Hell take several guns if y'all have um'!
Genghis Dominguez,A traitors worst nightmare.
Hell take several guns if y`all have um`!
Wed Apr 7 00:32:11 2004

MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY MY GIGANTIC "LONG IN HEART" PATRIOTIC FRIEND. LETSOPEN UP SEVERAL CASES OF "WHUP ASS" OF THESE FAGGOTS THEN BUST A BUNCH OF CAPS IN THEIR STUPID COWARDLY ASSES HELL WE START IT THE OTHERS WILL FOLLOW,AND IF THEY STAND AND PEE DOWN THEIR LEGS THEN WE KILL UNTIL KILLED AND THEN OUR PROBLEMS ARE OVER,WHILE THE SHEEPLE COWARD`S PROBLEMS WILL JUST BE BEGINNING,LOL. If a person is afraid to die then they have no right to live and i`d shoot a damn coward myself in a New York Heartbeat.Americans had better do something "besides threaten and talk a good fight" as these commies and nazis appreciate and fear one thing guts and crazed soldiers.

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