Rice Before the Committee Tomorrow? Don't even bother?
Dick Eastman
Rice Before the Committee Tomorrow? Don't even bother!
Wed Apr 7, 2004 20:42

Rice Before the Committee Tomorrow? Don't even bother!
Dick Eastman - oldickeastman@yahoo.com

On Thursday you will watch a scripted show in which Condoleezza Rice before a handpicked cast of softball-playing obstruction-of-justice accomplices, in a morality play in which the national security adviser assures the committee that the Bush Administration was competently alert in the days before the Bush Administration perpetrated -- she will not say this -- the 9-11-01 mass-murder frameup devised by the Neo-Khan Perle-Wolfowitz Pentagon. That will take all of fifteen minutes. Rice will fill the rest of the two and a half hours engaged in mock conflict responding on the dance floor to stage setting layed out by co-conspirator RIchard Clarke, the "limited hangout" spin agent whose successfully executed job has been to define the hearings in the public mind as an inquiry into whether 9-11 "could have been prevented," and away from the much more potentially precipitating topic of "what went wrong"," or, the topic that could lead the entire bi-partisan ruling oligarchy into free fall to the center of the earth, "what actually happened on September 11, 2001?"

Remember, Al Falzenberg has directed all information offered by citizen investigators working from the photographic evidence to "black-hole" oblivion -- blacking out entirely, for example, the Pentagon pictures showing too-small a plane, the distinctive trail of missile smoke followed by a hugh white-hot explosion characteristic only of military explosives of the type packed in missile warheads; the damage to the Pentagon wall that is inconsistent with the crash of a two- engine 757 jetliner; the path of downed lampposts that is not thethe same path as that witnesses saw the Boeing take, and much besides, none of which will Condoleezza Rice have to take questions on -- nor will anyone else in the administration take quesitons on this so-obvious and so-conclusive evidence -- The evasion will simply be proof that by tacit consent the only evidence that matters, proving the only fact that matters (the guilt of the Administration in the 9-11 freameup -- will not be admitted for consideration by criminal political investigators of a criminal adminstration guilty of the most horrible and profitable mass-murder in American history.

And what of the unfortunate Sibel Edmonds? An FBI translator who saw documents specifically warning of airplanes used as weapons in acts of terror against skyscrapers and government buildings in New York and Washington D.C. and observed an administration brushing aside the information, Edmonds naming names, as if, I conclude, it might interfer with other things they had going on -- a real risk, which if diligently guarded against would have interfered with the real frameup in the works -- Edmonds remarks are going to be given the last 15 minutes and they will be put by a questioner who will make more statements puffing the committee than actually asking pointed questions -- Rice will say she did not know about it and she will infer that untracable human error led to her not being informed and then the bell will ring and by signed agreement Condoleezza will be free for the rest of her life from any further questioning by Congress on the topic of 9-11.

And yes, the entire Commission report will be censored line by line by the White House -- not that that is necessary with a commission headed by Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton and the sleezy crooked and perverse characters cast in this charade directed by Al Falzenberg who actually controlled the input so that there will be very little output that the Whitehouse will have to vet.

The Adminstrations guilt has been proven by citizen investigators working with the ample photo evidence and witness accounts already in the pubic domaine -- the Committee is merely your tax dollars spent to keep you from bothering to look at the easily comprehended conclusive evidence presented, for example, here:


and here:



Meeting fierce resistance from Iraqi fighters, U.S. occupation forces bombarded late Tuesday, April6 , the western city of Fallujah with tanks and warplanes, killing scores of Iraqi citizens. At least ten Iraqis died when American forces shelled the Golan neighborhood, reported the Doha-based Aljazeera television. Hospital doctors said another 15 civilians had been killed and dozens injured in the American offensive over the past 48 hours. The U.S. army reported six Iraqis killed in fighting Monday, though residents said five of them were killed when helicopters hit a residential area.

Supporters of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ringed the Polish-led military force's headquarters south of Baghdad for several hours Tuesday before withdrawing peacefully, Polish media reported. Some 150 cars surrounded Camp Bablyon, the headquarters of the 9,500-strong force and remained there. No shots were exchanged, Polish news reports said.

