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1. The telecommunications problems which we kicked up a stink about in the middle of the night of 6th-7th April, invoking the assistance of British Telecom's 'special department', were miraculously resolved and ALL our telecommunications have been restored (New York, London and the country private office of the Editor). Therefore, the paragraphs about the illegal NSA/CIA interference have been removed from this location and placed at the foot of this updated version of the report below, which was originally posted on 5th April 2007. It is retained at the foot of this report, for the record.

2. A further letter has been sent by Ambassador Leo Wanta's Attorney to relevant parties following the anticipated failure of the Criminal Investigations Division of the FBI to have the courtesy to respond to Mr Henry's previous letter, written on the Ambassador's instructions, demanding a criminal investigation into the continuing theft, illegal diversion and exploitation of his funds.

The new letter is also appended at the foot of this posting, immediately below the Ambassador's coordinates, which we have been publishing for general information purposes for many months. Please read this new letter, because it has served the purpose of cracking more of the thin ice upon which these criminal thieves have been skating. Further very dramatic developments are anticipated in the near futuure. Do not be concerned that the 'sidestream' media continue to ignore the biggest financial corruption crisis in world history. They are compromised, bribed and part of the problem. But an 'end-run' around the media, which has become irrelevant, has been achieved.


1. The BBC Six O'Clock News showed the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, walking out of Number 10 Downing Street to the waiting microphone, and stating baldly that there had been absolutely 'no concessions or side deals' by the British authorities that had resulted in the release of the military personnel by the Iranian authorities. Mr Blair broadcast this inaccurate statement wearing the 'most sincere' expression in his adaptable facial armoury.

Please be immediately advised that the British Prime Minister is a barefaced liar. The sum of money paid by Britain to Mr Dinner Jacket for the release of the British personnel, was 25 million EUROS.

2. The same BBC Six O'Clock News reported the parallel deaths of four British servicemen in Basra. The TV camera showed various pieces of pipe bombs and other bomb parts on display recently by British military officials. One of the components shown was a finely engineered component which the TV camera clearly showed was marked: LOT-116.

The Iranian, Soviet, German, French and Italian bomb manufacturers DO NOT LABEL THEIR BOMB COMPONENTS WITH THE USE OF THE ENGLISH WORD 'LOT'. So we checked with impeccable US sources and pointed out sharply that American bombs are being used to blow British soldiers to smithereens. One source said that the bombs being used for this purpose might be Canadian, but that they are indeed almost certainly American ‚€“ adding that 'I have known about this for the past 25 years. I am not surprised at this at all'. British 'deads', then, are no more than 'collateral damage'.

3. The British Government's payment of 25 million EUROS in ransom money for the release of the British military personnel has DESTABILISED CHENEY'S PLAN TO BOMB IRAN BACK INTO THE STONE AGE AND WE LEARN THIS MORNING FROM OUR AUTHORITATIVE SOURCES THAT HE IS FURIOUS. The massacre of the four British troops in Basra with US-made bombs may have been perpetrated by the Americans in brutal retaliation for the deal made by the British with the Iranians, however sordid it was. The 'Special Relationship' is unravelling as collateral damage of Wantagate.

Here is the text of the new letter, with a preamble by the Editor of International Currency Review:

ADDENDUM [Posted 7th April 2007]:

As expected, the letter to Alberto Gonzales from Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta requesting a criminal investigation into the illegal diversion and exploitation of his $4.5 trillion Settlement funds was not answered, indicating that Mr Gonzales is a criminal operative and that the CIA-penetrated Federal Bureau of Investigation does not exist to support the Rule of Law, but rather to protect the criminal mafia-operatives who have seized power in the United States and whose shelf-life has expired as a direct consequence of their cynical intention to avoid fulfilment of their obligations to Leo Wanta under the May 2006 agreement. Before anyone contacts the Editor to say ‚€˜what did you expect?‚€™, please be advised that, naturally, the Ambassador and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. did not anticipate receiving any response: why would the corrupted and controlled FBI and the US Department of Injustice suddenly ‚€˜go straight‚€™? We are dealing with the mafia criminalist classes, after all. No, the intention was not to elicit the formal response which ought to have been forthcoming, but rather to demonstrate the reality that the FBI and the US Department of Injustice are corrupted organisations that are engaged in protecting the backsides of the criminal operatives who have stolen trillions of dollars, including the funds belonging to Ambassador Leo Wanta as sole Principal; and that their job is to keep on protecting these thieves regardless of the consequences.

