Resistance spreads from Sunni Triangle to Iraqi Rectangle!
Stephen M. St. John
Resistance spreads from Sunni Triangle to Iraqi Rectangle!
Tue Apr 6 00:44:41 2004

Al Jazeera news has wittily turned the table on the embedded American news media and its frequent resort to that insultingly insensitive term "Sunni Triangle"; in a current headline Al Jazeera declares that the Iraqi resistance has spread from the Sunni Triangle to the Iraqi Rectangle. All this raises a question in my mind; now that "Sunni Triangle" is an acceptable term for the powers that be, will the news media ever employ the term "Jew York" to describe the place where the impetus arose for the immoral, illegal and ill-advised invasion of Iraq? Also, inasmuch as Iraqis are Arabs and Arabs (unlike the Turkic Ashkenazi Jews) are Semites, why haven't we heard complaints about the term "Sunni Triangle" being anti-Semitic? Should one group have a lock on that term under false pretense and for ulterior motives?


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