$200 tax was what Waco was all about.
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Remember WACO ??? That $200 tax was what Waco was all about.
All those people died for a $200 tax on one gun.
Only one $200 taxable gun was presented at the inquiry and that was the only charge and reason
the govt agents had to go in in the first place.

*Without that bad case law some 50 years before Waco could not have happened.*

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Subject: Did $200 BATF Gun Tax Cause WACO???
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One of these stories. Real live missing persons never seen again ..
"The Crime?? No ID Card ... No 'Mark of The Beast'"

The story below my whine is not a worse case scenario in any way shape
or form.
Once you read Penny's case try adding this little angle.
The Department of Homeland Security, and likely your own Counter
Terrorist Department, where ever you are, has the legal ability to make
you disappear and not allow anyone to know where you are. All Legal Like.

In Fact under counter terrorist laws if an official lets out even that
say "Person X" is being detained, that official is breaking the same law
and is likely to end up in the black box beside you.

I've evidenced two people attempting, what I refer to "stupid and
outdated legal tricks" to avoid government officials and the out come
was similar.

They were taken before a court and detained in a mental institute and
found to be temporarily nuts .. returned to court and let go.
Both these guys sang "Win" ... both missed their failure in that now
they can be picked up at any time under their recuring mental illness.
That's only half the problem ... now it reaches out and grabs you and
you aren't even involved.
Lets say you take the same "stupid and outdated legal trick" thinking
you can have a "WIN" as well.
Time has moved on and this time the door is snapped closed.

It's easy to set bad case law and more often that not the government
will allow it to go through without making any noise.
*Q. Why???*
*A. Entrapment.*

Case point is "the entire anti-gun problem in America" which has spread
world wide now, was set-up with one bad case law against 2 old guys,
moonshiners with a shotgun 3/4" short and had crossed a boarder without
paying a $200 tax on a gun worth tops of $5 fully loaded.
These guys couldn't afford to attend an appeal the govt agents setup and
the govt won the appeal because there was no defence.
Remember WACO ??? That $200 tax was what Waco was all about. All those
people died for a $200 tax on one gun.
Only one $200 taxable gun was presented at the inquiry and that was the
only charge and reason the govt agents had to go in in the first place.

*Without that bad case law some 50 years before Waco could not have

I'm trying to get something through to you ... is there anyone out there???
Playing "stupid and outdated legal games" is sure "missing persons"
looking for a place to happen.
Counter Terrorist laws have wiped all the "seriously stupid and outdated
legal games" off the fact of the earth and they will never be seen again.

Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 I posted Subject: Want to Play the Game of
Reality with me????
Go read it again.


Penny's Story...One of the "Disappeared!"

Posted: 8/16/2004

"This is a true story of how in one day with no warning two, American
children Dereck and Sandra McClurg lost their single mother to the
Department of Homeland Security on July 01, 2004."

Let's just imagine for a moment the following scenario.. ..a beautiful
young 33 year old woman, a White South Africaaner, - permanent resident
in the US for over 15 years, - owner of a successful business and a
gorgeous home, - with two children born in the USA, - one failed
marriage and a new love in her life - with plans for a future together
and talk of a wedding.

And Penny, 6 weeks pregnant, filled with hope with her new man and new

She had committed a crime, years ago, but she had done her time and paid
her debt to society- -the only blemish on her past in the middle of a
life that she had worked so hard to make successful while giving back to
her community in thanks by doing the work she does. Everything seems
fine and love and the future are looking rewarding.

No one seemed to know about the danger lurking...

This same woman gets an official document stating that she must meet
some governmental officials at Tampa International Airport at Airside F.
Not for anything serious, she is assured that the meeting will be a
simple one, just to answer a few questions.

This young lady goes to the appointed meeting. No one at this particular
office within the airport knows why she is there. She has waits for five
hours. Since the office does not seem to know the purpose of why Penny
was asked to come and has no record of any appointment with this young
lady, she is asked to come back the next day and she does this in good
faith. The next day she is escorted from Airside F by a Homeland
Security Official and she is told that all of her questions will be
answered at her next destination.

