Amerika - The killer of freedom
Ed Lewis
Amerika - The killer of freedom
Wed Apr 7 15:34:56 2004

Amerika - The killer of freedom
Posted on: 4/6/2004 8:59:00 PM - Columnist

While contemplating that millions have or are frantically
"computing" what they "owe" the United States Corporate Government for
the "privilege" of being born an American living and earning in the
united States of America, one cannot help to enter into the equation
exactly what it is their fraudulent tax "bills" support.

Is it freedom, the free will of man to determine his own pursuit
of happiness reflected by the rule that one may do as one pleases with
himself and his property, as long as he does not interfere with the
rights of another, that he must not harm or damage the property of

Is it that all men have allodial rights to the property "owned" by
them, that no other may interfere in these rights, with "no other"
meaning any man or political body of men meant to serve and protect
these rights?

Is it that a man must obey only his conscience that dictates
morality and being ethical in his commerce with others, with commerce
meaning any exchange, business or conversations, with others, that if he
does not he may be made to provide redress if harm to the other is the

Currently, the US has its soldiers in at least 135 other
countries, with the US Government openly admitting that it employs "hit"
men to take out the leaders of other countries, and/or the leaders'
staffs that do not comply with US Government desires. Hit men include
black ops of the CIA, individual killers hired by the government,
clandestine military ops, and mercenaries. Such murder is now thought
of a necessary "regime changes."

In the past three years, American forces have decimated two
countries (Afghanistan, Iraq), and helped to overthrow at least two
other governments ((Venezuela, Haiti).

Acts passed by Congress - acts that one should know do not
lawfully apply within any other than the District of Columbia,
territories, and other federal enclaves under federal jurisdiction -
have through fraud and coercive force removed the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th,
7th, and - ah, heck, the short form - removed all constitutional law and
are in the process of removing all of Nature's God's Law.

The American People are being ravaged by corrupt officials
carrying out nearly daily such crimes as illegal property seizures;
incarcerations that are little more than kidnapping; deaths by enforcers
acting with impunity; beatings by enforcers acting with impunity;
torture by enforcers acting with impunity, legislators out of control
acting with impunity; and a corrupt and criminal judiciary acting with

These escapees from Hell - although many officials proclaim to be
believers in the Ten Commandments and other laws of God - have now had
their criminal and inhumane acts strengthened by "justices" and their
accomplices in crimes against the people relying on the damnable
anti-patriot PATRIOT acts. Woe is the day such garbage was even thought
of, let alone forced upon the people through armed thugs of the various
levels of governing bodies.

These anti-American, anti-liberty officials who use every devious
device known to the corrupt in Mankind - lying, theft, coercion, fraud
of all forms, to name a few - would not recognize "truth, justices, and
the American Way if their very lives depended on it.

Why not, you might ask? Why, because they have never been forced
to, and because of the perks and fiat money, along with stolen private
property, makes it far too lucrative for them to do otherwise, since
99.999 percent lack any semblance of integrity, honor, and a backbone
built on the strength of uncompromising morality.

Thus, along with the decimation of Afghanistan and Iraq, we also
have the decimation of the America given us by our forefathers. Those
currently in government have seen to it through armed force that
American people do not have any recourse against the lawlessness of
those given the honor and duty to protect the very essence of what they
are taking away.

Bush has said Iraq is liberated. He has said we fight for freedom
and democracy, although the idiot does not know that "freedom" and
"democracy" are mutually exclusive. For those who are dummied down,
mutually exclusive means basically that you cannot have one with the
other. Sort of like it is raining or it is not, but it cannot be both
at the same time in the same exact geographic area.

The writer knows that most people equate democracy with freedom,
but that is pure nonsense plied upon the people through fraud and
indoctrination to the fraud.

In the free society that was established by "The unanimous
Declaration of Independence of the thirteen united States of America",
"free" means NOT under the rules of government, that government may not
make any law regulating the real man and living soul. It also means
that the individual man's rights cannot be either voted or legislated

Democracy basically means that rights are not rights but are
privileges granted through the vote or legislation. It is mob rule,
although the mob usually amounts to just a few people elected to make

Of course, "democratic" representative government is a myth
created by and for legislators and others in government to get away with
"making law" and "legally" applying such to the people.

Democracy is a self-serving mechanism for the State, not a process
or system for protecting individual rights and establishing liberty for

Thus, through falsehoods and indoctrination to the many frauds,
the individual man's rights have been both legislatively and voted away
by what is surely a minority of legislators, or by a majority of those
who vote, which may also be - and usually is - a minority.

