Condoleezza Rice's Credibility Gap
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Condoleezza Rice's Credibility Gap
Mon Apr 5, 2004 14:30

Condoleezza Rice's Credibility Gap

The Center for American Progress

Friday 26 March 2004

A point-by-point analysis of how one of America's top national
security officials has a severe problem with the truth.

Pre-9/11 Intelligence

CLAIM: "I don't think anybody could have predicted that they would try
to use an airplane as a missile, a hijacked airplane as a missile."
National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, 5/16/02

FACT: On August 6, 2001, the President personally "received a
one-and-a-half page briefing advising him that Osama bin Laden was
capable of a major strike against the US, and that the plot could
include the hijacking of an American airplane." In July 2001, the
Administration was also told that terrorists had explored using
airplanes as missiles. [Source: NBC, 9/10/02; LA Times, 9/27/01]

CLAIM: In May 2002, Rice held a press conference to defend the
Administration from new revelations that the President had been
explicitly warned about an al Qaeda threat to airlines in August 2001.
She "suggested that Bush had requested the briefing because of his
keen concern about elevated terrorist threat levels that summer."
[Source: Washington Post, 3/25/04]

FACT: According to the CIA, the briefing "was not requested by
President Bush." As commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste disclosed, "the
CIA informed the panel that the author of the briefing does not recall
such a request from Bush and that the idea to compile the briefing
came from within the CIA." [Source: Washington Post, 3/25/04]

CLAIM: "In June and July when the threat spikes were so highwe were
at battle stations." National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice,

FACT: "Documents indicate that before Sept. 11, Ashcroft did not give
terrorism top billing in his strategic plans for the Justice
Department, which includes the FBI. A draft of Ashcroft's 'Strategic
Plan' from Aug. 9, 2001, does not put fighting terrorism as one of the
department's seven goals, ranking it as a sub-goal beneath gun
violence and drugs. By contrast, in April 2000, Ashcroft's
predecessor, Janet Reno, called terrorism 'the most challenging threat
in the criminal justice area.'" Meanwhile, the Bush Administration
decided to terminate "a highly classified program to monitor Al Qaeda
suspects in the United States." [Source: Washington Post, 3/22/04;
Newsweek, 3/21/04]

CLAIM: "The fact of the matter is [that] the administration focused on
this before 9/11." National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice,

FACT: President Bush and Vice President Cheney's counterterrorism task
force, which was created in May, never convened one single meeting.
The President himself admitted that "I didn't feel the sense of
urgency" about terrorism before 9/11. [Source: Washington Post,
1/20/02; Bob Woodward's "Bush at War"]

CLAIM: "Our [pre-9/11 NSPD] plan called for military options to attack
al Qaeda and Taliban leadership, ground forces and other targets --
taking the fight to the enemy where he lived." National Security
Adviser Condoleezza Rice, 3/22/04

FACT: 9/11 Commissioner Gorelick: "There is nothing in the NSPD that
came out that we could find that had an invasion plan, a military
plan." Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage: "Right." Gorelick:
"Is it true, as Dr. Rice said, 'Our plan called for military options
to attack Al Qaida and Taliban leadership'?" Armitage: "No, I think
that was amended after the horror of 9/11." [Source: 9/11 Commission
testimony, 3/24/04]

Condi Rice on Pre-9/11 Counterterrorism Funding

CLAIM: "The president increased counterterrorism funding several-fold"
before 9/11. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, 3/24/04

FACT: According to internal government documents, the first full Bush
budget for FY2003 "did not endorse F.B.I. requests for $58 million for
149 new counterterrorism field agents, 200 intelligence analysts and
54 additional translators" and "proposed a $65 million cut for the
program that gives state and local counterterrorism grants." Newsweek
noted the Administration "vetoed a request to divert $800 million from
missile defense into counterterrorism." [Source: New York Times,
2/28/04; Newsweek, 5/27/02]

Richard Clarke's Concerns

CLAIM: "Richard Clarke had plenty of opportunities to tell us in the
administration that he thought the war on terrorism was moving in the
wrong direction and he chose not to." National Security Adviser
Condoleezza Rice, 3/22/04

