Undiagnosed deaths, human, goats - Hens and cows have died
Sun Mar 25, 2007 23:05

Date: Fri 23 Mar 2007
From: ProMED-mail
Source: Pak Tribune [edited]

Hens and cows have died in Baria Kali Mitti due to an outbreak of an
unknown virus.

According to residents, an unknown virus has broken out in the Baria
Kali Mitti suburb area of Muree, resulting in the deaths of hens,
cows and others pet animals. They have demanded that the Wild Life
and Health Ministry departments take immediate steps for the
elimination of the unknown virus in the area.


[The above information does not allow speculation regarding the
possible etiology of the deaths, nor does it support the alleged
viral background. Details, such as numbers, ages, clinical signs, PM
changes etc., and -- most importantly -- laboratory results if
available, are requested.

For a map of and information about Muree, where Baria Kali Mitti is
located, see >. - Mod.AS]

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