Do what you must, but do it without me
Do what you must, but do it without me
Wed Apr 7 18:00:21 2004
Do what you must, but do it without me
by Kathy Fisher, Unknown News

April 6, 2004

Go, do what you must, do it fast.

I understand you have this great desire to rid yourselves of
George Bush, because just like the last bastard before him who pissed
you all off, you feel compelled and slightly empowered to rid yourselves
of another liar. Go ahead, change the name, but it's all the same.

What are you going to do when things don't get better, what will
you say when we are still in Iraq? Who will you blame when jobs are
still leaving the country?

Maybe you'll feel better replacing the would-be King with a
self-appointed Prince?

When will you understand it's going to take a whole lot more
effort then just going to the polls one Tuesday in November every four
years to make a difference.

Americans want instant change as fast and easy as they want their
fast food. Well, it ain't gonna happen just like that. We didn't get
into this mess all at once -- it took decades.

Voting one liar out and another in is just settling for various
degrees of torture. It's like changing the level of heat under a pot of
boiling soup. No matter what the setting it's still hot as hell.

I can hear you all saying 'Yeah, but you don't understand ...
"anybody but Bush" ... and Kerry could never be as bad!' Well, to that I
have a few questions.

Do you really think the president is the head honcho, the one in
charge? Do you think George W. Bush is the man calling all the shots?
You better look closer. There's someone else pulling the strings of
these mysterious marionettes.

But if you really believe that these puppets possess Absolute
Power, well, maybe you believe that cardboard wild-west town in the
movies is real too. And tonight you might as well tell the tooth-fairy
to leave your pensions and Social Security checks under your pillow.

We are Americans, and we expect more from our cars than our
leaders. Hell, we take more time choosing our cars than our leaders, and
we certainly demand more choices. Come to think of it some of my
neighbors change cars every four years.

The presidency has become a huge cancerous growth, one that has
resisted every form of chemo. The highest doses of radiation can't stop
it and no scalpel cuts all of it away. It just keeps growing back,
bigger and more offensive.

I have simply decided that if I can't stop it, I will at least die
with a little bit of dignity. It was a good fight, but I would rather
die with cancer than live with a new growth every year killing me slowly
piece by piece.

The only word a cancer patient likes to hear is remission.. It
means the cancer has disappeared. Now, that would be nice for America --
that would be hope. I hear in rare cases this happens all by itself. Now
if you thought that was too macabre of an analogy, well, try this.

I think it's time we gave up on our presidents and the people who
prop them up like undertakers. They put make-up on the dead to try and
convince you that a corpse is still your dear sweet Aunt Tilly, or a
marionette is the leader of the free world.

2004, by the author.

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