Re: While anti-Semitic incidents have reached a nine-year hi

Re: While anti-Semitic incidents have reached a nine-year hi
Mon Apr 4, 2005 19:00

We are in a reverse world at this point. Much of what is considered bad, is good. And also look, all to often, what is good is considered bad. So lets get back to understanding the simple straight forward TRUTH. You will know them by their Fruits. What are the fruits of your labor? Do the fruits include helping each and EVERY individual to make this a BETTER World? Or is there judgement and/or retaliation involved? See what is being done for what it is! Not just what you are told, you are supposed to do, or a false report of 'what it is.'

When you see the Orange Order / Jesuit / Freemasonry / and the list goes on and on. Do you have the TRUTH to work with? Now keep in mind just because you have believed or followed orders your whole life does not make it truth. No longer be blind to the real TRUTH. SEE and LISTEN to what is taking place and how what you do fits into the whole picture. NOT just following what you are told is 'for the betterment of mankind' (you need to take away freedom etc.). All of the different twists on the truth are just that, TWISTED at best. At worst is what you are doing and perpetuating DEMONIC? Think about it, think FAST because you do NOT have a lot of extra time. And this has nothing to do with Armegedon/Rapture/Meggido/Orange/Jesuit/ or whatever project you may want to consider as more important. But, does have everything to do with your answering face to face with the ONE TRUE ALMIGHTY GOD. For He will remind you 'Judge NOT lest ye be judged.' AND Vengence is mine said the TRUE LORD. If you think you deserve a special category for what you do, think again.

1. Think about whose agenda are you helping by what you are doing.

2. If you are contributing to chaos, see it for what it is.

3. Or look at how what you are doing, affects everyone, not just you.

4. Is what you are doing acceptable when compared to the Ten Commandments? Remember they are not called the Ten Suggestions for a reason.

5. Keep in mind that no matter what the rational that has been used against you, or others, serves only to divide.

6. When we finally realize there is strength, to do what is right when we stand together, we will do so.

Patricia Johnson-Holm

While anti-Semitic incidents have reached a nine-year high
Mon Apr 4, 2005 18:22


While anti-Semitic incidents have reached a nine-year high in America, a new survey shows a slight decline in anti-Semitic attitudes.


WRFA returns
Washington Jewish Week, MD - Mar 24, 2005
... The Anti-Defamation League is slamming C-SPAN for refusing to run a speech ... Connie Doebele, executive producer of the network's BOOK TV, ADL national director ...

History On Trial: ADL letter to C-SPAN
... The CSpan Storm; Update on CSpan, the Harvard presentation, and splitting hairs
... ADL letter to C-SPAN. C-SPAN on Holocaust Denier BOOK TV on C-SPAN2 ...


"The immediate object of the League is to stop, by appeals to reason and conscience and, if necessary, by appeals to law, the defamation of the Jewish people. Its ultimate purpose is to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens alike and to put an end forever to unjust and unfair discrimination against and ridicule of any sect or body of citizens."
ADL Charter
October 1913

ADL and Law Enforcement

ADL fights hatred, extremism and terrorism. Our goal: to make the world a safer place. Over the past few years, we have expanded our expertise and capabilities to confront a more dangerous world.
Our three priorities are to:

* Gather, analyze and disseminate intelligence on extremism and hate activity
* Enhance law enforcement�s ability to combat serious threats
* Provide assistance, support and resources on security to the Jewish community

ADL is meeting the CHALLENGE: we have a nationwide fact-finding infrastructure. We take ACTION: bringing law enforcement agencies together, implementing strategies to promote security awareness, systemically monitoring hate sites on the Internet, providing training on extremist ideologies and building bridges between Jewish institutions and law enforcement. In ways large and small, measurable and not, ADL gets RESULTS. We are making this nation a safer place.
More about ADL and Law Enforcment >>
(.pdf format - 660kb -- requires Acrobat Reader)


# Following the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, militia organizations were reported to be active in 40 states. Today that number is no more than 30. However, the more extreme members of the "Patriot" movement continue to pose a significant threat of violence and disorder.

