Time's coverage of U.S. attorney scandal
Mon Apr 2, 2007 21:32


Time's coverage of U.S. attorney scandal less than one-third that of Newsweek
On the March 25 broadcast of the NBC-syndicated Chris Matthews Show, Time managing editor Richard Stengel -- despite the many unanswered questions about White House senior adviser Karl Rove's involvement in the dismissal of eight U.S. attorneys and possible misrepresentations by administration officials about his role -- criticized members of Congress for seeking public testimony by Rove under oath and with a transcript. Stengel said he was "so uninterested in the Democrats wanting Karl Rove because it is so bad for them, because it shows business as usual, tit for tat, vengeance," adding, "That's not what voters want to see." When confronted later by Time.com Washington editor Ana Marie Cox about his remarks, Stengel claimed in a March 27 email that he had been "caught out speaking as a citizen rather than as editor of Time" and justified his previous comments as follows: "[A]s a citizen, I think it's unfortunate and perhaps short-sighted for Democrats to be perceived as focusing on the past rather than the future. If people see the Democrats as obsessively concerned with settling scores, that's not good for the Democrats or the country."
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Beck on being a white Christian who "loves America": "I just can't win"
On the April 2 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Glenn Beck claimed that "[c]onservatives get no respect" and asserted that he "can't win" because he is "American[]," "white," "Christian," and "conservative." He said: "[I]f you are a white human that loves America and happens to be a Christian, forget about it, Jack. You are the only one that doesn't have a political action committee for you." He also said: "I mean, I was talking about it with my family yesterday. I said, 'I'm tired of being the least popular person in the world,' " adding, "We're Americans. Nobody likes Americans. We're Americans, so the world hates us. But then inside of America, we love America -- and that's becoming more and more unpopular." Beck also said that being "Christian[]" is "not popular anymore" and went on to say, "I've got to find one thing that I agree with the rest of the world on, I guess. I'm tired of being in that group."
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CNN's Malveaux parroted White House criticism of Pelosi's Syria visit, but ignored GOP-led trip
During an interview with former Ambassador John Bolton on the April 2 edition of CNN's The Situation Room, guest host and CNN White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux noted the White House's denunciations of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for her scheduled trip to Syria, but did not note that a Republican-led delegation met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on April 1. Malveaux also did not point out the White House's inconsistency in criticizing Pelosi for her trip while remaining silent on the GOP-led visit. Nor did Malveaux report in her exchange with Bolton that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reportedly voiced support for Pelosi's trip to Syria, "urg[ing] Pelosi," according to an ABC report on April 2, "to convey the message to Assad that Israel would be willing to hold talks with Syria -- if Syria would take steps to stop supporting terrorism."
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