by Chris Emery & Charles Key
Thu Apr 7, 2005 21:31
The OKC Bombing:
by Chris Emery & Charles Key

OKLAHOMA CITY -, along with former Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key, co-author of The Final Report (Final Report), and writer/documentary film producer Christopher Emery are announcing updated information pertaining to the OKC Bombing Ten Year anniversary - rally and speakers forum to be held in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, April 19th, and Wednesday, April 20th, 2005.

- The Truth Rally will be held on Tuesday, April 19th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM in downtown Oklahoma City across the street from the WEST side of the Oklahoma City National Memorial at the intersection of 5th and Harvey Streets.

- The Speakers Forum will be held on Wednesday, April 20th from 9:00 AM to approximately 8:30 PM at an Oklahoma City area location - (to be announced).

As these two days approach, specific times and locations will be posted on the website for your review. Any additional questions, comments, or concerns may be e-mailed to

Once again we are holding the OKC Bombing: Day of Truth - Ten Years Later Truth Rally and Speakers Forum to show our support to the bombing victims' family members, friends and survivors of this tragedy. The citizens of this country deserve ALL of the answers regarding what took place that fateful day. And we must ask why a thorough investigation was NOT conducted as we were originally told.

The confirmed speakers are:

1) Benton K. Partin - A Retired USAF Brigadier General who is considered 'The experts-expert' in the field of ballistics design and bomb damage analysis. He submitted a report to all members of the U.S. Congress on the bombing and requested that they delay the implosion of the A.P. Murrah building in order to conduct an thorough independent investigation of the crime scene. That request was completely ignored.

2) Charles Key - Former Oklahoma state representative and chairman of the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee. See:

3) Hoppy Heidelberg - Former OKC Federal Grand Jury member. Mr. Heidelberg was dimissed from the grand jury after requesting to interview several structural engineers, ballistics - ordnance experts and a variety of crime scene witnesses who claimed they saw Timothy McVeigh with one or more accomplices in the weeks leading up to and on the day of the bombing.

4) W. Craig Roberts - Retired Tulsa, OK police officer who was asked by the Tulsa - FBI SAC to assist with the early stages of the bombing investigation. Mr. Roberts later recused himself after discovering several glaring improprieties with the investigation.

5) V.Z. Lawton - 8th floor OKC bombing survivor

6) Jane Graham - 9th floor OKC bombing survivor. Both V.Z. and Jane have clear recollections of the A.P. Murrah Bldg. beginning to fall at least five to eight seconds before the alleged truck bomb detonated.

7) Harmon Taylor - Former Dallas, TX attorney. - Mr. Taylor represented Mr. Lawton and Ms. Graham in litigation that assisted in granting the thirty-day stay of Timothy McVeigh?s execution in May of 2001.

8) Lisa Guliani of

9) Victor Thorn of

10) Pat Shannan - Investigative reporter - the American Free Press

11) John Kaminski - Published Internet writer

All attendees will be given the rare opportunity to review the facts of this case as well as the glaring inconsistencies of the U.S.Government's official version of events before, during, and after the bombing. These facts are among many that U.S.J.D. supervisors and commercial media outlets have refused to broadcast.

So please join us in Oklahoma City and show your support. The cover-up of this bombing is one of the most shameful chapters in United States history. We cannot, and will not, forget.

Thanks to our colleagues - Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani at - you will be able to watch the Oklahoma City Bombing Case / R.E.A.C.H. [Reinvestigate Evidence And hold Congressional Hearings] - press conference that was videotaped in downtown Oklahoma City, 11:30 AM yesterday - 4/5/05 and lasted approximately 20 mins. the text of the media announcement regarding the Press Conference: @;article=79679;title=APFN

Video of the Press Conference can be viewed: @

Or log on to and clicking on the center column link below Oklahoma City Bombing titled: OKC Press Conference. This footage is owned by OTR Films of Oklahoma City and all rights for distribution have been given to and anyone else interested in spreading the truth about this case. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time a full length press conference pertaining to this case has ever been released to anyone outside Oklahoma City.

We Need Your Help !

So that Congressional hearings will be held we need your help in the following ways:

#1 Please call U.S. Representative Henry Hyde [IL] to tell him you support hearings being held on the Oklahoma City Bombing. Contact information: phone # (202) 225-4561 and Fax # (202) 225-1166. Rep. Hyde has delayed the hearings that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has publicly stating he wants to hold. Even if you're not a bombing victim, family member, or survivor, please call as a concerned citizen to lend support to the effort to hold congressional hearings on this case.

#2 Also, contact Oklahoma Senators Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn offices to make the same request – that they support congressional hearings on the Oklahoma City Bombing. Their contact information is as:

U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn [OK] -

phone # 202-224-5754 and Fax 202-224-6008

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe [OK] - phone # Phone: 202-224-4721 and Fax: 202-228-0380

#3 Please do the same for U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher [CA]. Tell his office you support and appreciate him holding hearings. Contact information:

phone # (202) 225-2415 and Fax: (202) 225-0145

#4 The costs of hosting the dinner and speakers forum, paying travel expenses for some of the speakers, and other costs has been significant. Would you help us defray these costs continue to carry on this effort? Go to: or call 405-272-3086 to help and to learn more re: the activities and speakers.

In closing, this effort is directly connected to the major problems we face in our nation today. It is not only a part of our history but it is about our future and our children’s future will be like. Your role and your efforts will help determine if we remain a free country or not. The victims of Oklahoma City and the 9-11 tragedy, as we and our children deserved nothing less than the truth. Why should we settle for anything less? Thank you for taking the time to watch this press conference and we look forward to your continued support of our efforts.
by Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani

WING TV (WING TV) in conjunction with former Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key – co author of The Final Report (Final Report) and writer/documentary film producer Christopher Emery are working to organize a rally on Tuesday, April 19, 2005 in Oklahoma City. This rally will commemorate the fateful bombing which took place nearly a decade ago and expose the cover-up of the corrupt bombing investigation - which has persisted since day one.

The OKC Bombing: A Day of Truth, Ten Years Later rally will be a show of support to the bombing victims’ family members, friends and survivors of this tragedy as well as a sign that the American people still want truthful answers to what took place that day.

Lisa Guliani and I will be traveling from our hometown of State College, Pa. to Oklahoma City, so please mark your calendar, make plans, and join us in OKC on April 19, 2005. Speakers presenting their bombing related experiences are being scheduled, and literature highlighting relevant evidence and witness statements will be distributed. Also, the rally events unfolding that day may be taped for future documentary film and internet broadcasts. This rally will present an abundance of information that the commercial media outlets have refused to broadcast. It will also highlight the glaring inconsistencies of the government's official version of events.

The cover-up of this bombing is one of the most shameful chapters in United States history, so please join us in Oklahoma City and show your support for the truth. We cannot - and will not - forget.



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