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The Terri Schiavo case is about much more than unplugging a feeding tube,or the president getting involved and I agree we don't want the government in our personal life or in our bed rooms , but this case was not about that either, the bill the government passed was for this case only, for this (one) person only in the whole united states. the bill only suggested to.have her tested AGAIN , they would have done that for criminals on death row. Terri had not had any therapy for medical testing for over 10 yrs , medicine and teleology have come since then, this was not about Republicans or Democrats , but the democrats jump on the band wagon with why didn't they do more and take the national guard in a rescue Terri
What more do you think President Bush and Governor Bush could have done?
did you want then to break the law and go to jail? if they had broken the law and gone to jail , it still would not have removed Terri from that hospice.
Can you think of any other President or Governor that would have stuck their neck out to help only (one) person? surely you don't believe President Clinton ,John Kerry or John Edwards would have done what they tried to do for Terri .
You should be happy we have the two of them on our side,. if had been your child, you would think different about the President and Governor trying to help. it took lot of courage and human compassion knowing no matter if they had chosen not to get involved, they were going to take all the blame .
There was honestly nothing more they could have done for Terri.
the blame belong to Judge Greer and Michael Schiavo they held all the cards

About Terri schiavo does it not seem strange she had 5 or more broken bones, when she had her so called heart attack or stroke. how do you fall or pass out in a hall, on the carpet and break 5 or more bones? broken back, both ankles , both her knees and ribs .
The Schindlers never got to see her medical report. Michael had the records sealed. the information about the broken bones came out in discovery in the malpractice law suit.
how would you like to find that out about your child in court when she could not speak? I guess the hospital did not set the broken bones was because the doctors said she could not feel pain .

A Nobel prize nominee doctor was the only doctor that spent time with her , and his report said she was aware and could improve.
And the three nurses that took care of her for years said she was aware and could swallow ,that she could say mama ,hi,and hurt.
The hospital fired one nurse when she went to the police and told them about finding empty insulin vile in the trash, after Terri went into a hypoglycemia coma and there were three signs of needle shots, one under the breast , under the arm and in her groin,
judge for your self is she is comatose?

Terri lived this way for 7 years, at that time he made sure she got good care , ( I believe all for show ) it was only a few months after he was awarded over a million dollars to be used for her therapy , that he remembered that Terri said she didn't want live on life support and at that time ALL of Terri's comforts was cut off even the TV , he claimed he did wont her to hear something that would up set her ......."wait a minute" I thought he said she was brain dead ,
he gave orders to the nurses she was not to given any antibiotics, even for the high fever she had from a kidney infection, her parents files a motion in court for her to get treatment for her kidney infection, but it was turned down by Judge Greer, he had already order the feeding tube be removed. she was going to did so why treat it . he was the only judge that ever ruled on her case. Terri had no presentation for her court , the judge went by what Michael Schiavo said,
Michael and his attorney Felos (also on the board of the hospice )moved Terri into the hospice and defrauded medical for 5 yrs , Michael didn't have to pay a dime, we did the tax payers,
when his attorney made a public statement on TV that Michael insisted on an autopsy , it sounded like he wanted to prove she was a vegetable and take some of the heat off himself, but the truth is he didn't have a choice ,its the law in FLORIDA also his attorney Felos said Michael was grief stricken and had not left his wife side but had lived at the hospice since the feeding tube was removed , the truth is , he stayed so he could be in control of who went into see Terri and make sure she didn't get water.

I believe the reason Michael Schiavo didn't take the millions offered to him to let Terri live, is he would make a lot more money on a movie, book sale and TV interviews than he would if he had let Terri live, also if he had taken the millions to let Terri live and she did have some speech therapy, (that he denied her) .Terri may have learned to communicate in some way and tell the truth how she got all the broken bones from falling in the hall from a heart attack, and if that happened he would not get to enjoy all those millions, he would be in jail ,.plus the public would hate him even more. he needed to do something to get the public to feel sorry for him as a grieving husband ( although his is living with another woman and they have 2 children ) that he was killing Terri because he was determined to carry out Terri's wishes.
Guess time will tell if this is not about money, I do believe he will write a book and make a movie.
I hope the Schindler's can sue Michael for millions so he can never profit on writing books , movie or TV interviews over killing her.
Since Michael Schiavo did not allow Terri to have a proper Catholic burial and insisted on cremating her , (was cremation also her wishes also Michael ?) or just another way to control and cover up, ,I guess Terri supporters and friends that came to love her will have to got go to:
Michael and Jodi Centonze home on 2807 MARRIE CT CLEARWATER, FL to pay their respect and mourn Terri. I hope the public will never let them live in peace. but remind them daily and never forget that they murdered Terri. I also believe Jodi Centonze was part of this cruel heartless murder. I hope Terri will have the last word after the autopsy.
Terri's gone be with God and the Pope

Taylor Chamberlain
Clearwater Fl

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