocateurs in both attacks.

9-11 Hijackers

9-11 hijacker Mohamed Atta was known to his friends and associates in Cairo and Hamburg by exactly the same name as Dr. Elamir’s brother, namely, Mohamed El Amir. Atta’s father, an attorney in Cairo, is also named Mohamed El Amir. Dateline NBC reported that Magdy’s brother, Mohamed El Amir was an engineer in Cairo, Egypt, the same place that Mohamed Atta also studied engineering.

Atta shares the same surname as Dr. Magdy Elamir and the exact same name as Magdy’s brother Mohamed Elamir.

The FBI stated in a September 27, 2001 press release that Mohamed Elamir was an alias of Atta’s.

The 9/11 Commission Report indicated that Mohamed Elamir Atta visited at least seven other 9-11 hijackers living in an apartment in Paterson, New Jersey, the location of one of Dr. Magdy Elamir’s MRI centers publicly defended by Michael Chertoff:

“Within a few weeks, Hanjour, Hazmi, and several other operatives moved to Paterson and rented a one-room apartment. When their landlord later paid a visit, he found six men living there-Nawaf al Hamzi, now joined by his younger brother Salem, Hanjour, Moqed, probably Ahmed al Ghamdi, and Abdul Aziz al Omari; Hazmi’s old friend Khalid al Mihdar would soon join them.”

9-11 Drugs, Arms Trafficking and Terror Funding

Attorney General Ashcroft put Chertoff in charge of the entire DOJ investigation of the 9-11 attacks. Chertoff may well have known of the connections of Mohamed Elamir Atta, Mohamed Elamir, and Dr. Magdy Elamir in New Jersey with each other and the 9-11 hijackers, possibly even before the 9-11 attacks.

The New Yorker described Chertoff’s role in the 9-11 investigation on November 5, 2001:

“Since the September 11th terrorist attacks, Chertoff’s office has become the funnel for what is probably the most important criminal investigation in American history, as prosecutors and F.B.I. investigators pour in to seek the boss’s approval. …For day-to-day decisions, Chertoff has the last word…”

Chertoff intentionally squelched and covered up Saudi financing and money laundering, drug and arms trafficking, and terror ties to 9-11 as identified by Ms. Indira Singh and by FBI translator Sibel Edmonds. As part of this ongoing cover-up, Chertoff would have known of and likely been involved in the decision by Attorney General Ashcroft to place a rare state secrets gag order on Sibel Edmonds.

Indira Singh was a business associate of a Saudi financed US company, the Ptech Corporation having terror ties to bin Laden and the 9-11 attacks. Indira Singh independently corroborated Sibel Edmonds’ assertions of drug trafficking, money laundering and arms trafficking ties of US officials and business entities, Saudis and US Air Force officers to the 9-11 attacks. Singh identified that one of these entities was the Ptech Corporation.

Indira Singh’s and Sibel Edmonds’ evidence and allegations point directly to DOJ criminal cover-up by Ashcroft and by Michael Chertoff when Chertoff was head of the DOJ criminal division. Although Ashcroft placed Edmonds under a DOJ gag order, Singh gave testimony to the 9/11 Citizens' Commission, Sept 9, 2004 in New York. Singh read an open letter from Edmonds, and added, "what I have uncovered in Ptech connects with some of the things that she has discovered. Sibel is not allowed to disclose content but she can ask me questions. I know some of the things that she mentioned there connect directly to what I discovered."

Despite Indira Singh’s and Sibel Edmond’s testimony, their testimony was intentionally left out of the commission’s final report as a result of the Bush administration.

Federal judge Reggie Walton is the judge used by Ashcroft and Bush to uphold the DOJ’s gag order on Edmonds and block Sibel Edmond’s testimony about corrupt US officials involved in money laundering, drug trafficking, arms trafficking tied to the 911 attacks, AlQaeda, and the Turkish American council. GW Bush and Ashcroft were also involved in having federal judge Reggie Walton block the lawsuit filed against Iraq by 20 OKC bombing victims. Evidence in the OKC bombing case exposed the FBI and DOJ’s foreknowledge and use of the same provocateurs and informants in the OKC bombing that had also worked with Chertoff during the 1993 WTC bombing­ Melvin Lattimore, Anas and Assad Siddiqy and Mohammed Chafti , the recruits of Emad Salem for Chertoff and the FBI.

Ptech was a Boston software firm financed by Saudi businessman Yassin Al-Qadi, a key financial backer of Osama bin Laden. Ptech's clients included many federal governmental agencies, including the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Naval Air Command, Congress, the Department of Energy, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, NATO, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Secret Service and even the White House.

Ptech was an outside contractor with strong terrorist ties that was in a position to have infiltrated and sabotaged and taken advantage of information from government computer systems vital on 9-11. Ptech was in the FAA building for two years before 9/11. Ptech worked on interoperability of the FAA with NORAD and the Air Force during emergencies like 9-11. Ptech had the opportunity to know intimate procedures at FAA and NORAD, to add or change software, and to mine databases in a way that may have helped the 9-11 hijackers and planners. In October 2001 the chief financier of Ptech Corporation, Yassin Al-Qadi was formally designated as a terrorist financier under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. Al-Qadi was also a key financial backer of Osama bin Laden. The Bush administration delayed investigating Ptech after October 2001. A government investigation did not start until August 2002 when a Boston WBZ-TV investigation called attention to Ptech.

WBZ-TV started its investigation based on reliable and accurate information given to WBZ-TV about Ptech’s terror connections by the Ptech business associate Indira Singh.


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