The primary method used to prevent US law enforcement fulfilling its responsibilities is massive bribery, of which damning evidence is accumulating by the day, in parallel with knowledge of the perpetrators‚€™ secret unreported, untaxed offshore bank accounts.

These criminals have all miscalculated badly, and are skating on such thin ice that many of them have fallen into freezing cold waters and will wind up paying a sky-high price for their arrogance in ways that none of them will have anticipated. Many of them will languish in jail for the rest of their lives and will experience the fate to which their illegal machinations have condemned numerous innocent opponents who suffer in the massive unreported US GULAG to this day. Large numbers of their opponents have, to use the fashionably unpleasant jargon, been ‚€˜whacked‚€™ for standing up to these monstrously corrupt usurpers of power and traitors to the American people.

In order to highlight the collapse of law enforcement and justice in the United States for the whole world to see, Thomas E. Henry, an Attorney at Law for Ambassador Leo Wanta, has distributed, on the Ambassador‚€™s instructions, the following letter dated 5th April 2007 to the named recipients, to relevant State and House Judiciary Committees, to concerned national and foreign Government associated parties, and to relevant national and foreign concerned private business interests in the United States and worldwide.

The letter was only accessed by the Editor of International Currency Review on 7th April, due to the communications difficulties alluded to in this report, which were miraculously ‚€˜resolved‚€™ overnight of 6th-7th April, after we posted our vigorous complaint on the subject and invoked the assistance of British Telecom‚€™s ‚€˜special department‚€™. [The telecommunications complaint text, posted in the middle of last night, has now been moved to the foot of this website posting].

The text of Mr Henry‚€™s letter dated 7th April 2007 reads as follows:

Attorney at Law
[Address and coordinates withheld]

April 5, 2007-04-07

Honorable George Bush
President of the United States of America
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20500

Honorable Alberto Gonzales
Attorney General of the United States
950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Office of the Attorney General
Washington DC 20530

Honorable Nancy Pelosi
Madame Speaker of the House of Representatives
235 Cannon House Office Building
Washington DC 20515-0508

Honorable Henry A Waxman
House Office Building
2204 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington DC 20515-0530

Honorable Richard Cheney
Vice President of the United States
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20500

James H Burrus Jr.
Criminal Investigations Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC 20535-0001

Honorable Barney Frank
House Office Building
2252 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington DC 20515-2104

Mr Glenn Fine
Inspector General
United States Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20530-0001

Re: Circumvention and avoidance, by public (USG) and private individuals/entities acting individually, jointly and/or in conspiracy with others that illegally restrict and/or interfere with the named recipient‚€™s (Leo E. Wanta/Lee E. Wanta, AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc) ability to take possession and/or have access to lawfully deposited monies and/or financial instruments.

Dear Mr President, Mr Vice President, Madame Speaker and Gentlepersons:

Multiple communications have been directed to law enforcement agencies, investigative bureaus and parties entrusted with enforcing the public rules, laws and regulations of this great nation.

My client‚€™s specific purpose in writing to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies was to REPORT A SERIES OF CRIMES and request the assistance of law enforcement agencies in enforcing the ‚€œlaws of the land‚€Ě. Specific criminal acts have been delineated and perpetrators identified in prior communications.

My clients now reiterate their demand that appropriate parties investigate the identified crimes immediately. The criminal acts being orchestrated by USG officials/agents and cooperative private parties must be stopped and the criminals held accountable. Bringing the referenced parties before appropriate tribunals will be honored by the citizenry of the United States of America.

Each recipient of this letter is aware that the overt acts committed in furtherance of the criminal enterprise/conspiracy that has been identified by my clients restricts the immediate payment of $1.575 trillion dollars into the United States Treasury. There is no legitimate purpose that justifies the commission of criminal acts by USG officials that damages the lawful rights of each American citizen. The self-motivated acts of the identified criminal perpetrators must be stopped immediately.

