ACTION ALERT - A question for Condoleeza Rice!
Emanuel Sferios
ACTION ALERT - A question for Condoleeza Rice!
Wed Apr 7 23:28:23 2004

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Subject: ACTION ALERT - A question for Condoleeza Rice!
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2004 18:39:46 -0700 (PDT)


Miracles sometimes happen.

Vice Chair of the 9-11 Commission, Lee Hamilton, has
requested information from a friend who recently
telephoned him to tell him about David Griffin's book,
The New Pearl Harbor, and to let him know that copies
for him and the other commissioners were going to be
delivered to his office. This is a potential
breakthrough. Hamilton may be considering asking
Condoleezza Rice questions relating to the physical
evidence of Administration complicity in 9-11
(questions detailed in Griffin's book).

You can help by calling and emailing Lee Hamilton today
to reinforce the suggestion that he pursue questions
related to the actual events of the day. Here is some
sample text. Feel free to copy and paste, or use your
own words.

Mr. Hamilton,

Condoleezza Rice, President Bush, Vice President
Cheney, the Secretary of State and of Defense, and
General Myers should all be made to answer under oath
why, contrary to Standard Operating Procedures, not a
single jet fighter was scrambled in time to intercept,
and even to shoot down, the three hijacked aircraft
before they crashed into the Twin Towers and the
Pentagon on 9/11.

>From evidence in the public domain (now effectively
marshalled by Professor David Ray Griffin in his book,
The new pearl harbor: Disturbing Questions about the
Bush Administration and 9/11) the question of whether
U.S. security forces were deliberately given an order
to "stand down" can no longer be casually dismissed as
outlandish conspiracy theory. No one at FAA flight
control or at NORAD has ever been disciplined, which
appears to indicate that persons in high positions
worked in a coordinated manner to make the systems
fail. Ms. Rice and other administration officials must
be asked to respond to the serious questions raised by
these facts.

Thank you and sincerely,


Email Mr. Hamilton at both these addresses: ,

Call Mr. Hamilton at the Woodrow Wilson International
Center for Scholars (202-691-4204) and at the
Commission phone number (202-331-4060).

Please act now, even if you get this after Rice's
testimony. Other officials may still be forced to
testify later. (And a special thank you to Thomas
Ambrogi who first notified us about this development.)

Emanuel Sferios
Webmaster, 9-11 Visibility Project

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