The official cannot tell her where she is going, only that she is being
officially detained. - She is not permitted legal representation. -
There are no charges recorded or filed. There are no provisions or
custodial plans made for her minor children. Instead there are Human
Rights violations committed. She is carted away to Turner Guilford
Knight County Jail Immigration Unit in Miami in handcuffs and shackles.

And the situation spirals downward. Several days later, Penny asks to be
seen by medical personal as she is concerned about her pregnant
condition and the stress brought on by her sudden detention and her
requests are ignored for several days.

A few weeks later she starts to miscarry. On July 15th, 2004 she is
taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital and sits in the waiting room in an
orange prison uniform and in shackles and handcuffs and two guards
present at all times. Doctors and Triage make no notice of her until she
starts to hemorrhage in the waiting room after hours of sitting there
with no medical attention.

She is then given a DNC without an anesthetic. The anesthetic is given
to her AFTER the medical procedure to kill the pain. She is dragged to
the DOC truck after the procedure and taken immediately back to the
holding facility. To this date, she has never had a follow up
appointment with a doctor.

You are thinking, she must have committed a crime that she has not done
time for or is guilty of some kind of some sort of terrorist activity.

Otherwise, you say, this could NEVER happen in America! Oh, REALLY?
Well, it HAS!

Penny has been detained with no specific charges since July 1, 2004. The
official reason for her detention is for what is called a "deferred
inspection." This resulted from a cruise Penny took in June of 2003. She
had left the States and then re-entered within a 4 day period. Legally
she should have had her resident alien card taken at that time and
substituted with a temporary card to be updated to a more permanent ID
card later.


This did not happen. Instead, she was allowed to leave and re-enter
within a short period of time during those dates, again in September of
2003 and then again in May of 2004.

It would seem that something like this could be easy and simple to
rectify by checking paperwork. It would seem that all of this could be
taken care of with Penny on the "outside," taking care of her children,
being with her family, working and being a productive member of her

It would ALSO seem that this is a government screw up that Penny is
being held liable for, and in the process it has destroyed her life and
the lives of her children, fiance and family. Penny is aware of many
other stories about women who have been abruptly seperated from their
children in the same way she has been.

Penny has been told by legal counsel that if she is allowed and chooses
to be deported, she will probably never again be able to return to the
States. If she chooses to stay and fight, her detention could be
indefinite. Penny has been a permanent resident here in the US since
1991 when she was 15 years old and to her knowledge, her status has and
had never changed.

This has been a nightmare for her fiancee, Eric and her children and
father who are taking care of her business and home. Eric, her financee
is a 10 year Navy veteran and is appalled at how this case is being
handled and worried about his fiancee, her medical condition and the
stress that she is under.

He and Penny's father are taking care of the children. No governmental
agency has ever checked on the status of the children and their
situation to this date. One can only imagine the repercussions of what
would have happened if there was not anyone to take the children.

They would have been swallowed up by the State with no way for anyone to
trace their whereabouts. This is not in accordance with American
standards, for no one to have a voice for these children and to check on
their care.

Eric wants the world to know that these kind of atrocities, those of the
'DISAPPEARED," that one would think could only be happening in the Third
World, are happening right here in the USA.

Penny says that in every way this is NOT a holding facility for illegal
immigrants but is a jail and all the daily procedures are the same; -
lights out,- lock down four times a day,- formations and searches. - She
sees visitors through glass, wears an orange prison uniform, has been
temporarily detained in holding facilities that have been - smeared with
feces,- has been refused medical care - and is given - unpotable
drinking water and - spoiled food.- She is in contact with Eric as often
- as she can be,- by phone,- letter and when he can visit her.-

Penny's detention has been a surprise to everyone who knows her. Eric
has tried desperately to get the news out and has contacted government
officials and media and no one has picked up on Penny's story.

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But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet
to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of
them, that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold
the watchman accountable for his blood." - Eze 33:6

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