Iraq on the brink of anarchy
Robert Fisk
Iraq on the brink of anarchy
Tue Apr 6, 2004 17:54

Iraq on the brink of anarchy

"Things are getting very bad and they're going to get worse," a special forces officer said close to the airport yesterday. "But no one is saying that - either because they don't know or because they don't want you to know."

By Robert Fisk in Fallujah

06 April 2004 "The Independent" -- Not content with surrounding the largest Sunni city west of Baghdad with tanks, armoured personnel carriers and heavy machine guns, US forces used Apache helicopters to attack the Shia Muslim slums of Shoula yesterday, sent dozens of their main battle tanks into the hovels of Sadr City and then slapped an arrest warrant on the Shia cleric Muqtada Sadr - who must dearly have wanted the United States to do just that.

Gun battles in Sadr City overnight had cost the lives of up to 40 Iraqis and at least eight Americans, but in the sewage-damp streets yesterday, they were handing out letters, allegedly written by the Sunni townspeople of Fallujah, newly surrounded by 1,200 marines. "We support you, our brothers, in your struggle," the letters said. If they are authentic, it should be enough to make the US proconsul, Paul Bremer, wonder if he can ever extricate Washington from Iraq. The British took three years to turn both the Sunnis and the Shias into their enemies in 1920. The Americans are achieving it in just under a year.

Anarchy has been a condition of our occupation from the very first days when we let the looters and arsonists destroy Iraq's infrastructure and history. But that lawlessness is now coming back to haunt us. Anarchy is what we are now being plunged into in Iraq, among a people with whom we share no common language, no common religion and no common culture.

Officially, Mr Bremer and his president are standing tall, claiming they will not "tolerate" violence and those who oppose democracy, but occupation officials - in anticipation of a far more violent insurrection - have been privately discussing the legalities of martial law. And although Mr Bremer and President George Bush are publicly insisting that the notional "handover" of Iraq's "sovereignty" will still take place on 30 June, legal experts attached to the American-appointed Iraqi Governing Council have also been considering a delay of further months. Many Iraqis are now asking if the Americans want disaster in Iraq. Surely not, but yesterday's violence told its own story of blundering military operations and political provocations that will undoubtedly add to the support for the charmless and provocative Shia cleric whom Mr Bremer now wants to lock up - allegedly for plotting the murder of a pro-Western Shia cleric, Abdul-Majid el-Khoi. Sadr was surrounded by his militiamen yesterday, in a mosque in Kufa from where he issues regular denunciations of the occupation.

Dan Senor, a spokesman for the occupying power, would not tell anyone exactly what the evidence against Sadr was - even though it has supposedly existed since an Iraqi judge issued the warrant some months ago.

The US military response to the atrocities committed against four American mercenaries in Fallujah last week has been to surround the entire city and to announce the cutting off of the neighbouring international highway link between Baghdad, Amman and Damascus - thus bringing to a halt almost all economic trade between Iraq and its two western neighbours.

What good this will do "new" Iraq is anyone's guess. Vast concrete walls have been lowered across the road and military vehicles have been used to chase away civilians trying to bypass them. A prolonged series of Israeli-style house raids are now apparently planned for the people of Fallujah to seek out the gunmen who first attacked the four Americans. The corpses were stripped, mutilated and hanged.

The helicopter attacks in Shoula - by ghastly coincidence the very same Shoula suburb in which civilians were slaughtered by an American aircraft during last year's invasion - looked like a copy of every Israeli raid on the West Bank and Gaza. Indeed, Iraqis are well aware that the US military asked for - and received - Israel's "rules of engagement" from Ariel Sharon's government.

America's losses over the past 48 hours - at least 12 soldiers killed and many wounded - come nowhere near the number of Iraqi victims over the same period.

US forces in Sadr City believe they were fighting up to 500 militia men from Sadr's black-uniformed Army of Mehdi early yesterday. Even so, using Apache helicopters in a heavily populated district to hunt for gunmen raises new questions about the rules to which occupation troops are supposed to adhere.

The British fared less badly in Basra, Iraq's second city, where they avoided violence with militiamen who had taken over the town hall and wounded no one in a brief gun battle. Spanish troops were again involved in shooting with militiamen in Najaf. The grim truth, however, is that the occupying powers are now facing insurrection of various strengths in almost every big city in Iraq.

Yet they are still not confronting that truth. For the past nine nights, for example, the main US base close to Baghdad airport - and the area around the terminals - has come under mortar fire.