Fighting has erupted between Italian troops and Iraqi gunmen in the southern city of Nasiriyah (nah-sih-REE'-uh). A coalition spokeswoman tells Italian media that at least 15 Iraqis were killed. She says insurgents used civilians as human shields, and two children and a woman are among the dead. (Human shields don't mean much to Italian soldiers, apparently -- or did a coalition order come from the top?)

The American dream to bridge ancient Iraqi sectarian rivalries turned nightmarish Tuesday as Shiite and Sunni religious and tribal figures put aside their differences and publicly aligned against the occupation, vowing to rid Iraq of the American-led invaders.
In the past 72 hours over 18 U.S. soldiers and well over 100 Iraqis have died in vicious fighting across Iraq. U.S. aligned coalition forces also took significant casualties of an unconfirmed number in fighting in four southern cities. Before last week the primary forces resisting the U.S. occupation were a combination of former Baath Party members and Sunni religious figures, but after fighting broke out between the coalition and a militia led by a young radical Shiite cleric, much of Iraq turned to complete chaos.

Paul Wolfowitz: "There 's not going to be any difference in our military posture on July 1st from what it is on June 30th, except that we will be there then at the invitation of a sovereign Iraqi government, which I am quite sure will want us to stay there until killers like the ones who perpetrated these atrocities in Fallujah are brought under control. Thank you."

On the streets of Baghdad neighborhoods long defined by differences of faith and politics, signs are emerging that resistance to the U.S. occupation may be growing from a sporadic, underground effort to a broader insurrection by militiamen who claim to be fighting in the name of their common faith, Islam. On Monday, residents of Adhamiya, a largely Sunni section of northern Baghdad, marched with followers of Moqtada Sadr, the militant Shiite cleric whose call for armed resistance was answered by local Sunnis the same afternoon, residents said. As protesters chanted anti-occupation slogans in Abu Hanifa Square, militants were seen hustling toward the site carrying AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, residents said. The guerrillas opened fire on the U.S. armor deployed near the demonstration, attacking from positions in a neighborhood where militants appear to be not just tolerated but encouraged.

Almost a year ago, the Shiites of Sadr City threw flowers at the American tanks that rumbled into Baghdad and ended the rule of their oppressor, Saddam Hussein. This week, however, many Iraqis were filling plain wooden coffins with the corpses of their kin, killed in a firefight with the U.S. forces that now patrol their impoverished neighborhood.
"After American forces ended the regime, we wanted to welcome them," Mohsin Ghassab, a 42-year-old unemployed resident of the district, said Monday.
"But now there is no stability. They have to withdraw."
Eight U.S. soldiers and about two dozen Iraqis died in the firefight that erupted on Sunday in the teeming district of Sadr City, which lies on Baghdad's northeastern rim and is home to more than two million Shiites.

Armed followers of the firebrand Shi'ite leader Moqtada al-Sadr took full control of the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala yesterday as the radical cleric sought to broaden support for his uprising among fellow Muslim leaders. With Sadr's supporters demanding the withdrawal of all foreign forces from the country, coalition troops remained outside the cities to avoid provoking clashes, while Iraqi police withdrew in fear of his well-organised and heavily armed fighters. Last night they took over all government buildings in Najaf.
"Sadr demands the withdrawal of all coalition forces from Iraq - or face destruction," said Sheikh Qasi al-Khazali, Sadr's representative in the city.

The word went out on Tuesday at noon, with the blast of the call to prayer: American soldiers had raided an office of Moktada al-Sadr, the radical Shiite cleric, and torn up a poster of his father, one of Iraq's most revered martyrs. The Khadamiya bazaar exploded in a frenzy. Shopkeepers reached beneath stacks of sandals for Kalashnikov rifles. Boys wrapped their faces in black cloth. Men raced through the streets, kicking over crates and setting up barriers. Some handed out grenades. Within minutes this entire Shiite neighborhood in central Baghdad had mobilized for war. "We're going to attack a tank!" yelled Majid Hamid, 32, waving an assault rifle.

Shiite radical cleric Moqtada Sadr, wanted by coalition forces in Iraq, ended his sit-in at a mosque in Kufa and travelled to the holy city of Najaf "to prevent more bloodshed".
"I have taken it upon myself to prevent more bloodshed," he said in a statement, expressing concern the "sacred site of the mosque not be violated ... by people who do not back down from anything" out of respect for holy places.
Sadr said his decision to "observe a peaceful sit-in" at the mosque was taken to protest against "the aggressions committed by the infidel occupier against civilians".

