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Physicist Dr. Bill Deagle's Interviews with Ed Ward, MD - WTC Micro Nukes
032207Hr2 911 WTC PROOF MicroNUKES Dr Ed Ward Anal March 22, 2007 Dr Ed Ward presents proof that 2/3rds of the entire mass of WTC 1, 2 and 7 were vaporized by micronukes at the complex on 911, with LIDAR satellite photos and elevated Tritium iosotopic levels with video and preservation of all the laws of physics on Sept

032807Hr2 911 MicroNUKES WTC 1, 2 & 7 EMP & THERMA March 28, 2007 Dr Ed Ward discussed Ted Teitmeyer report based on Dr Ed Ward MD's analysis of WTC 1, 2 and 7 microNUKES with 2/3 of the mass nanopaticalized. Ted's report proves EMP and thermal picoflash events fried vehicles on FDR parkway line of site from WTC Nukes.

Dr. William (Bill) Deagle - Facts/Bio = IMO, The FOREMOST EXPERT on 911 investigation when education, credentials, insider government knowledge and credibility are addressed.

Dr Bill Deagle MD is prolife physician whistleblower, who has experienced first-hand the operations of globalist plans of above-government agencies New World Disorder. He was the exit examiner for the Special Forensic Munitions Team from Ft. Carson, CO for the OKC Murrah Building bombing. As a occupational doctor he worked with the State of Colorado, FEMA, FBI and CDC on Operation Dark Winter and Top Off Biowarfare Simulations. Dr Bill presented research to HLI in Zurich, Switzerland against cloning, cyborg and fetal tissues research by the NSA in 1997 and was given March 16th 1997 documentation of WHO plans for bioengineering pandemic Avian Flu to reduce world population.
The NutriMedical Report Monday to Thursdays CLAY and Iron Show Fridays, Topics from DU Depleted Uranium, Detoxification, War on Pain Patients and Doctors, Nutraceutical Support of Health and Wellness, Antiaging, WTO and Codex Alimenatarius and Dangerous Mercury in Vaccines to Globalist Avian Population Reduction, New World Orleans, and coming American Hiroshimas, the MOB Mark of the Beast Technologies and Genetic Modified Frankenfoods are but a few of the broad range of subjects archives by subtopic on www.NutriMedical.com. Dr Bill asks you to "Check it out and Take Action Now!".

American Board Family Physician

Founder of NutriMedical, 1999.

Member of the American Board of Family Practice, Canadian College of Family Practice, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and A.C.O.E.M., the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Dr. Deagle is also completing board certification examinations in the American Board of Pain Medicine, February 2003.

Board eligible in Occupational and Environmental Medicine since 1996.

An ACOEM Board Certified Independent Medical Examiner, and member of the American Academy of Legal Medicine.

Dr. Deagle has a teaching appointment as medical student preceptor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Dr. Deagle plans completion in 2003 of the Board Certifications in the American Academy of Thermal Imaging, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and the American Board of Holistic Medicine. Research interests include clinical consulting with Genovations and Great Smokies Laboratories for gene SNP, single nucleotide DNA polymorphisms. These are the genetic basis for current of future disease.

Dr. Deagle is writing a text on Functional Medicine - The Genetic and Immunotoxic Basis of Health and Disease with Dr. Ari Vojdani, PhD, Director of Immunosciences Clinical Laboratories, in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Deagle holds a patent pending for new topical pain pharmacotechnologies for pain control and new pain blockade trigger point technologies. Research interests include sensory nerve mapping for pain control utilizing the new 1997 FDA approved VsNCT, voltage actuated sensory nerve technology, MediDx 7000 from NDA Nerve.

Dr. Deagle has completed a study for the State of Colorado Department of Revenue on repetitive motion injury induced nerve entrapment diagnostics and trauma release interfacial therapeutics for the upper extremities. Plan is for future research of pain diagnostic of C.T.I. - Computerized Thermal Imaging technologies with a delta sensory nerve mapping for Interventional Pain Blocking Therapies.

Dr. Deagle is a public speaker on application of advanced laboratory testing or organ function in wellness and disease and the genetic basis for Holistic Integrative Medicine.
Interview of Dr. William (Bill) Richard Deagle, MD
AJ: If I try to read his bio, it’s literally ten pages long. He’s worked for the U.S. government at every level. He’s now gone back to Canada, I guess to get out of this police state – but out of the frying pan into the furnace. And he has written some articles for the web - a very bold person, telling the truth. He’s Dr. William Richard Deagle, MD, and every other D you can imagine. I’ve never seen anything like this. This guy has worked in cybernetics, secret operations. The list goes on and on. Medical examiner, just everything else. It just goes on and on and on. Doctor, good to have you on with us.
Listen to the interview at http://www.prisonplanet.tv/audio/111104deagle1.htm
Article in Arctic Beacon on Dr. Bill Deagle that is only presently available on google 'cache' so I transfered it to my group:
Windows Media versions also at:

Micro-Nukes at the WTC
Update: Micro-Nukes at the WTC

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