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Following his 1995 arrest for bombing the Oklahoma City federal building, Timothy McVeigh spent six years in prison, a stay that ended with his June 11, 2001 execution at the Terre Haute penitentiary. During McVeigh's incarceration, his Bureau of Prisons's "central file" became voluminous, growing to more than 2000 pages and documenting his stays at several federal institutions. The file, which covers everything from medical visits to interview requests, was released to The Smoking Gun on October 17, four months after we filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the records.

BoP officials provided TSG with 1850 pages of material. Citing personal privacy exemptions, they withheld 153 pages in their entirety and, on many of the released pages, redacted the names of reporters, prison employees, and lawyers.

The file offers a fascinating glimpse into McVeigh's prison years, especially the final months of his life. Below you'll find an assortment of these BoP documents grouped into various categories. While we urge you to examine all the records, here are a few highlights from TSG's perspective:

* McVeigh told a caseworker he thought local schoolchildren might write to thank him since classes were going to be cancelled in Terre Haute on the day of his scheduled execution.

* According to one memo, the killer found the FBI's failure to turn over certain discovery files "very entertaining" and thought "these government errors lend support to his ideas and actions."

* McVeigh was obsessed with the care of his teeth. He wrote prison officials and badgered them about the availability and price of dental tooth picks, pushed for a "soft bristle" toothbrush, and wrote about his need for a "dental flosser." In two letters, McVeigh actually provided crude renditions of his desired flosser (though he acknowledged his poor artistic skills with the notation, "I suck at drawing").

* During his final weeks, the inmate received written interview requests from the likes of Meet the Press and the Howard Stern Show.

* Despite assertions he was ready to die, McVeigh suffered from heightened anxiety two weeks before his scheduled May 16 execution (which was eventually postponed until June 11). His appetite sagged, he lost weight, and prison staffers believed McVeigh was "starving himself," according to one medical report.

* Though ensconced on death row, McVeigh made sure to get a flu shot last winter.

* Saddled with chronic dyspepsia, McVeigh consumed much Zantac and Pepcid. But, one memo states, he apparently stopped taking Tagamet because of concerns that "one of the side effects is breast enlargement." He also had a habit "whereby he squeezes [acne] zits off his face."

* Six months before his execution, McVeigh told a psychologist that, due to his military background, he was interested in watching "Saving Private Ryan." But the mass murderer "found it ironic that because it was rated R, it couldn't be shown to the inmates. He thought that they might eventually get a sanitized version appropriate for general audiences." It's doubtful he lived long enough for that cinematic treat. Gee, what a shame.


This is the Bureau of Prisons "protocol manual" used by the government officials who carried out the June 2001 executions of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and drug lord Juan Raul Garza in the Terre Haute death chamber. This manual, portions of which have been blacked out by BOP lawyers, addresses everything from the purchase of the chemicals that will kill the inmate to the post-mortem "site clean-up." TSG normally doesn't post 54-page documents (hence our rather clunky navigation--sorry), but this is a remarkable and chilling look at a truly premeditated homicide:


"It is so repugnant to me that so many Americans saw nothing wrong with what went
on at Waco. This is a good indication at just how far the cloning of the American
mind has succeeded. I watched all the Waco and Ruby Ridge hearings on C-SPAN.
Never have I seen such lying and covering of worthless bureaucratic behinds.
Did Waco become a rallying cry in America by people like myself who watched Waco burn
to the ground on television and sat horrified, unable to do anything to stop such
blatant murder? You bet it did. After OKC, I realized that America had taken
one more giant step towards a real difference of opinion from We the People a
nd the federal monster.

"While I've never been a real fan of J. Edgar Hoover, he did make one statement
which I feel perfectly sums up where we're heading: "When any person is
intentionally deprived of his constitutional rights, those responsible have
committed no ordinary offense. A crime of this nature, if subtly encouraged by
failure to condemn and punish, certainly leads down the road to totalitarianism."