FACT: Clarke sent a memo to Rice principals on 1/24/01 marked "urgent"
asking for a Cabinet-level meeting to deal with an impending al Qaeda
attack. The White House acknowledges this, but says "principals did
not need to have a formal meeting to discuss the threat." No meeting
occurred until one week before 9/11. [Source: CBS 60 Minutes, 3/24/04;
White House Press Release, 3/21/04

CLAIM: "No al Qaeda plan was turned over to the new administration."
National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, 3/22/04

FACT: "On January 25th, 2001, Clarke forwarded his December 2000
strategy paper and a copy of his 1998 Delenda plan to the new national
security adviser, Condoleezza Rice." 9/11 Commission staff report,

Response to 9/11

CLAIM: "The president launched an aggressive response after 9/11."
National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, 3/22/04

FACT: "In the early days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the Bush
White House cut by nearly two-thirds an emergency request for
counterterrorism funds by the FBI, an internal administration budget
document shows. The papers show that Ashcroft ranked counterterrorism
efforts as a lower priority than his predecessor did, and that he
resisted FBI requests for more counterterrorism funding before and
immediately after the attacks." [Source: Washington Post, 3/22/04]

9/11 and Iraq Invasion Plans

CLAIM: "Not a single National Security Council principal at that
meeting recommended to the president going after Iraq. The president
thought about it. The next day he told me Iraq is to the side."
National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, 3/22/04

FACT: According to the Washington Post, "six days after the attacks on
the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, President Bush signed a
2-and-a-half-page document marked 'TOP SECRET'" that "directed the
Pentagon to begin planning military options for an invasion of Iraq."
This is corroborated by a CBS News, which reported on 9/4/02 that five
hours after the 9/11 attacks, "Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was
telling his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq." [Source:
Washington Post, 1/12/03. CBS News, 9/4/02]

Iraq and WMD

CLAIM: "It's not as if anybody believes that Saddam Hussein was
without weapons of mass destruction." National Security Adviser
Condoleezza Rice, 3/18/04

FACT: The Bush Administration's top weapons inspector David Kay
"resigned his post in January, saying he did not believe banned
stockpiles existed before the invasion" and has urged the Bush
Administration to "come clean" about misleading America about the WMD
threat. [Source: Chicago Tribune, 3/24/04; UK Guardian, 3/3/04]

9/11-al Qaeda-Iraq Link

CLAIM: "The president returned to the White House and called me in and
said, I've learned from George Tenet that there is no evidence of a
link between Saddam Hussein and 9/11." National Security Adviser
Condoleezza Rice, 3/22/04

FACT: If this is true, then why did the President and Vice President
repeatedly claim Saddam Hussein was directly connected to 9/11?
President Bush sent a letter to Congress on 3/19/03 saying that the
Iraq war was permitted specifically under legislation that authorized
force against "nations, organizations, or persons who planned,
authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on
September 11." Similarly, Vice President Cheney said on 9/14/03 that
"It is not surprising that people make that connection" between Iraq
and the 9/11 attacks, and said "we don't know" if there is a
connection. [Source: BBC, 9/14/03]

TO: Paula Zahn and Sharon Collins
: CNN Interactive
: 7 North One CNN Center
: Atlanta GA 30348
: RE: People in the News: Condoleezza Rice
: FR: Bob Broedel; P.O. Box 20049; Tallahassee FL 32316

Dear Friends,

I saw your program about Dr. Rice. It was almost
impossible for me to believe that you did not
mention that she at one time had an oil tanker
named after her (see below).

I think it would have been newsworthy to tell
your viewers this member of the Bush team also has
connections to the oil industry.

Sincerely, Bob Broedel

DATE : July 05, 2001
HEADLINE: Ship name changed after storm warnings
BYLINE : By Toby Harnden in Washington

A CHEVRON tanker called after one of President
Bush's closest advisers has been renamed after
concern that its illustration of the links between
the White House and "big oil" was causing bad

The tanker was named Condoleezza Rice in 1993
when she was a Chevron board member, former
foreign policy aide to Mr Bush's father and
Stanford University academic.

But her elevation to the post of National
Security Adviser forced a rethink. Without
fanfare, the 129,000-ton tanker has become
the Altair Voyager.

The Bush administration is sensitive about
its ties to the oil industry and is seeking
to present a more environmentally friendly

Mr Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney and Don
Evans, the Commerce Secretary, are all former

Miss Rice had defended the ship on the grounds
that Chevron had named vessels after other
prominent board members such as George Shultz,
Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan.

