Subpoena Orders Ashcroft To Release Clinton Evidence on Sept
Subpoena Orders Ashcroft To Release Clinton Evidence on Sept
Mon Apr 5, 2004 01:23


Clinton's WTC Bonus -
... US Congress Subpoena Orders Ashcroft To Release Clinton Evidence on Sept. 11, 2001. ... Dan Burton is chairman, by producing such things in room 2157 of the. ...

Condit was not the only one to benefit from the 9/11 WTC/Pentagon attack. I just found this on ;

"In the early hours of the morning --just prior to the 11th of September World Trade Center attack, well informed people were literally counting the hours to Bill Clinton's downfall.

"Tick, tick, tick," one Free Republic Forum 'Freeper' had posted as dawn boke over the New York skyline. He was celebrating the long anticipated --now imminent-- handover by Attorney General John Ashcroft, of internal memoranda relating to the conduct by the Justice Department of a raft of scandals from the Clinton era --PardonGate and ChinaGate and more.

Mainstream media were mostly ignoring the importance of this development: it meant the start of a slippery slope of inquiry that would destroy what remained of the Clinton reputation. And probably destroy the presidential aspirations of Hillary Clinton to boot.

Ashcroft had been subpoenaed to deliver the papers without fail, by the relentless Indiana Republican Dan Burton, chair of the Reform Committee of the House of Congress. Burton had battled not only Ashcroft, but noises from George W. Bush's office that asserted the President surprisingly intended to claim executive privilege to thwart Burton's inquiries.

The handover of the memoranda was set for 5p.m. Tuesday 11th September, 2001.

It never happened.
The World Trade Center attack saw to that.

The subpoenaed memoranda included internal Justice Dept. deliberations about the cases of Stephen Flemmi, "Whitey" Bulger, Joseph Barboza, "Jimmy The Bear" Flemmi, Ray Patriarca, Gennaro Angiulo, Theodore J. Sharliss (a.k.a. James Chalmas, "J. R." Russo, John Durham, John Morris, Francis P. Salemme, Robert Daddeico.

The Reform comittee was scheduled to hear testimony from Ashcroft himself --only two days later, on the 13th September, 2001. The hearing never happened either. The World Trade Center attack saw to that too.

Now the hearing has been postponed indefinitely and the Reform Committee is instead focussed on 'investigating' our preparedness to fight 'terrorism'.

Somehow, incredibly --by accident, surely not by design-- 'Slick Willie' had DONE IT AGAIN!

That was not Bill Clinton's only slice of luck that day. One unfortunate passenger on the airliner that hit the Pentagon was Barbara Olsen. However, Olsen had finished a book just days before her death.

The book is entitled "The Final Days: The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House". It is Olson's inside-look at the late-night executive orders, eleventh-hour appointments, unseemly gifts, unsavory property deals, and other abuses of the Clinton presidency. It spotlights Clinton's pardons for terrorists, spies and even a smuggler.

Now, Alfred S. Regnery, President and Publisher of Regnery Publishing, has said the publication of the book --originally planned for September 13th, will still go ahead.

Regnery said Olson's family didn't want to hand terrorists a victory. "Her family, friends and colleagues all thought she would be pleased to know that even terrorists could not keep her opinions from being known. In fact, she never would have countenanced the thought that terrorism could still her voice or cancel her work."

Not so lucky for Slick Willie, after all.


Of course, all this had nothing to do with Clinton's 9th May, 2001 meeting with Chinese President Jiang Zemin. Clinton went to Wan Chai's Harbor Plaza Hotel, where Jiang was staying at around 10.30am and left an hour and a quarter later. Clinton's spokesman PJ Crowley later declined to comment to UPI on what areas the meeting might have covered. "


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posted 10-04-2001 05:15 PM I saw Barbara Olson on C-SPAN just about 2 days before she was killed. I've read this has been a common method of assassination, like when E. Howard Hunt's wife (a Watergate creep) was killed in an airliner crash during take-off or landing, can't remember which...(NY or DC) with a briefcase full of cash. Media blackout.

Or when Senators Heinz (PA) and Tower (TX) were killed in separate plane crashes just one day apart during the Iran-Contra scandal. Both were members of Senate Subcommitte hearings into Iran-Contra.

Also that Missouri Governor(?) killed in a plane crash with his son just prior to the last presidential election. His wife took his place (maybe he was a senator?)

