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Patrick Briley
February 21, 2005

Michael Chertoff, President Bush’s nominee for the next head of the Homeland Security agency was confirmed by a vote of the full Senate on February 15, 2005.

Chertoff is the replacement for Tom Ridge. Bush’s first choice for head of Homeland Security, New York’s former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, was forced to withdraw when serious allegations were raised about his possible improprieties. If the facts presented in this report are seriously investigated and properly acted upon, Michael Chertoff should be immediately removed and face criminal charges. This could be another fiasco for Bush just as the nomination of Bernard Kerik proved to be.

Bush and Congress certainly should not have entrusted Chertoff with being the head of the Homeland Security Agency. Chertoff is a grave thread to the lives, welfare and freedoms of the American people.

Chertoff has had a rapid rise to power as an appointee of Presidents HW and GW Bush. First, as a U.S. attorney in New Jersey (1990-1994), then as assistant Attorney General at the DOJ criminal division heading up the investigation of 9-11 (2001-2003), and now, most recently as a federal judge in Philadelphia (March 2003 to present). Chertoff also helped write many of the controverisal portions of the PATRIOT Act and other new laws that even conservative Republicans believe are unecessary police state infringements of the Bill of Rights and Consititutional guarantees of US citizens. Chertoff also was consulted by the CIA about torture and renditions of terror suspects to other countries for torture.

This report presents a study of Michael Chertoff’s role in the 1993 WTC bombing, the OKC bombing and the 9-11 terrorist attacks as well as Chertoff’s coverup of FBI and DOJ foreknowledge and provocation of these attacks. The information in the report strongly implicates Chertoff in intentionally helping create and provoke these terrorist acts and terror funding in order to provide a pretext for much of the controversial police state provisions in laws which Chertoff has helped write. Chertoff’s unethical and criminal roles and conduct revealed in this report raises grave concerns that Chertoff, as head of Homeland Security, would further attempt to impose a US police state and continue to use illegal, unconstitutional and immoral tactics against the America people. The recently enacted National ID card provisions to be finally determined and enforced by the Homeland Security agency under Chertoff are likely to be those of a Russian style police state as revealed in this report.

A Chicago Tribune article “Trading Privacy (Freedom) for Security” dated April 21, 1995, two days after the OKC Bombing, carried quotes by Admiral Studeman, the acting Director of CIA who had been appointed by HW Bush. Studeman stated that the OKC Bombing indicated “ the true globalization of the terrorist threat.” In other words, Studeman tried to create the public impression that the OKC bombing was the result of global terrorist efforts, not just those of Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

The title of the article “Trading Privacy (Freedom) for Security” quoting Admiral Studeman belied the past and future attempts of HW Bush, GW Bush and their appointee, Michael Chertoff, to push for loss of freedoms to fight terrorism (PATRIOT Act flaws and FISA court violations by Ashcroft and Chertoff).

In the immediate aftermath of 9-11 former President GHW Bush publicly advocated suspension of the US Constitution and violation of laws by the DOJ and CIA and FBI agents inside the US to allow domestic spying on Americans. This is what Presidents GHW Bush and GW Bush and Chertoff have had in mind all along when they intentionally helped create the terror pretexts they have used to illegally and immorally trade American freedoms and privacy for a false sense of security.

1993 WTC Bombing

The FBI planted and paid Emad A. Salem in New York and New Jersey to act as an agent provocateur, to recruit, organize and encourage Muslims to bomb the World Trade Center (WTC) in 1993. From March through June 1993 Mr. Salem recruited seven Muslims from the Abu Bakr mosque in Brooklyn and the al-Salaam mosque in Jersey City, where the Muslim cleric Sheik Abdel Rahman preached to incite violence in his terrorist cell. Salem had known Rahman from Egypt. Salem used the seven men to scout targets, plan tactics and obtain chemicals and parts for bombs. Salem also worked in the operation with a Sudanese man named Siddig Ali who was a follower of Abdel Rahman. The plans of the Salem and Rahman group also included bombings of United Nations headquarters in Manhattan and several other buildings, bridges and tunnels in New York

The FBI supplied a safe house for Salem’s group in Queens. At the WTC trial US prosecutors and attorneys acknowledged Mr. Salem's role in organizing the safe house activities, but told the jury "he was merely providing an opportunity" to people who already wanted to commit crimes. According to tapes played at the trial, the FBI and US Attorneys clearly were shown to have intentionally used Salem as a provocateur.

Michael Chertoff was the US Attorney appointed by HW Bush and retained by Bill Clinton for New Jersey from 1990-1994. As US Attorney for New Jersey Chertoff was deeply involved with the 1993 WTC bombing sting operation using FBI monitoring of the Abdel Rahman and Salem’s recruited cell members at the Al Salaam mosque in Jersey City. The US Attorney from New York who worked with Chertoff to prosecute the 1993 WTC bombing case was Patrick Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is also conducting the federal grand jury investigating the illegal outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, the wife of Ambassador Wilson who investigated claims of uranium acquisition by Iraq. Chertoff and Fitzgerald were fully aware of the statements made by prosecutors admitting that the FBI intentionally had provided the safe house for Salem terrorist recruits.

