The expose of Ronald Reagan that some people hate.

The expose of Ronald Reagan that some people hate.
Mon Mar 28, 2005 10:12

Ronald Reagan

Time was taken by me to gather a boatload of evidence to devise this accurate critique of the man. This is God’s TRUTH. Baruch Hersche of Switzerland (a real Christian) exposed Ronald Reagan as an evil elitist in his “Ronald Reagan, son of Perdition” article. Deception is so persuasive that many sincere Christians consider him as real when he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing being a great speaker and salesman. February 6, 1911 was the date of Reagan’s birth from Tampico, Illinois. Sports broadcasting and films was his launching pad unto politics. Reagan came to California in 1937 to over baseball spring training when he was working as a radio broadcaster for WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. Also by a screen test, a year contract with Warner Bros. strolled along. In the next 15 years, he appeared in more than 50 films. “These included ``Knute Rockne -- All American,'' in which he portrayed inspirational Notre Dame running back George Gipp, and ``Bedtime for Bonzo,'' where he appeared opposite a chimp. The nickname ``The Gipper'' stuck with him.” (From Former President Ronald Reagan Dead: Shocking Facts and Important Questions by

In 1940, he married actress Jane Wyman to be divorced in 1947, During WWII, he worked with the Army. Surprisingly from boyhood, Reagan used to be a Democrat and considered Franklin Roosevelt his hero. In 1947, he was a labor leader serving the first of five terms as President of the Screen Actors Guild. There may be signs that me have been pro-Communist since according to David J. Meyer of Last Trumpet Ministries:

“Ronald Reagan was a Communist in Hollywood during the time of the heavy infiltration of Communism in that movie capital just after World War II ended. Reagan was the President of the Screen Actors’ Guild and was commonly known as “Red Ronnie.” Much more could be said about his subversive activities, but suffice it to say that it was Ronald Reagan who is directly responsible for bringing de facto Communism to the United States and providing the “Red” Gorbachev with an office in San Francisco, California, at the Presidio. Gorbachev now presides over a conspiratorial operation of the Illuminati known as the “State of the World Forum.” I stood at his office and prayed against his activities.” (From www.lasttrumpetministries...y2004.html David Meyer’s The Time of God’s Final Call from Volume XXIII Issue VII July 2004)

In the 1950’s, Reagan “aligned” with Joe McCarthy to fight Communism in the 1950’s. Although he was eccentric at times, McCarthy was authentically gunning for the New World Order as validated by new research and scholars. When McCarthy was actually trying to get real Communists to justice like that spy Alger Hiss (William P. Bundy gave at least $500 to help Hiss defend himself), Reagan falsely labeled many of his own actors and actresses as Communists. It’s a known fact that Reagan was a paid FBI informant. Ronald Reagan’s own mother was Eleanor Roosevelt’s best friend. Later, he was a front man for General Electric (a multinational corporation who funded Adolf Hitler’s Regime. Anthony Sutton’s book “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” documents this). Reagan was in commercials promoting it in “General Electric Theater.” The hero Sheman Skolnick (from Chicago) archives even a JFK-Reagan connection.

According to Skolnick, in 1960 Reagan sent a handwritten letter to Richard M. Nixon signed Ronald Reagan, Democrats for Nixon. Ronald told Nixon that if Kennedy (Reagan called him a dangerous Marxist i.e. a Communist) is elected, that JFK had to be eliminated. JFK was assassinated just 3 years after Nixon received the note. Sherman says he obtained a copy of this handwritten note with the typed transcript of it made at San Clemente, California was closed. Reagan transforms into a “conservative” by advocating the benefits of the private sector over big government. Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater ran for President in 1964. A week before the November elections, Reagan said his famous election speech attacking communism and defending free enterprise. Among Republicans, he became a galvanizing figure with $1 million sent to Goldwater’s campaign. Of course, LBJ beat Goldwater in ’64. By 1966, he had a 51 % edge beating the incumbent Edmund “Pat” Brown for the California governorship.

