Vengence and applied Psychology to Invaders & Traitors!
Wolf that walks on water aka, Pahoo
Vengence and applied Psychology to Invaders& Traitors!
Wed Apr 7 00:18:08 2004

Could be tomorrow so arm yourself,supply yourself,and dig-in,its going to be a long hot summer. I feel that das Fuhrer,and his nazis want us to revolt so he can declare martial law and round us up then kill us,so we had better take it to D.C. and hit these bases in Texas,Mississippi,California,Colorado and other states and then fight Viet Cong,Native American,Continental Army,Francis Marion,Stonewall Jackson techniques,lure them in divide conquer then vanish,terrorize the terrorists,use Amerind tortures,scalping,removal of breasts,ears,tongues,testes,etc. Burying up to their necks in the ground near anthills after feeding them alast sloppy meal of syrup,sugar and honey,wrapping them tightly up in fresh calf skins,and then soaking the skins with water,MAKE SMALL INCISIONS IN FLESH THEN RUB FECAL MATTER INTO WOUNDS ALONG WITH SALT,then in 3 days guess how many maggots there are inside the victim. Rub bullets with "fresh cloves of garlic",then when you shoot an enemy stake him out,the garlic combines with lead and a flesh wound become gangrenous in 3 days,and they die a slow painful death as they watch their extremities die turn black and then rot and fall off.War is dirty as hell and you have to demoralize these traitors and invaders. Us Amerinds are great at making invaders of our land,"SUFFER"ask Custer,the women/child/old people murderer. He died for his sins as will they also.

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