Federal trial testimony and tapes revealed that when Salem was asked to assemble the bomb for the WTC, Salem went to the FBI to ask that harmless powder be used to avoid deaths. But FBI and US Attorneys involved essentially cut Salem off and the WTC was bombed killing people in 1993. Testimony by two of Salem’s FBI agent handlers, Mr. Anticev, and Mrs. Nancy Floyd, confirmed that their FBI supervisors intentionally refused the agents and Salem’s pleas to render the WTC bomb harmless.

Three years after the 1993 WTC bombing, Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, who prosecutors said helped mastermind the 1993 bombing, was also convicted. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Yousef’s uncle and an engineer trained in the US, was named by the FBI and DOJ as another mastermind of the 1993 WTC bombing and the 9-11 attacks. There is evidence known to the FBI and Chertoff that also shows Khalid Mohammed was behind the planning for the OKC bombing with Terry Nichols. Khalid Mohammed was captured in 2003 in Pakistan. Khalid has since been tortured by the CIA with methods reviewed by Alberto Gonzales and Michael Chertoff at DOJ, according to published statements by US authorities, to extract details of Khalid’s role in the 1993 WTC and OKC bombings as well as being the architect for the 9-11 attacks.

Three of the men Salem recruited at the Brooklyn Abu Bakr mosque were allowed by the FBI and US Attorneys to go free and roam the streets. They were Anas and Asad Siddiqy and Mohamed Chafti. They later were seen very close to the OKC bombing in April 1995 with Timothy McVeigh. These three men were arrested on the day of the OKC bombing and then released after intervention by the FBI, DOJ and CIA. The FBI 302 reports of their arrest were kept hidden from the public in the office of FBI OKC bomb task force inspector Danny Defenbaugh until the reports were found and released in early 2001. The witness to the three men in OKC being with McVeigh, Debbie Burdick, was intimidated and coerced by FBI agent Odom to not talk about her eyewitness account during and after OKC bombing federal trials. FBI agent Odom was working with DOJ prosecutors in Denver at the federal trials of McVeigh and Nichols when Odom called Burdick.

It seems that Khalid Mohammed and Ramzi Yousef had kept in contact with the Siddiqys because a letter from Khalid to the Siddiqys was found on Ramzi’s computer when confiscated by the FBI and CIA in the Philippines in January 1995. Plans for the OKC bombing and the 9-11 style attacks were also found on the same computer shortly after Khalid and Ramzi had met in the Philippines with the other OKC bombing participant, Terry Nichols.

Former Egyptian army sergeant Ali Mohammed was captured and tried in 1998 for his role in the 1993 WTC and the Tanzanian and Kenyan embassy bombings. Ali Mohammed trained the Middle Eastern recruits of the FBI and Chertoff’s provocateu, Emad Salem, in bomb making and planting skills for the 1993 WTC bombing. When finally arrested Ali Mohammed was carrying training manuals on how to build and plant bombs in public buildings. Ali Mohammed has also written training manuals along with Mohammed Atef for bin Laden and AlQaeda.

Ali Mohammed worked for US Special Forces, the CIA and then the FBI all while Ali was close to bin Laden and Dr. Ayman Zawahiri and Khalid Mohammed. In fact with the knowledge of the FBI, Ali Mohammed squired Zawahiri and Khalid around the US and in Oklahoma City in March­April 1995 to survey terror targets and set up terror underground networks.

Although convicted, the details of Ali Mohammed’s plea bargain and detention arrangements with Attorney General Reno are still secret. Ali Mohammed knows a great deal about US sting operations of the FBI, the CIA and US attorneys.

Abdul Rahman Yasin was another bomb maker in the 1993 WTC bombing who lived in Jersey City. FBI agents picked up Yasin after the WTC bombing and had Yasin retrace for the FBI where and how the WTC bomb had been built in New York and New Jersey. Yasin had acid burns on his legs and jeans from the bomb making efforts. With the full knowledge and approval of the US Attorneys involved in the case, Yasin was set free and encouraged to leave the US. Yasin left and went to Iraq where reporter Leslie Stahl later interviewed Yasin in 2000. Stahl did a documentary on the story and also interviewed US Attorneys who acknowledge that they had agreed to release Yasin to go to Iraq.

The credit card of another FBI informant, Melvin Lattimore, was used to purchase the bomb making materials for bomb makers Salem, Yasin and Ramzi Yousef. This information was disclosed during testimony of a BATF agent at a felony gun violation trial in OKC for Lattimore in 2001. Lattimore was also seen helping McVeigh, Iraqi agents and the three 1993 WTC suspects/informants in OKC- the Siddiqys and Chafti-during the 1995 OKC bombing operation. Lattimore is a Black Muslim from St. Louis. Lattimore was also 20th 9-11 hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui’s roommate in Norman OK while he attended the Airman flight school on instructions from Khalid Mohammed. Lattimore was also visited in Norman, OK apartments by two other 9-11 hijacker pilots, AlHazmi and AlShehhi. Lattimore, like the Siddiqys and Chafti, is still free to roam America’s streets this very day.

