McVeigh linked to bomb aliases
McVeigh linked to bomb aliases
Tue Apr 6, 2004 16:29

McVeigh linked to bomb aliases
August 2, 1995

CNN Oklahoma City Bureau Chief Tony Clark

OKLAHOMA CITY (CNN) -- CNN has discovered new information that ties suspect Timothy McVeigh to the alias used to rent the truck for the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building. The truck linked to the bombing was rented in Junction City, Kansas, with a phony driver's license under the name, "Bob Kling." CNN has found records which indicate McVeigh had been using that same name months and years before the bombing.

That paper trail could help back up eyewitness identifications of McVeigh as the man in the sketch who rented the Ryder truck.

CNN ran a computer check on the credit summary for the social security number for McVeigh, which was made public in court papers filed by prosecutors. Not only did McVeigh's name come up, but so did credit applications for other names, under his same social security number, at addresses belonging to McVeigh -- in New York, Michigan, Kansas and Arizona. McVeigh's social security number was used in each of those four states to get credit under the name "Robert Kling."

Also found in the computer check: a second alias tied to the bombing. An FBI affidavit says a storage shed in Herington, Kansas, was rented under the name "Shawn Rivers" just one week before someone bought a ton of ammonium nitrate from a farm co-op in Kansas last September.

The same credit records show McVeigh's social security number was used with that name, Shawn Rivers. Each time, the Rivers name carried McVeigh's own addresses in the same four states, New York, Michigan, Kansas and Arizona.

The FBI has said McVeigh's fingerprint was found on a receipt for the purchase of the ammonium nitrate -- the major component in the bomb used in the nation's worst mass murder case ever.

The credit records were obtained from a publicly available computer data base.

The addresses used with the names of Kling and Rivers include McVeigh's father's home in Lockport, New York; the Army base at Fort Riley, Kansas; and mail drop services in Michigan and Kingman, Arizona, rented by McVeigh.

Prosecutors face a deadline at the end of next week to indict McVeigh in the bombing. His younger sister, Jennifer McVeigh, was due to go before the federal grand jury Wednesday, under a subpoena to testify against her brother in the investigation. Sources said she has been promised she will not be prosecuted for anything she says. But her grand jury testimony remains secret, by law.

McVeigh linked to Ryder truck; truck seen at Nichols' home, witness says
By JAMES BEATY, senior editor Tuesday, April 6, 2004 11:10 AM CDT

The Ryder truck used in the Oklahoma City bombing and fingerprints found on evidence were highlights of testimony in the trial of accused Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols.

Eldon Elliott testified Monday at the Pittsburg County Courthouse about renting a Ryder rental truck from his Junction City, Kan., body shop to a man who identified himself as Bob Kling.

Elliott said he realized Kling was really Timothy McVeigh after he saw television reports connecting McVeigh with the bombing.

"I seen it and I said 'That's the guy that rented the truck,"' Elliott told Oklahoma County Assistant District Attorney Lou Keel. "I was positive."

Elliott said McVeigh reserved the truck on April 14, 1995, with an April 17 pickup date. McVeigh paid $282 in rent for the truck, taking advantage of a military discount to get a lower price.

Elliott said McVeigh presented a South Dakota driver's license in Kling's name listing an April 19, 1970, birthdate.

Elliott said McVeigh declined to go outside with him for a walk-around inspection of the truck.

Another man accompanied McVeigh on one of the trips he made to the body shop, Elliott said.

Under cross examination by Nichols' attorney Brian Hermanson, Elliott said a drawing made by an FBI sketch artist resembled the second man - who had a mustache, longish hair and features different from Nichols. Elliott said he never saw Nichols at the body shop.

In other testimony, a Kansas woman said she saw a yellow Ryder truck near Nichols' Herington, Kan., home.

Ruth Hailey, of Herington, didn't realize she may have seen the truck used in the bombing until after she saw reports about it on television.

She said she saw the truck in an alley "behind the house that Terry Nichols lived in."

Hailey said she believed she saw the truck on April 17 or 18.

Louis Hupp, a civilian employee with the latent fingerprint division of the FBI, testifed about finding fingerprints from McVeigh and/or Nichols.

Hupp told Keel he lifted fingerprints on a receipt for ammonium nitrate fertilizer purchased from the Mid-Kansas Cooperative Association. The FBI found the receipt during an April 22 search of Nichols' home.

The receipt was made to Mike Havens, who authorities contend is an alias linked to Nichols.

"There were two fingerprints, both fingerprints for Timothy McVeigh," Hupp said.

Hupp said he identified a fingerprint of Roger Moore's on a rifle seized from Nichols' home. Authorities have alleged the Oklahoma City bombing was partly financed by robbing Moore, an Arkansas gun dealer.

Hupp also said he lifted some of Nichols' fingerprints from Primadet detonation cord recovered in Kingman, Ariz.

Hupp also said he recovered fingerprints matched to McVeigh and Nichols on an April 13, 1995, Wal-Mart receipt for an oil filter. Nichols' fingerprints were also lifted from a Spotlight telephone calling card.

Prosecutors introduced without comment a U.S. military intelligence briefing which Hupp said had fingerprints from Nichols and his wife at the time, Marife Nichols, a native of the Philippines.

William Bodziak, a former FBI agent, told Oklahoma County Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Lister a track found at a storage shed matched a tire found on Nichols' blue GMC pickup.

Prosecutors are contending some of the ingredients used in making the Oklahoma City bomb were stored in the shed, including barrels of racing fuel.

Attorneys planed to question Hupp further today.

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