Iraqi forces were in full control Wednesday of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, a day after 12 US marines were killed and two dozen wounded in fighting with anti-coaliton insurgents, a marine statement said. In Washington Tuesday, a Defense Department official who requested anonymity said: "We had about 12 dead and a couple dozen wounded at the governor's palace in Ar Ramadi," some 50 miles (80 kilometers) west of the Iraqi capital.

Iraq is worse off now, after the U.S.-led invasion, than it was under Saddam Hussein, Hans Blix told a Danish newspaper Tuesday.

Since the US invaded Iraq, the US Congress has approved about $US100 billion to pay for military operations, as well as $US23 billion for Iraqi reconstruction. Centre for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments defence analyst Steven Kosiak said the war had already cost far more than the 1991 Gulf War - which cost about $US84 billion and was paid for largely by US allies.


China, Iran, the United States and Vietnam were the world's top users of the death penalty in 2003, accounting for 84 percent of known executions, human rights body Amnesty International said Tuesday.

More than half of known executions were in China, where the true toll could be more than 10 times higher, according to the British-based Amnesty's annual report.

But during the year, six countries either abolished capital punishment or suspended it, bringing the total who have halted executions to 117 out of a total of 195, the report said.

"This year's figures show that the majority of countries follow an abolitionist path, while others choose to remain on the wrong side of the justice divide," spokeswoman Judit Arenas Licea told a news briefing.

The report said the number of known executions world-wide last year had dropped to 1,146 in a total of 28 countries from 1,526 in 31 countries in 2002. China was known to have executed at least 726, Iran 108, the United States 65 and Vietnam 64, according to the group.

But Amnesty cautioned that its numbers -- based largely on official figures, media monitoring and private reports -- might be showing only the tip of an iceberg, especially in countries where the statistics were a closely-guarded secret.

The report quoted an unidentified senior Chinese parliamentarian as saying last month that his country executed nearly 10,000 people annually.

Arenas told the news briefing, called during the annual six-week session of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, that Amnesty was especially concerned at the introduction of "mobile units" to speed up executions in China.


War Crimes

A few years after the genocide in Rwanda, Daniel Pipes writing in the National Post (7/18/2001), recommended that the Israeli government intensify the brutality of the occupation. His specific recipe for new forms of collective punishment against the residents of the West Bank and Gaza was to accelerate the pace of economic warfare against the population and "permit no transportation of people or goods beyond basic necessities. Shut off utilities to the PA. Raze the PA's illegal offices in Jerusalem, its security infrastructure, and villages from which attacks are launched." Read that again and notice that he was advocating 'razing villages' a la Lidice.

Not to be outdone by Daniel Pipes, Cal Thomas recommended the mass expulsion of Palestinians. "It should now be clear that Israel cannot tolerate a huge Arab population within its borders, so a political decision must be made. Most Arabs and Palestinians appear to be nonviolent but it can be difficult to tell the difference...Israel should declare its intention to transfer large numbers of its Palestinian residents to Arab nations...Eviction is a better avenue to stability. Will it happen? Probably not. Should it? Yes." (June 6, 2001, Jewish World Review).
In 1946, Julius Streicher, the Editor of Der Sturmer, an anti- Semitic paper, was sentenced to hang by the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal for Nazi War Crimes. In sentencing him, the tribunal gave as cause the evidence that "with knowledge of the extermination of the Jews in the Occupied Eastern Territory, this defendant continued to write and publish his propaganda of death." Streicher was convicted of conspiracy to commit crimes against peace and crimes against humanity. His partner in media crimes, Joseph Goebbels, managed to avoid a similar sentence by committing suicide after first killing his wife and children.

Half a century later, the Streicher case was cited as a precedent for convicting three Hutus of using the media to incite genocide against Tutsis. The three judges presiding over the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda set another precedent by declaring that "those who control the media are accountable for its consequences". According to the BBC, the chief prosecutor, Hassan Bubacar Jallow, said that "The tribunal has established an international precedent that those who use media to target a racial or ethnic group for destruction will face justice." He also stated that "the verdict would serve as a warning for journalist

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