Condoleezza Rice threatens Iran on terror link
joseph hobeika
Condoleezza Rice threatens Iran on terror link
Mon Apr 5, 2004 15:49

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Subject: Condoleezza Rice threatens Iran on terror link
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Date: 2001-12-23 07:33:52 PST

Bush aide attacks Iran terror link

President Bush's national security adviser Condoleezza Rice has
reiterated American accusations of Iranian state involvement in
terrorist activity against US targets.

The US has "a major problem" with Iran over its "support for terrorist
activities against the United States and in the Middle East," she said
in comments published on Thursday in al-Hayat newspaper.

She restated allegations that Iran was involved in a bomb attack which
killed 19 servicemen at a US military complex in the Saudi city of
Khobar in 1996.

"When we questioned those who carried out the explosion in the Khobar
complex, they clearly mentioned training and finance provided by Iran,"
she told the Arabic daily.

The US issued indictments against 14 suspects - 13 Saudis and one
Lebanese - in June this year.

The charges claimed the alleged bombers were trained in parts of Iran
and Lebanon controlled by Hezbollah.

In announcing the indictments, US Attorney-General John Ashcroft said
factions within the Iranian regime had "inspired, supported and
supervised" Saudi Islamic militants to carry out the attack.

Tanker row

Ms Rice's statements came the day after Iranian government officials, in
a report on state television, accused US forces of attacking an
Iranian-registered Saudi oil tanker in the Gulf.

The report said two US frigates intercepted the ship and two of the
tanker's crew were injured when US forces on speedboats "opened fire".

A foreign ministry official statement quoted called the incident a "vile
act of aggression".

The television report quoted Swiss ambassador Tim Guldimann, whose
country represents US interests in Iran, saying that the American troops
had mistaken the tanker for an Iraqi vessel smuggling oil.

Oil sanctions have been imposed on Iraq by the United Nations since
Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and US forces often intercept tankers
accused of smuggling Iraqi oil.

But Iran's oil ministry said the tanker was carrying products between
Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Severed ties

Iran and the United States severed diplomatic ties after the 1979
Islamic revolution and the takeover of the US embassy in Tehran.

But US-Iranian relations showed signs of thawing under former US
President Bill Clinton when the reformist President Mohammed Khatami was
elected in 1997.

The Clinton administration did not bring charges against anyone
implicated in the Khobar bombing, despite a five year inquiry in which
the BBC's Middle East analyst Roger Hardy says the then head of the FBI,
Louis Freeh, became convinced of Iranian involvement.

The Bush administration has continued to accuse Iran of supporting
terrorism, maintaining trade sanctions against the country and vetoing
its application to join the World Trade Organization.

Source: BBC -

Why Condoleezza must testify under oath
... The White House has offered to let national security adviser Condoleezza Rice testify in ...

Why is Condi Rice hiding the truth about 9/11?

Why did Condoleezza Rice, the National Security Adviser, refuse to
assist the official 9-11 inquiry?

Under pressure from the 9-11 comission, which was "chartered to
prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding
the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks", eventually she agreed to be
interviewed - but only in a top secret closed meeting. This is just
the latest a series of efforts by the Bush administration to undermine
the 9/11 inquiry.

Condi Rice is so deeply submerged in the oil industry that the leading
US oil corporation, Chevron-Texaco, named their massive 300,000 tonne
oil-tanker after her.

Nobody benefitted more from 9/11 than the oil industry and the elite
politicians to whom they so generously donate billions of dollars each

Are you still sitting there wondering what Condi and the others might
be trying to hide?


Washington Post, "Rice Defends Refusal to Testify at 9/11 Panel", 29
Match 2004.
Administration officials were searching for a compromise last night
with the commission that would limit the political damage from her
refusal to testify.

BBC News, "White House under pressure", 30 March 2004.
[ ]
Both its political detractors and some supporters say the White
House may be doing itself more harm than good by blocking National
Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice from testifying publicly before the
commission investigating the attacks of 11 September.
In the past week, Dr Rice has struck an unusually public profile.
She has led the White House damage control campaign in the face of
allegations from of former counter-terrorism tsar Richard Clarke that
the Bush administration did little to confront the threat of al-Qaeda
ahead of the 11 September attacks.

BBC News, "Who is winning the Iraq contracts?", 22 October 2003.
[ ]
The awarding of contracts for Iraqi reconstruction has been a
highly controversial process. The bigger contracts have gone to US
companies after a closed bidding process - freezing out UK and other
companies. Some of the corporations who have won the contracts also
appear to have close ties to the administration of President George

BBC News, "Bush and big business", 1 May 2001.
[ ]
Condoleezza Rice, the National Security Adviser, has a Chevron
oil tanker named after her.

Aztlan - Chevron's "Condoleezza Rice"
[ ] (Charles Farley) wrote in message news:...
> March 29, 2004
> Rice Withholding Testimony for Her Own Book
> U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice said today that she
> doesn't want to testify before the commission investigating the 9/11
> terror attacks because she's witholding "insider information" for her
> own book to be released when her government career is over.
> "Richard Clarke's book is flying off the shelves because people think
> he has some secret information about the Bush administration," said
> Ms. Rice. "In contrast with Mr. Clarke, I have actually had meetings
> with the president. I'd like to cash a few royalty checks myself, so
> I'm going to avoid spilling my guts for free on the public airwaves if
> I can."
> Ms. Rice added, "For now, I think I'll just start spinning -- you
> know, saying things I don't believe -- since that seems to be the
> prerequisite for garnering credibility in this genre."


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