New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison conducted criminal prosecutions of those involved in Louisiana aspect of the JFK murder plot in the late 1960’s. Garrison was trying to extradite a key witness from within the California jurisdiction and Reagan refused to do so as Governor. Ronald Reagan was anti-gun by signed the 1967 Mulford Act which “prohibited the carrying of firearms on one’s person in a vechile, in any public place or any public street.” This law was aimed at stopping the Black Panthers, but it affected all gun owners. (aside note: In March 28, 1991, Ronald supported the Brady Bill) Conservative Republican Senator John G. Schmitz rightfully opposed the Mulford Act in the 1960’s. According to Skolnick, Reagan and Edwin Messe (his U.S. Attorney General during his Presidency) formed “Operation Garden Plot” to assassinate Peaceniks. As a Republican Presidential nominee, Reagan lost in 1968 and 1976. 1980 was his lucky year. The reason was that Jimmy Carter had the country in bad economic straits. American hostages in Iran persisted making many angry at Carter as well.

George H. W. Bush (the notorious S&B member and Knight of Malta) was Reagan’s Vice President despite Reagan’s earlier promise that he was never going to put a Trilateral Commission or CFR member on his team. Before his inauguration, William Casey (a Knight of Malta), George H. W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan all involved themselves in the treasonous October Surprise. The October Surprise was in 1980 when Bill Casey and Bush 41 came to a suburb of Paris to strike a deal for the release of the American soldiers by January 1981 (after the election) in exchange for them to give Iran cash and military arms (shipped through Portugal to Israel then Iran).

By January 1981 when Reagan was sworn in, all 52 U.S. hostages were released. This scheme was so treasonous that the Prime Minister of Portugal and others in his government went public and died by a sabotaged plane crash arranged by Bush 41. Reagan appointed Alexander Haig (another Knight of Malta, had a Masters degree from Georgetown, and a participant in the 6-Day War proven by Eric Jon Phelps) as Secretary of State.

It appears that George H. W. Bush wanted the assassination attempt on Reagan [in March 30, 1981] to either scare or kill him to be President. The Secret Service violated regulations by parking the Presidential limousine in the middle of the street, not close to the D.C. Hilton Hotel door. 2 female TV network reporters stated that gunfire was coming from several directions. The Hinckley trial had testimony that Reagan was hit by a dart or pellet which is removed flattered not a bullet in the chest. If an actual bullet was in his chest directly, it would be fatal considering Reagan’s age. John W. Hinckley’s defense attorney though coped an insanity plea. Scott Hinckley Jr., John Hinckley’s own brother, had dinner with Neil Bush [Bush 41’s son] the night before the shooting (AP reported this on March 31, 1981). In 1978, Neil Bush [working as a campaign manager for George W. Bush] and John Hinckley lived in Lubbock, Texas.

This implies that Bush Sr. wanted to control Reagan plus copy his image to become President. Even more weird is according to the piece Jesuit: Vatican Tyranny, Reagan (when he was governor) set a day of recognition for the Ustasha, a Catholic/Nazi terrorist group from WWII in Yugoslavia, until the Yugoslavian government protested. When Reagan came to a concentration camp in Europe, he laid a wreath on the grave of an S.S. officer. Reagan can’t be fully exemplified without discovering about Iran Contra.

Iran Contra was a process to illegally sell weapons to Iran and the money received by the U.S. illegally fund the Nicaraguan Contra paramilitary army to fight the leftist Sandinistas. You can also describe it as an extension of the CIA’s Phoenix Program from 1967 [involving William Casey, William Colby, Tom Ridge, Oliver North, and Bob Kerry] resulting in the death of over 40,000 South Vietnamese Buddhists in genocide manly affecting women and children. There is nothing wrong to fight against Communists in self-defense, etc., but they used tyrannical fascists to carry out an end plus cocaine was shipped to America in the process.

Fact is that both the Contras and Sandinistas were corrupt. The elite (i.e. The Knight of Malta American head J. Peter Grace, Rockefellers, AmeriCares, the Word Anti-Communist League [with Nazi ties], etc.) just desired to control the Latin American region (despite during the 1980’s having the Boland Amendment which banned the U.S. government from being involved in Latin America [i.e. aid to military activities in Nicaragua]).

Further proof of the Contras smuggling cocaine to America (first mainly to the black communities) are:

1). Robert Perry (an AP and Newsweek reporter) found CIA torture manuals produced for the Contras. Jack Terrell and Steven Carr were 2 out of the 12 American mercenaries who fought for the Contras. They’ve admired that the Contras had done drug smuggling.

2). They Kerry Committee findings and the Gary Webb investigation for the San Jose Mercury News implicated the Contras in cocaine smuggling. Frognan (operating for the Contras) was caught in San Francisco bringing 430 lbs. of cocaine. CIA agent Gene Tatum, Richard Brenneke, Trenton Parker, Dr. Peter Scott, and Rodney Stich’s seminal work Defrauding America all document CIA drug smuggling.