And John Kennedy, Jr. Allegedly on the verge of announcing his candidacy for president of U.S., killed with wife and sister-in-law in private plane crash. Those are only a few questionable crashes that I can recall. But there are many more.

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posted 10-10-2001 07:32 PM

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posted 11-05-2001 07:13 PM I found this was on the "Wake Up America" banner link here at CTC! It's a link to Rense.

Here is evidence supplied by the Head of Security of the WTC on network television indicating that the FBI floors (the 22nd, 23rd and 24th floors) of the North Tower -- 70 floors below the crashbombing impact -- had been devastated and reduced to debris that this same Head of Security himself dug through to get to trapped persons (whom he saved).

But it was on these floors that the entire accumulation of evidence and investigation briefs on two highly important cases were being stored:

1) the case against Mobil Oil and James Giffen on illegal oil swaps between Iran and Kazakhstan (at that time before a New York grand jury as described in great detail by Seymore Hersh in the July 9 New Yorker magazine);

2) and even more important, the evidence in the investigation of GOLD PRICE FIXING stemming from charges brought against Alan Greenspan, Morgan & Comapy, Goldman Sachs.


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posted 11-24-2001 12:59 PM Here's something from our friend Dick Eastman...

Dick Eastman
Here is how the WTC/Pentagon crash bombing operation came...
Fri Oct 19 17:01:17 2001

Here is how the WTC/Pentagon crashbombing operation came,
about,with strong documentary evidence available supporting every
step of this scenario. I am willing to field all questions discussants
can devise to test this solution.

Mossad and the CIA were dealing Afgan-opium-derived "China-
white" heroin or at least were devoting effort to protect the
supply sources of the multi-trillion-dollar money-laundered
deposits backing the global investments of American
and Britsih merchant banks. The Afgan Northern Alliance
druglords grow 80 to 90 percent of the worlds opium, the
prime ingredient of heroin, which is then moved over the small
China-Afgan boarder for processing and distribution by the
giant People's Liberation Army - Triad transnational corporation-
drug cartel-and military instrument. Against this giant network
the religious Taliban had been erradicating Afgan opium production,
supressing production and profits for druglords, bankers and
globalization capitalists alike.

Thus this became the initial motivation of a renegade group of CIA
and/or Mossad having an interest in defeating Taliban.
(Nothing absurd so far, right?)

Next, the Russian and Kazakh mafias have ties with U.S. executive
James Giffen in Kazakhstan -- a man under investigation by
a New York grand jury in the months before September 11
for illegal involvement in an oil swaps between Kazakhstan
and sanctioned Iran (read the Aug. 9 New Yorker Magazine
for a full account of this by Seymore Hershe -- I have already
presented long excerpts of this in past posts) -- and all of the
evidence for this crime was being kept on the 20th through
25th floor of one of the WTC towers where the FBI had its
New York Offices. And James Giffen is the man anyone has
to go through to get any oil agreement with Kazakhstan --
including any pipelines built that would traverse Afganistan.
(There is $6 trillion dollars worth of oil and gas in Central Asia.)
Giffen certainly understood -- if he did not originate the idea --
that if he couldcan get operatives (even "captured" vengeful Islamic
activists whose rage could be shaped and directed to use of terror)
to destroy the FBI offices in the WTC building and the documentation
evidence it contained, then he would be escape grand jury indictment
-- and, as an powerful added benefit, the (framed) Taliban would get
replaced with a regime in Afganistan that would permit a pipeline to be
built -- preferably a Northern Alliance druglord government that would
harmonize with Giffen's own unethical (murderous) entrepreneural style.
(See the New Yorker artlical for details of Giffen's history.)

(So far this super-crime scheme involves only a small group of people--
Russian Mafia and perhaps a Giffen - renegade CIA or a Giffen
"dark-side" Mossad link. But other, even more powerful players
may have had involvement -- certainly they stood to gain
tremendously if the crashbomb frame-up were successfully accomplished.
(Prior to September 11 charges had been brought against
Alan Greenspan (forgive me -- in a previous post I said "Milton Friedman"
instead of Greenspan -- Friedman is a great and honest and honorable
academic scholar and Nobel Prize winner -- who, very superficially,
looks like Greenspan)
-- at any rate, Alan Greenspan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan & Co. and other
powerful American financial figures and instiutions had charges brought
against them -- reportedly a very well-documented case --over the fixing
of gold prices -- with evidence for that case too stored by the FBI
on the FBI floors of the WTC! These parties would not only profit
heavily from the "carrot" of both oil and drug monies circulating through
thier great
financial instiutions, but they also would gain from avoding the "stick"
of one of the most threatening lawsuits ever to confront the U.S. financial
establishment (realize what a guilty verdict in this case would mean to
these leading financial families and to the Establishment in general!) --
these parties would welcome predictable and certainly substantial
benefits from the the destruction of the evidence in the WTC
and of some of the witnesses and researchers on the case as well.)


