What have you done to support our troops today?
What have you done to support our troops today?
Mon Apr 4, 2005 20:51

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What have you done to support our troops today?

Portland, TX. Local Portland veteran asks himself that question every day, “What have you done to support our troops today?” He asks that whenever he sees a yellow car ribbon, decal or sign outside a local shop. “There is a fine line between saying you support our troops and then actually doing something about it. While we all support our troops overseas, not many of us are actually doing anything about it.” If placing a car ribbon or decal bought at the local gas station would do anything for our troops is very debatable, since most of the sales go directly to the shop owner or the vendor.

Tom at http://www.MagneticPeace.com  created a different yellow car ribbon design and had it manufactured to put his beliefs into action. Seventy-five days after his website was created, he is averaging 5.3 magnets per day, sold all over America, via his website. A portion of the sales of each magnet is being donated directly to private groups supporting our troops overseas. http://www.OperationWeCare.com , a group which sends care packages and essentials to our troops, FisherHouse.org, a group which provides rehabilitation services and support for troops injured in battle, Cindy Sheehan’s Gold Star Families for Peace, http://www.GSFP.org , a group of families that have lost a son or daughter in war and http://www.VeteransforPeace.org  , a group who believes that all our troops need to come home. The remaining profits from sales of the magnets go to production, packaging and shipping costs. Tom says that if this small home based venture is successful he hopes to expand the base of operations to increase sales and donate more to support our troops.

It can be hard not to be too political during these times when most Americans are sensitive about the war effort, but this is just one persons way of doing something for our troops. For more information, suggestions or more support groups that you are aware of that may need donations, please go to the http://www.MagneticPeace.com , website and leave your own message on how we can support our troops today.

Thank you and Peace be with you,
Tom @ Magnetic Peace
PO Box 611
Portland, TX 78374

Website: http://www.magneticpeace.com



Monday, 11-Sep-00 13:06:55 writes:

The following is from a career military retired person with over 25 years of
honorable active duty service.
"I have read that the desertion rate in the military has skyrocketed and
there are so many people deserting the military doesn't even pursue them,
they just discharge them. At the same time first term and mid career
personnel are getting out of the services in record numbers, retention has
deteriorated below critical levels, and recruiting is in serious trouble. It
is a damned shame the military has destroyed their credibility by betraying
all past Veterans and Military Retirees and no one wants to serve the bunch
of traitors in the Congress and the Pentagon. The next war will be fought
by cowards who hide behind desks in Washington and send queers and women
into war have destroyed the moral cultural of the Military and it is no
longer a desirable career. We are educating the youth, the public at large,
and the active forces against serving in a military for a government that
betrayed us and will betray them. Before you Enlist or Re-enlist in the
Military consider how the Navy, Defense Department and the United States
Congress have betrayed it's Veterans and Military Retired Personnel! Now
standing watch over Military Retired and Veteran Benefits. Do you know who
will end up with your military retired pay? For over 28 years of honorable
military service, I get a quarterly issue of Shift Colors! As of 9-1-2000
our government has cheated me out of $185,372 For those of you who are still
on active duty and contemplating making a career of the Military remember
this. Our Government and Department of Defense can't be believed or trusted.
If you ever become married and divorced or disabled while on active duty,
you will lose up to all of your earned entitlement of military retired pay!
The next war will be fought by politicians who hide behind women and desks
in Washington, DC"
James H. Devereaux, MMCM(SW) USN

James H. Devereaux

James H. Devereaux

MMCM(SW) USN Retired 1964-1992


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