Chevron is being sued for alleged breaches
of human rights in Nigeria and the press would
have had a field day if the Condoleezza Rice
had ever run aground.

SOURCE : Platt's Oilgram News
DATE : August 25, 1993

In a ceremony held Aug. 23 at the Ishikawajima
do Brasil Estaleiros S.A. (ISHIBRAS) shipyard
in Rio de Janeiro, Chevron director Condoleezza
Rice christened Chevron's newest tanker named
after her as a director of Chevron Corp. This
latest addition brings Chevron's worldwide
fleet to 40. Under a contract with Mitsui & Co.
of Japan, the Condoleezza Rice, to carry about
1-million bbl of crude on each voyage, is the
last one in a series of three identical 136,000
dwt, double hull tankers built by ISHIBRAS.

Armed with memos and staffing lists drafted last fall, national security
adviser Condoleezza Rice cut the NSC staff by a third and reorganized it to
emphasize defense strategy, including national missile defense, and
international economics. In a White House first, Rice has expanded her
regular meetings with Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and Defense
Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to include Treasury Secretary Paul H. O'Neill.
Re: Gay US ambassador to Romania
... As if the size of the "knockers" counts under such circumstances: "When I met with Condoleezza Rice in the spring of 2000 when I was still consul-general in ...
soc.culture.romanian - Sep 25, 2001 by Stephen Dancs - View Thread (2 articles)

"Wally Keeler" ( writes:
> And the US National Security Advisor is a knock-out babe.
> Gotta love a woman who knows how to handle power.

As if the size of the "knockers" counts under such circumstances:

"When I met with Condoleezza Rice in the spring of 2000 when I was still
consul-general in Los Angeles, she was remarkably uninformed about the
nature of the Canadian-American relationship.
She said Ms. Rice was surprised when Ms. Campbell informed her that
Canada was America's largest trading partner.

With such a "well-informed" advisor and such

Freedom and fear, justice and cruelty, have always been at war. And we
know that God is not neutral between them.

a president, "God" save us, indeed! :(

(NOTE: Answers to this posting will be monitored mainly on the
"soc.culture.romanian" newsgroup.)

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Canada invisible to U.S., says former PM
Condoleezza Rice 'remarkably uninformed,' Kim Campbell says
By Jane Taber, National Post, Sep. 25, 2001

OTTAWA - Kim Campbell, the former prime minister, met with Condoleezza
Rice in the spring of 2000 and was dumbfounded by her ignorance of Canada
and its relationship with the United States.

Ms. Campbell recalls that the woman who is now the U.S. National Security
Advisor said she had been a figure skater in her youth and visited Banff,
Alta., several times for competitions. That was about the extent of her
knowledge of Canada, said Ms. Campbell in an interview yesterday.

"When I met with Condoleezza Rice in the spring of 2000 when I was still
consul-general in Los Angeles, she was remarkably uninformed about the
nature of the Canadian-American relationship.

"I do find it a little perplexing and a little disappointing,'' she said.

Ms. Campbell's comments were in reaction to the speech last week by George
W. Bush, the U.S. President, in which he failed to mention Canada's
involvement in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Ms. Rice is playing a key role in the war on terrorism and participated in
yesterday's White House meeting and lunch between the President and Jean
Chrétien, the Prime Minister.

At the time of her meeting with Ms. Campbell, Ms. Rice was foreign policy
advisor to Mr. Bush, the Republican presidential candidate, and as such
should have been in a position to know about Canada. "I talked to her
about the significance of the relationship," recalls Ms. Campbell.

She said Ms. Rice was surprised when Ms. Campbell informed her that Canada
was America's largest trading partner. "Well, I hope she knew more [about
Canada] after spending an hour and a half with me," Ms. Campbell said.

The former prime minister said it was a quite coup for her to have met
with Ms. Rice because other diplomats had been trying to sit down with her
in anticipation that she would be playing an important role if Mr. Bush
won the presidency. Meanwhile, Ms. Campbell, who has spent the past five
years in the United States, says she was disappointed by the President's
failure to mention Canada in his speech last week. While she says she
doesn't "lose sleep over it ... I don't think it's irrelevant."

She said the omission sends a message to Americans and other countries
that Canada is invisible.


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