Attorney Lynne Stewart had been representing Muslim cleric Abdel Rahman for the 1993 WTC bombing until Stewart was indicted based on DOJ wiretaps (approved by Ashcroft and known to Chertoff) of Stewart’s conversations with Rahman. The indictments alleged that Stewart had passed critical information to Rahman’s terrorist supporters while Rahman was in prison.

On February 10, 2005 Lynne Stewart was convicted of two of the original four charges against her. Stewart and her defense attorney Michael Tigar plan to appeal and strongly claim that Stewart did not knowingly break any laws if any and that the wiretaps of her are an infringement of attorney-client privilege. The Stewart appeals case will likely revolve around whether or not the charges she was convicted of were valid and whether or not the wire taps used in her case were in fact legal or constitutional. The judge in her case threw out two of the more serious charges against Stewart in 2003.

During the wiretaps of conversations between Rahman and Lynne Stewart, the FBI and DOJ and especially Chertoff and Ashcroft could have learned of information communicated to Lynne Stewart by the Muslim cleric Abdel Rahman revealing possibly incriminating details of how the FBI and DOJ knew in advance of the 1993 WTC bombing through monitoring of Rahman’s cell with FBI informants and paid provocateurs that included the bomb maker Salem and very possibly the Siddiqys, Mohammed Chafti and Melvin Lattimore.

Chertoff was directly involved in the prosecution of the Moussaoui case and sought to limit the testimony of AlQaeda leaders, bin Alshibh and Khalid Mohammed to such an extent that the federal judge in the case threatened to throw out the case and moved to severely restrict if not kill the government’s continuance of the case. Chertoff may have sought to limit the testimony of Khalid Mohammed in the Moussaoui case in part because of torture of Khalid ratified by DOJ attorneys but also because Khalid would be in a position to describe facts pointing to FBI and DOJ foreknowledge information of the 1993 WTC, the OKC and the 9-11 attacks. Chertoff handled the appeal of the DOJ case against Moussaoui in the 4th Circuit court of Appeals now before the Supreme Court. Chertoff with Ashcroft’s and now Alberto Gonzales’ help may likewise be trying to stifle this type of information from coming out in the Rahman case by the wiretapping and indictment of Lynne Stewart.

Since Chertoff was the US attorney in New Jersey fully aware of FBI monitoring of Rahman’s cell with informants and at a mosque in New Jersey, it is entirely possible that even Chertoff would not want incriminating information brought out by Lynne Stewart in Rahman’s trial. The complete story of the roles of Chertoff and Fitzgerald and other US Attorneys with Ali Mohammed, Emad Salem, Yasin, the Siddiqys, Chafti, Melvin Lattimore, and others is one that the DOJ, FBI and Chertoff, Ashcroft and now Gonzales do not want exposed in a federal trial of Rahman represented by Lynne Stewart.

Protecting Terror Financiers and Nuclear Arms Traffickers

Dr. Magdy Elamir, a prominent Egyptian neurologist from Jersey City, was sued by New Jersey for skimming over $16 million from an HMO he operated.

According to a June 20, 2000 article in “The Record” of Bergen County, New Jersey, Michael Chertoff was the defense attorney for Dr. Magdy Elamir.

The lawsuit alleged that Dr. Elamir "caused more than $5.7 million to be paid by wire transfers to unknown parties where the beneficial owner of the account is unknown.”

An August 2002 Dateline NBC reported that bin Laden funded the HMO owned by Dr Elamir and the money skimmed from the HMO by Dr. Elamir was transferred overseas to fund bin Laden terror activities. The Dateline story was based on intelligence documents furnished by the chairman of the House International Relations Committee Ben Gilman, R-New York. Dr. Elamir also funded the Jersey City Al Salaam mosque led by Muslim cleric Abdel Rahman and his terror cell who helped carry out the 1993 WTC bombing. Recall that while US attorney for New Jersey from 1990 to 1994 Michael Chertoff knew of the FBI use of Emad Salem as a provocateur associated with the Al Salaam mosque and Abdel Rahman.

Dr. Elamir also owned MRI centers in New Jersey including Paterson New Jersey where 7 of the known 9-11 hijackers lived. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission revoked his license. It has been reported that Elamir personnel at the MRI centers had unlicensed and untrained access to nuclear materials. Michael Chertoff not only defended Dr. ElAmir against the New Jersey HMO fraud case but Chertoff also weighed in to publicly assert that nuclear licensing requirements may not have applied to Dr. Elamir’s MRI centers.

As the result of a federal sting operation named Diamondback, between the fa

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