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posted 12-12-2001 04:31 PM See the subpoena.pdf (2nd link below).

Ashcroft had Something to Deliver on 911

Posted By: useless
Date: Monday, 1 October 2001, 1:07 a.m.

US Congress Subpoena Orders Ashcroft To Release Clinton Evidence on Sept. 11, 2001

Did it ever happen?

By Authority of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States of America

To United States Department of Justice Serve: Attorney General John Ashcroft

You are hereby commanded to produce the things identified on the attached schedule before the

full committee on Government Reform

of the House of Representatives of the United States, of which the Hon.

Dan Burton is chairman, by producing such things in room 2157 of the

Rayburn Building, in the city of Washington, on

September 11, 2001, at the hour of 5:00 PM

To Danleigh Halfast or US Marshals Service

to serve and make return.

Witness by my hand and seal
of House of United States, at the city of Washington, this 6th day of September, 2001

(signed)Dan Burton

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posted 12-25-2001 12:20 PM As per Eastman's article, it makes sense to "look for profit or gain" when discussing possible suspects for the arrangement of the September 11th scenario.

Make no mistake about it, the downing of the WTC towers was a very high-level military-style operation -- no half-trained "bush pilot" (no pun intended) or fish-knife-weilding "terrorist" would have been able to pull off those feats [commandeering a massive jet aircraft, resetting transponder coordinates for "invisibility", then flying several hundreds of miles to pinpoint a target at high airspeeds and steep approaches with a large, incredibly heavy, relatively unmaneuverable aircraft] and should likely have ended up in the bay or uptown -- even if they were "close". Clearly at least, there was a great deal of "outside information" (intelligence) available to whomever was ultimately responsible.

It also helps if one knows that the "currency of choice" for high-level drug transactions -- that is, large scale opium/heroin sales bound for international distribution -- is GOLD.

In fact, this is a little-known/well-known point as regards the price of gold: It generally tracks the price of raw opium. You can bet the mega-central bankers of the world are well aware of this, as they keep the money for all those so-called "legitimate" trades -- and profit handsomely for their acts of "discretion".

So -- depress the price of gold, and then unlike "money" (which generally devalues as a megatrend), you'll acquire more of it per transaction, and then depending on which banks one's transaction goes though, at cheap rates of exchange. [Simple math: $10M of gold at $280 US/ounce is much more physical gold than the same $10M at, say, even the "depressed" price of $350.]

But further: If you want to cover the "paper trail", then (as a central banking cartel) you simply "devalue" one currency against another, favoring the side of your client's transaction -- plenty of opportunity for that in international finance -- and all of a sudden, money just seems to "pile up" in selected banks within a short period of time; after all, it is technically "worth less" now, so by rights it should take "more of it" to do the same things.

At any rate, you've now effectively created a huge smokescreen -- which, as a central banking cartel, you can then remove any time you want (by deflating the same currency and effectively watching hordes of cash "drain off" while hordes of other currencies "rain in"). Either way, the task of untangling illicit transactions at this point becomes one of gigantic enterprise -- and seeing as how most governments tend to "profit" in some way from the trade (either through "taxes" on "legitimate enterprise" or payoffs), the "overseers" often appear reticent to do anything about any but the most amateruish attempts as high-level money laundering.

Gold prices have recently been hovering around a level which is only slightly higher than what it costs to get the shiny metal out of the ground and processed for market. That, both historically and in an over-proportioned market such as currently exists on Wall Street (despite popular sentiment), is pure economic absurdity.

It's also obvious that certain international interests are in the process of "hoarding" or squirreling off as much of the world's gold reserves into private (and very, very wealthy) hands as is possible at present, and all at drastically/historically depressed prices.

This all begins making sense when you realize that generally and historically, gold has been the currency of choice throughout the world regardless of the civilization or time frame being considered. As well, during times of "crisis" (manufactured or otherwise), gold historically rises in value exponentially in

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