'Common Law Courts'

# At the same time, the "common law court" movement, which seeks to replace our legal system with one of vigilante justice, is no longer flourishing. These pseudo-jurists render unenforceable judgments regarding genuine legal disputes and issue phony legal documents, including property liens and criminal indictments, in an effort to intimidate or defraud their enemies.

# Ever-increasing cross-fertilization between various strands of the anti-government extremist movement has begun to blur the differences that previously existed between them. Many activists have joined both militia and "common law court" groups, breaking down the boundaries altogether. The Republic of Texas, a San Antonio-based group that claims to represent the true Lone Star State (i.e., the Republic of Texas), exemplifies the most comprehensive form of this "crossover" trend.

Racism And Anti-Semitism

# Anti-Semites and racists have found a comfortable home in segments of the anti-government extremist movement. Much of the movement's activity is directed by groups that promote anti-Semitism and racism in addition to their more visible agitation against the government. Propaganda materials passed around at meetings, conventions, gun shows and over the Internet assert that Jews or Jewish institutions are co-conspirators in the "New World Order." Classic anti-Semitic literature is hawked at many "common law court" and militia-oriented events.

# Ideas associated with the pseudo-religious, racist and anti-Jewish Christian Identity doctrine permeate many "common law court" documents and propaganda materials. For example, a number of the Montana Freemen hold Christian Identity beliefs. While many anti-government extremists reject the blatant hatred espoused by neo-Nazi groups or the Ku Klux Klan, the movement allows more subtle bigots to use Jews, Blacks and other minorities as scapegoats for the nation's problems, both real and imagined.

Conspiracy Theories

# Militia and "common law court" ideologues insist that gun control legislation -- especially the Brady Law and restrictions on assault weapons -- are major components of a secret and evil government conspiracy to disarm and control the American people. They see an evil Federal Government working in league with the United Nations to strip Americans of their constitutional rights and impose a tyrannical "New World Order."
Militia Violence

# Since the Oklahoma City bombing, militias have acquired illegal ammunition and bomb-making materials, planned or committed criminal acts of violence against federal buildings or officials, and engaged in bitter, even deadly, confrontations with police officers. Their decreased numbers can largely be credited to stepped-up vigilance by law enforcement officials.

# On the outermost fringe of the anti-government extremist movement are independents who operate beyond the purview of organized militia groups. These extremists operate covertly in tiny, loosely organized cells to achieve their ultimate goal -- the overthrow of the United States Government. Many are fervent believers in the tenets of "Christian Identity." The Phineas Priesthood is a violent credo of vengeance advocated by "Identity" leader Richard Kelly Hoskins in his book, Vigilantes of Christendom: The Story of the Phineas Priesthood. Hoskins's lengthy manifesto perverts passages of the Bible, including the story of the zealot Phineas, to justify racist and anti-Semitic acts of violence.

Other Criminal Activity


Right-wing anti-government extremists often view law enforcement agents as the foot soldiers in a federal plot to impose tyranny. They refuse to recognize the authority of law enforcement, and reject any laws they deem to be intrusive. Their defiant stance has led to heated -- and occasionally deadly -- encounters with authorities on the local, state and federal levels.

Mark Koernke, a longtime "Patriot Movement" activist and shortwave radio show host from Michigan, stood trial on March 19, 2001 on charges of fleeing and eluding in the third degree, resisting and/or obstructing a police officer, and assault with a dangerous weapon. The charges stemmed from an incident in March 1999, when Koernke tried to ram two police cars during an hour-long chase. On March 29, a jury convicted him of those charges. Sentencing will take place on April 30. Koernke, 43, faces a maximum of five years in prison.

One-time Koernke associate Paul Darland was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder in the 1994 killing of a suspected informer, William Michael Gleason. Darland, one of Michigan's Ten Most Wanted criminals and a one-time member of the United States Militia At Large (an organization once led by Koernke), had eluded authorities for several years before he was apprehended. Sentencing will take place on March 15, 2001, and he faces a possible life sentence.


The Internet is a potent new addition to the anti-government extremists' arsenal. This worldwide computer network is a useful tool for pumping out propaganda, facilitating rapid confidential communication among members and sympathizers while creating a "virtual" community of like-minded believers scattered around the country. Militias, "common law court" groups and their supporters run dozens of sites on the World Wide Web.


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