Shouldn't be long before TSHTF
Shouldn't be long before TSHTF
Wed Apr 7 01:58:05 2004

The NWO can't wait much longer before technology brings them down. Here's just one example of why they cannot hold off much longer.

About 3 months back there was plastered all over the internet news of a new device, a lie detector, that was fool proof and nearly 100% accurate. The detector uses algorythims to analyze speech patterns and is able not only to detect lies and truth, but also emotions such as fear, love and hate. And the most beautiful part of it, you don't even need to be live. It can work over the phone, on tape recordings, TV and radio broadcasts, films, anything.

Imagine being able to sit in front of your TV and pick out electronicly every lie some news whore or slimy politician is telling you. Imagine being able to listen to old political speaches while being instantly tipped off that the scumball was lying about JFK, Vietnam, Pearl Harbor, etc and not only that, but also recieve clues to his emotional state at the time. How long do you think the NWO would last if we could all do that? And the company that manufactures this little gem has plans for a consumer model available to you and me.

However don't expect to ever see one at your local electronics store soon. The Carlyle Group likely has already bought the patent. It might take a while, but they will slowly seep out of basement electronics shops eventually but probably not in time to stop the crackdown it's existence will trigger.

Read about this modern wonder of technology here:

Think the NWO whores like Bush, Kerry, Annan, and Blair aern't shaking in their shoes. Imagine it... lies a thing of the past. The whole world will collapse.

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