The criminal acts complained of by my clients are corroborated and are subject to proffered verification by several parties. The mentioned corroborating witnesses hold positions of authority where the information they offer represents first hand knowledge. In one instance we have been advised that a nominated ‚€œSecretary‚€Ě of a pertinent USG Department directed that his staff instruct a witness that the witness should refrain from assisting my clients. The mentioned witness was advised that failure to comply with the directions given by the nominated ‚€œSecretary‚€Ě would result in the witness being subjected to the virtual wrath of the entirety of the ‚€œPatriot Acts‚€Ě.

The claims made by my clients are not frivolously made and are not proffered premised on dreams induced by delusional euphoria. I have been assured by my clients that evidentiary confirmation that verifies the commission of the alleged crimes, by the named perpetrators, is readily available on the ‚€œhome front‚€Ě. Should something accidentally restrict the ability to use locally stored material then copies that are available in other environments will be retrieved.

My clients have advised that appropriate ‚€œgag orders‚€Ě will be honored upon the receipt and confirmation that funds have been deposited pursuant to previously provided Leo E. Wanta/Lee E. Wanta, AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., banking coordinates. The criminal perpetrators of acts/actions that prevent my clients‚€™ unrestricted access and freedom of control over deposited funds (which are private property) should be expunged immediately.

If the perpetrators can not be encouraged to comply with the ‚€œRule of Law‚€Ě then a meeting must be scheduled to enable evidentiary matters to be discussed, recorded and preserved for the entirety of the criminal process. It is respectfully suggested that Mr Burrus take the lead in coordinating participation as may be deemed necessary to get off the ‚€œdime‚€Ě and either follow the ‚€œRule of Law‚€Ě or accept the possibility that potential disclosures in an open environment may have impact stretching beyond the borders of the United States.

Thank you in advance for your immediate attention and I look forward to your timely response.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas E. Henry

The following notes concerning illegal NSA/CIA interference with our telecommunications in New York, London and the Editor's country private office, were posted at the head of this report in the middle of the night of 6th-7th April; but since the problems were miraculously cured following the posting of these notes, they have been removed from the head of the posting and are 'filed' below for the permanent record (to be included with other materials in our printed publications):


We now have specific proof of illegal clandestine NSA/CIA tampering and interference with our telecommunications, in order to block communications between ourselves and parties in the United States. We spell out the specifics as follows:

1. Shortly after we posted the report below, we were made aware of the fact that when anyone calls our New York number 212-447 5111 (to which the toll-free 1800-661 4809 number is linked), instead of getting through either to our voicemail or to one of us personally, the telephone rings and the connection is then terminated by THREE HIGH-PITCHED BEEPS. When Verizon were contacted by us, they stated that the problem is associated with the voicemail equipment, which is untrue. There is nothing wrong with the voicemail equipment. It was in perfect order when the Editor left the New York office very recently and it has NOT developed such a fault for no reason at all. Verizon stated that the line itself is OK. The person who spoke with us was unusually aggressive.

2. Today, a US contact whom we ourselves telephoned, and to whom we had given the coordinates enabling him to telephone our London telephone number direct, reported that he had attempted to contact us twice at the London number direct from the United States, only to encounter THE SAME THREE BEEPS. We reported this at once to British Telecom. The faults operator asked the Editor to remove the equipment from the jack, which he did. The faults operator then checked the line and discovered that THERE IS A FAULT IN THE STREET. This implies that someone entered a BT box between our office and the telephone exchange, and inserted an illegal loop. Such action would have been performed either by a clandestine operative working for the CIA/NSA with access to the box in the street in question, or else by a BT operative working clandestinely for the CIA/NSA or under contract through some cutout arrangement or other. The line fault in the street has been scheduled for correction on Tuesday morning. It had better be rectified. We have the BT order number for this fault and will be in touch with BT (see below) over the weekend and on Tuesday.

3. When we reported the London line fault, and it was identified as being a fault 'in the street', we agreed to British Telecom's suggestion that incoming calls should be routed to the Editor's country office number, which is [01144]-1844 338 247. We then performed a DIRECT line test to the country location nearly 70 miles away from the London office, only to find that 01844-338 247 delivers THE SAME THREE BEEPS and no service. We then started over

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