9/11 Doublethink- The Real Secret Profiteers and "Victims"
Mon Apr 2, 2007 15:27

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Subject: 9/11 Doublethink- The Real Secret Profiteers and "Victims"
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April 2, 2007
9/11 Doublethink- The Real Secret Profiteers and "Victims"

By ewing2001

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9/11 Doublethink- The Real Secret Profiteers and "Victims"
Submitted by ewing2001 on Mon, 2007-04-02 20:16.

9/11 Doublethink- The Secret Profiteers and "Victims"
A-Z Future Weaponry ("AI Soldiers") and pre-9/11 mindOP Scams

Investigation, Index and Analysis by ewing2001
April 2, 2007

There is another huge cover-up going on in this 9/11 "Truth" Movement.
Let's call it for now a lack of self- reflection
of the Social Worker 'Help' Syndrome.

This isn't a new phenomena but it reached a new intense level,
since it became clear, that the counter-story of 9/11 is getting more
and more co-opted and controlled in mainstream media.

Which is triggering new frustrations, depressions,
fights among friends, researchers, and activists.

It is breaking apart alliances, friendships, marriages
and family.

A majority of these 'Social Workers' are apparently driven by some
which sits deeper than just the reflection of the event of 9/11 itself.

And they prefer to either

look into the other direction, when it comes to reflect their own
secret Ideology
They openly debate it and/or distract from the context of 9/11
they react with extreme hostility once detected among friends or researchers
or accuse the detector as an "aggressor" or "insulter".

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AI Wars (AI "Soldiers" and AI "Races")

Artificial Intelligence Warfare
Tools, Index and Players of the 'AI Wars':
Compendium by ewing2001 (*thx also for support of "Gritzle70")

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