"At Ruby Ridge and Waco, there was no condemnation. The murderers were
promoted and cheered. Janet the Butcher Reno has been hailed as a great Attorney
General. The screaming lies about the OKC bombing by both the media and the
government are so reprehensible they defy imagination. And the powers that be
still expect We the People to sit back and say, okay, no problem. Not in
my life time! I could not live with the shame of being one of the sheep."

The following quote is from I want to quote a dedication contained on the
NWO chart distributed by F.R.E.E. (Fund to Restore an Educated Electorate),
available by writing to P.0. Box 33339, Kerrville, TX 78029 [$2.00 donation]:

An Open Letter to the Officers of the United States Military Forces:

In the course of recent history, there have occurred numerous events which give
rise to our urgent concern as to where your immediate loyalty lies. Is it
with the People of the several united States of America, or is it to the
Commander in Chief and his cohort of advisors and controllers determined
to bring us into a world social, economic and political order governed by
the United Nations organization?

In February, 1992, President George Bush told the UN General Assembly, "It is
those Sacred Principles enshrined in the UN charter to which we henceforth
pledge our allegiance." This statement conflicts with the Founding Principles of this
nation and arouses concern in freemen everywhere. Our concern is exacerbated
by such as events as these:

(1 ) Numerous Executive Orders signed by recent presidents which negate the
authority of the people through their elected representatives to declare war, to
ratify international treaties and to limit, by appropriations, military activity
in peacetime;

(2) A continuum of undeclared wars whose purpose and result remain clouded at
best is treasonous at worst;

(3) A growing propensity for placement of various U.S. military units under
foreign commanders;

(4) An apparent change in policy and purpose of the U.S. military for the protection
of the people of these several united States of America and their property to
the furtherance of some vague and unspoken political, social and economic agenda;

(5) The obvious unnecessary sacrifice of the lives and limbs of our fathers,
sons, daughters and husbands in the implementation of that agenda;

(6) Numerous recent violent actions by agents and agencies of the federal
government against the people of the several States, and

(7) The apparent determination of a significant influence within the Congress
and the present administration to disarm law-abiding Citizens of these several
States and to deny us our ultimate protection against a potentially tyrannical

History is replete with examples of the people's worst enemy being their own
government taken over by power hungry despots. We have no reason to believe that
human nature has changed, that, given the opportunity, evil men will impose
their will upon the populace. The form of government established by this Nation's
founders is one of Law based upon absolute Principles, not upon the whim of
individuals, nor even of the majority of the people. They wrote a Constitution
expressly limiting the authority of the federal government and denying to elected
leadership unilateral and unquestioned authority.

You are reminded that your oath upon commissioning as an officer of this nation
is the support and defense of that Constitution and through it, the people of
these several states. It is not to obey a Commander in Chief, nor even less to obey
the orders of some presumed foreign authority. You are further reminded that it is
well established in international law that following the orders of a superior
authority is no defense in your personal responsibility for any unlawful acts by
military leaders.

lt is with these points in mind that we demand that you make a personal decision
and public commitment that, if and when you are ordered to take any action against
the people of these several States or the Constitution established by them, that
you stand with the people and their Constitution, that you protect them from
intrusion upon their rights, their persons, and their property and that you defend
them against all actions, either violent or non-violent, perpetrated by those,
domestic or foreign, whose object is the destruction of the Constitution. We
call upon you to renounce any action in violation of the people or their Constitution,
and to bring to bear all the forces under your command to the protection and defense
of these high purposes. In the name of the Almighty Creator God, we will accept
nothing less." End

Quotes from the man known as the "Father of Our Country," George Washington, a very
politically incorrect kinda guy:

"Do not let any one claim to be a true American if they ever attempt to remove
religion from politics."
--George Washington

"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference --
they deserve a place of honor with all that is good."
--George Washington

"Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is a force, like fire: a dangerous
servant and a terrible master".
--George Washington

"A free people be armed..."
--George Washington, speech of January 7, 1790
in the Boston Independent Chronicle, January 14, 1790.

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