People must ask the FBI and Secret Service to Investigate!
Wed Mar 28, 2007 02:56

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The events of 09/22/2001 have been sidetracked by attacks against alleged hijackers and foreign operatives when in fact it appears to be enemies DOMESTIC. The President and Military Leaders have again demonstrated full control on the SPIN of the midea witnessed in the 1960's during 'Operation Northwoods' which involved a TOP SECRET operation against Cuba.

The President of the United States in 1960 JFK stopped American involvement and further action of U.S. Military and Civilian forces against Cuba which has never fully been admitted even to this very day. As one of the Naval Radiomen assigned on a Carrier supporting the BAY OF PIGS invasion, I was unable to ever speak about the planning until after the OPERATION NORTHWOODS documents were declassified. Twice we have asked the President of the United States to come clean with the American People on our involvement with the BAY OF PIGS INVASION OF CUBA and no one has responded. Many lost their lives clearing the beaches and with support for the INVASION and all of this was planned by the Joint Chiefs of Staff until stopped by the President.

Today more and more information is surfacing and the members of Congress, FBI, Secret Service and all of the members of the Armed Forces witnessed MURDER AND TREASON and hide the Truth about Murder and Treason to protect their own positions and retirements or income level. GOD HELP AMERICA!

We as a nation are killing innocent men, women, children, animals, birds, air supplies, water supplies WORLDWIDE with a Nuclear Weapon of Mass Destruction in battle areas along with some 28 or 29 Allies and everyone feels this is justified because of the LIES given to the American People!

American's WORLDWIDE must call for a stop to the WAR IN IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, KOSOVO and everywhere the Depleted Uranium Weapons are being utilized. Such must happen before we contaminate every Nation and start killing humans, insects, animals, birds and destroying the air and water let along contaminating the Earth. Defective babies from parents exposed to DU particles and Radiation indicate the strong cloning which will occur. Animals, Birds, Insects and even Fish will start cloning their newborn and the results will be measurable modifications to the food chain contaminating the Planet.

Only the UNITED NATIONS can stop this madness!

The FBI, Secret Service, Military and all of those who have taken the "OATH" of office to each and every position in Government CAN AND MUST CALL FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION or America will, along with those carrying the Passport abroad, become a WORLDWIDE TARGET for those who have lost families and will loose families to "The American Plague of 2006" Also Known As DEPLETED URANIUM WEAPON PARTICLE DAMAGE. How many MILLIONS must die so others can get rich in a WAR that is not a WAR but using WAR NUCLEAR WEAPONS BANNED BY EVERY NATION SIGNING INTO THE UNITED NATIONS?

Let your voices be heard demanding an investigation immediately and STOP DU USE WORLDWIDE!

At 66 along with my life partner Ruth DeLaMater Bundy age 77 WE implore you to be heard. Send FAX and Letter to all permanent representatives of the United Nations in New York PLUS send faxes and e-mails to every elected official. Use GEIGER COUNTERS to confirm contamination at military bases then start calling for marking and encapsulation of all infected war machines or bombing ranges. THE FOUR WINDS ARE YOUR ENEMY NOW! Particles are taking .01 Micron DU particles all across the Planet to fall down and be breathed or contaminate soil, air, water and eventually change the WORLD. YOU can stop this deadly radioactive particle spreading and call for a halt to all use worldwide.

300 MILLION ZIP LOCK SEAL BODY BAGS will be needed for America for you cannot cremate or bury bodies with DU particles or all will go back into the air or soil and thus down into the water sources and the DEATH SENTENCE CONTINUES! Look up MESOTHELEOMA and see what a smothering disease will do with these particles creating scar tissue in the lungs like with silica or asbestos particles breathed into your lungs. Children exposed to 911 could die within 20 years like those who worked in shipyards. Children in Iraq and America near those bases using DU munitions with particles and GAS expended into the air could also die within 20 years.

DO YOU KNOW YOUR RADIATION EXPOSURE LEVEL? SIRAD-USA.COM has a $20.00 RADTriage dosimeter you can give to your loved ones in the military or near a military base where the DU was used like EGLIN AFB BOMBING RANGE, TEST SITES FOR NUCLEAR WEAPONS TESTS.... you might be surprised how HOT those areas remain even today.

TWICE Ruth and I have asked to appear before the United Nations and no one responds from even our own Government. ASK TO APPEAR AND SAVE THE PLANET. STAY ON POINT ABOUT THE SOLE ISSUE --- STOPPING DEPLETED URANIUM WEAPON USE WORLDWIDE!

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
a Decorated American Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042

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