Bin Laden!!
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Bin Laden !!
Tue Apr 6 09:49:08 2004

President Bush and his oil family were doing business with the Bin Laden family prior to 9/11. The Bush family were long time millionaires but their dealings with the Bin Laden family made them multi millionaires.

Why dont we understand just why Bin Laden has not been captured yet ?? Bin Laden will never be allowed to be captured alive because the Bush families and others are afraid that should Bin Laden be captured alive he will tell the news media and public that he was dealing in oil with the Bush families for years prior to 9/11.

Our troops along the Afghan border are wasting their time looking for Bin Laden because our military leaders in Afghanistan have been given orders from the White House to leave BIn Laden alone should they ever find Bin Laden in those Afghanistan mountains. On two occasions our special forces have trapped Bin Laden and some of his followers in the Afghanistan mountains but the White House sent orders to the special forces to Back Off and leave Bin Laden alone.

Our special forces were given orders from their military leaders at the time to never reveal the White House orders or that they ever had Bin Laden trapped or could have captured Bin Laden. These two episodes took place in the summers of 2002 and 2003.


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