But the occupying powers have kept this secret. "Things are getting very bad and they're going to get worse," a special forces officer said close to the airport yesterday. "But no one is saying that - either because they don't know or because they don't want you to know."

As for Sadr, he will, no doubt, try to surround himself with squads of gunmen and supporters in the hope that the Americans will not dare to shoot their way in to him.

Or he will go underground and we'll have another "enemy of democracy" to bestialise in the approach to the American elections. Or - much more serious perhaps - his capture may unleash far more violence from his supporters.

And all this because Mr Bremer decided to ban Sadr's trashy 10,000-circulation weekly newspaper for "inciting violence."

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Iraq Clashes Kill 66 Iraqis, Seven American Soldiers :

Seven American soldiers died in separate incidents today and yesterday in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and in the western province of Al Anbar, the U.S. military said. As many as 66 Iraqis died in clashes in the past two days with coalition forces


20 GIs, 100 Iraqis Killed Since Weekend :

Coalition forces fought on two fronts Tuesday, battling a Shiite-inspired uprising in southern Iraq and Sunni insurgents in the violent city of Fallujah in clashes that have killed 20 American troops and at least 100 Iraqis since the weekend


Ukrainian peacekeeper killed in Iraq, five wounded :

A Ukrainian peacekeeper was killed in Iraq during a battle for a bridge over the Tigris, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry press service reported on Tuesday.,20040406005


Clashes between Italian troops and Iraqi insurgents turn deadly in southern Iraq:

Fighting has erupted between Italian troops and Iraqi gunmen in the southern city of Nasiriyah (nah-sih-REE'-uh). A coalition spokeswoman tells Italian media that at least 15 Iraqis were killed.


Defiant al-Sadr vows uprising will continue:

The revolt by supporters of Iraqi leader Muqtada al-Sadr will continue until occupying troops are withdrawn from populated areas and prisoners are released.


Baghdad Sunnis, Shi'ites unite:

SUNNI and Shi'ite residents of two Baghdad suburbs, once fierce enemies, said overnight they had put their differences aside to unite in their fight to oust the US occupying force from Iraq.,5478,9214701%255E1702,00.html


In Baghdad district, U.S. forces no longer welcome:

Many Iraqis were filling plain wooden coffins with the corpses of their kin, killed in a firefight with the U.S. forces that now patrol their impoverished neighborhood.


Shiite cleric Sadr ends sit-in, moves to holy city of Najaf:

Radical Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr,wanted by coalition forces in Iraq, ended his sit-in at a mosque in Kufa Tuesday and travelled to the holy city of Najaf to prevent more bloodshed.


Radical sheikh throws down gauntlet:

The Grand Mosque of Kufa has now become the grand arsenal. Sheikh Sadr has barricaded himself inside the golden brick walls, refusing to surrender. "If they come for our leader, they will ignite all of Iraq."


The battle the US wants to provoke:

Bremer is deliberately pushing Iraq's Shia south into all-out chaos,2763,1186566,00.html


Iraq Intifada: U.S. Faces New Resistance Front As Shiites Join Armed Uprising:

The U.S. is facing a nightmare scenario in Iraq, fighting on two fronts against both Sunni and Shia militants after Shiite Iraqis staged an armed uprising against occupying forces this past Sunday. We go to Baghdad to speak with independent journalist and author Naomi Klein and we speak with Middle East expert Professor As'ad AbuKhalil.


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Sadr's Men Begin Broadcasting, Fallujans Feel Squeeze:

Iraqi sources have revealed that cleric Muqtada Sadr's Mahdi army militia have seized the television broadcast building in the central town of Kut and started to broadcast pre-recorded messages from the young Shia now wanted by U.S. forces.


Private Guards Repel Attack on U.S. Headquarters:

Blackwater Security Consulting, sent in its own helicopters amid an intense firefight to resupply its commandos with ammunition and to ferry out a wounded Marine, the sources said.


What the law says about the recent killings in Iraq:

Non-combatants enjoy the greatest protection of any category of persons under international law. No atrocity may be used to justify an act of retribution against non-combatants.


Contractor tells why he left Iraq:

The former Oak Ridge mayor says he was even more eager to get out of that troubled country, which he says is descending into chaos and likely civil war.


No More Australian Troops To Iraq:

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US Nation-Building Is A Failed Policy:

In the run-up to his White House tenure, President George W. Bush had blasted Bill Clinton for his use of United States troops in Somalia and Haiti in what he termed "nation-building" missions, and indicated that nation building didn't figure on his future agenda. Judging by his lack of success, he should have stuck to his word and kept his troops at home.


Kennedy Compares Bush to Richard Nixon :

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