In the past three years, we have seen a horrific increase in the
atrocities committed against people who have committed no crimes, from
their heads being blown off to being made homeless by the thieves in
government taking their homes and other properties through criminal acts
lacking totally in due process.

For God's sake, People, wake up. One man was even shot dead for
not using a turn signal, and an eight-month pregnant wife and mother
shot dead for reaching in her purse to get her driver's license. When
will the madness end?

Not soon, the writer fears.

We in America have allowed the US Government to invade countries
killing leaders, with thousands upon thousands of innocent people being
blown apart by American-made munitions, one industry that is thriving in
the good ole u.S. of A.

Sanctions against Iraq resulted in about a million and a half
people dying from many conditions related to the United States blocking
needful goods, including food and medication. They - and we - can thank
the first Bush for this - that is, along with the people here going
along with this - this - former dictator of and for the N.W.O.

Medication in this country is not controlled by danger to the
public but instead by contributions to those who protect the
pharmaceutical industry. Mercury, a stabilizer in vaccines, is a
killer, and it continues to be used in spite of facts and much to the
detriment of children forced to take vaccinations.

Mercury is also in our atmosphere to accumulate eventually in the
animals we eat, and in our water systems. Dirty, pollution-producing
industry accounts for 70 percent of the mercury in the air that ends up
in the food chain we rely on for our very lives. It is never expelled
from the body and accumulates in tissues, with deadly and other serious
side effects.

Fluoride, another killer substance, has been added to our water,
and other products, including such seemingly harmless substances as
toothpaste. The detrimental effects of fluoride could fill a book,
but - as stated previously - read the warning on the back of your
fluoride containing toothpaste. It basically says it all as to the
danger of the chemical.

Any who disagree with the government can have their very lives,
livelihoods, and families threatened, or the threats carried out -
sometimes without warning as now it seems to be okay for any enforcer of
laws to break into your home and kill you and your family. Their
defense - "well, shucks, I was just doing my job", or "I thought they
were armed", or any one of the other complete fabrications made up to
protect the police state we have allowed to develop.

How about this "reason"? "The officer reacted or acted properly."

Well, if it is proper for a cop to use force for not answering a
question or providing information, why is it not proper for the
beleaguered American Citizen to use all necessary to force a cop into
compliance with the law? Isn't the forcible removal of rights a "just"
cause to defend one's self? After all, the Citizen is the boss, not the

Cops use the excuse they thought the man or woman was reaching for
a weapon or thought they might have a weapon and felt endangered.
Alternately, then why is not proper for American Citizen to shoot the
crap out of a cop for putting his hand on his gun? Is the latter not a
visible threat to one's life?

Every fee required of people by government is taken through
coercion and oft times through physical force and other extortive means
when those who know the law refuse to comply.

Physical force is used to force compliance to some dipshit judge
making law from the bench in courtrooms that are not of the
Constitution, and do not have in fact jurisdiction over free men and
woman. Consent is implied through fraud, and force used to protect the

Physical force and mental manipulations are used to force
compliance to weak-minded officials of all levels of government. Such
are used to enforce, for example, city ordinances when in fact city
ordinances can apply only to corporations and others under contract with
a city, and other commercial enterprises using our public property for

Always when confronting the criminal and anti-American - that is,
anti-liberty - acts by every level of government and quasi government
created by the States - city and county political subdivisions - force
and other coercive means are used to force people in compliance to rules
made by men that have no authority without consent of the people.

Consent must be freely and voluntarily given and cannot be
coerced. If it is, then there is no consent.

This writer is an American in the sense of the founders. He
believes in the freedom of individual people and that government is
limited only to controlling those it creates, for example, corporations.
He was not created by any government body politic, and he is therefore
subject only to the laws of God and his conscience that developed
through his understanding of the Natural Laws we should all abide to.

But, he cannot and will not support the Amerika created by such
dipshits as Bush, Ashkraut, dummy Rummy, Powell, the Zionist Jew
Wolfowitz, Perle, or any other elected, selected, or appointed official.

These people, and the people of the many once sovereign countries
of the American society by their silence and lack of knowledge, have
created and allowed to be created, an Amerika that is so far removed
from the America established by "The unanimous Declaration of
Independence of the thirteen united States of America", that there is
very little, if any, similarity.

In truth, the Amerika of today is NOT the America of old.

The Amerika of today is a society with officials that depend on
killing to enforce its dictates, whether it is killing the physical man
or killing his rights.

For that, we should all be weeping, and developing the
determination to right the many wrongs - to re-establish the America in
which freedom rings true and clear.

Such would end the corporate take-over of the world by the very

We must not tolerate Amerika - the "nation" that kills.

By Ed Lewis

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