Joe Spenner
Plagues: AIDS & DU.
Mon Mar 26, 2007 19:28

There are more recent plagues than are allowed to be openly brought to public attention by that name.

1. Indonesian Tsunami.
2. Hurricane Katrina.
3. AIDS.
4. Depleted Uranium.
5. Numerous deadly earthquakes.
6. Aghanistan & Iraq wars.
7. Geocide in Africa.
8. Pornography.
9. Sodomy, given the perfumed name, homosexuality.
10. Scalar Electromagnetics.

AIDS, is an invented and patented virus. To get a copy of that invention's patent number, type this in the search box:

For copy of AIDS patent: "UNITED STATES PATENT 4,647,773."

There is the most wonderful news and a patent for a invention greater than the discovery of fire, only because it is such a history-changing item, it is prevented from being put into full production. Type these three words in the search box: THE MOTIONLESS ELECTROMAGNETIC GENERATOR.
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Joe Spenner

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