3). Danilo Blandon (a former Nicaraguan government official and head of a drug ring’s Southern California operation) admitted in federal court testimony that he and other exiles began selling drugs in black L.A. neighborhoods in 1982 to finance the Contras, the CIA’s Nicaraguan army. More indicates that “he and other exiles began selling drugs in black L.A. neighborhoods in 1982 to help finance the CIA's Nicaraguan army, known in the United States as the Contras. Blandon testified that once U.S.-taxpayer dollars began flowing to his organization, he stayed in the cocaine business to make money for himself.

Evidence indicates he was dealing an average of 100 kilos a week to the Crips and Bloods in Los Angeles during the 1980s, an activity that helped spark the crack epidemic in Los Angeles and, eventually, across the nation. While the CIA's heavy involvement in the drug trade, and especially the crack cocaine trade, has been well documented by scholars such as Dr. Peter Dale Scott at least since the Iran-Contra hearings in the 1980s, the mass media has refused to take notice.

And even when they do take notice, most of the sheep-like journalists and anchorpeople continue to parrot the absurd government line in contradiction to the blatant facts, which are available to anyone who reads beyond the corporate summaries of government press releases. On NPR, for example, a reporter commented that since the story wasn't picked up by the New York Times, it must be false. Another reporter on FOX News said "there has been no direct evidence, repeat, no direct evidence, linking the CIA to the drug trade
"(From )

4). An extension of Iran Contra was Bill Clinton being involved in allowing the Mena, Arkansas airfield to smuggle $100 million worth of cocaine and transportation of weapons out of Mena to Nicaraguan Contras. 2 videotapes exposing Clinton (narrated by Larry Nichols [the former Director of Marketing for the Arkansas Finance Development Authority], Bill Dannereyer [a U.S. Congressman], and State Troopers Larry Peterson along with L.D. Brown confirm this.

George H. W. Bush supervised Mena as well. The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush and Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA exposed Bush 41’s role in the Iran Contra affair as well. (i.e. Remember CIA agent Barry Seal flying cocaine to the U.S., he dies, and then George W. Bush owns his plane). George H. W. Bush’s evil opium/cocaine/arms kingdom is in Nicaragua, Colombia, Mena, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Terrorism came alive with Reagan. In 1983, the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon was bombed and 250 U.S. Marines plus numerous U.S. officials were killed. Reagan, under the supervision of Bush Sr., covered up the fact the bloodshed was a result of secret munitions (created especially for the American CIA) and used by CIA trained terrorist who ran out of control. Saddam Hussein was also supported by Reagan with Security Directives and allowing WMDs to be sent to Iraq to further the Iran/Iraq War. The Washington Post from July 19, 1992 reported that Ronald signed the National Security Directive 166 in 1985 to aid Muslim radicals to fight in Afghanistan to repeal the Communist Soviets.

Two of the most prominent fanatics were Osama bin Laden and Gulbuddin Hekmatayer. These Muslim extremists threw acid into women’s faces if they wouldn’t wear a veil. Legitimately opposing Communism is good, but Reagan used extremists, mercenary armies to fight in Angola, Mozambique, death squads in Guatemela, organized by the CIA (Reagan praised Rios Montt’s repression), Argentina, etc.

Communism for the Soviets began to crumble under Reagan which is positive, but he became supportive of the Illuminist, pro-N.W.O. Freemason Gorbachev. He even provided Gorbachev an office in SF, CA. The Cold War was inevitable to fall anyway by the Soviet’s continued decline, but Reagan should receive credit to have fired no shots inside the Soviet Union to end it.

His economic legacy is more complex. In 1 year after his inauguration in 1982, a recession occurred that was the worse since the Depression. 11.5 million Americans were unemployed. The U.S. went from the largest creditor nation in the world to the world largest debtor country with national debt from $645 billion to $2,601 trillion in 1988. 35% was his approval rating in January 1983.

He tried to use tax cuts and increase defense spending (from $678 billion in fiscal year 181 to $1.06 trillion in fiscal year 198 to solve the problem, but that spending tripled the deficit. In 8 years, inflation was 95%. From 1983-1988, the U.S. GDP grew an average of 4.4% , so his backers like Scarborough and Hannity proclaimed that this sparked the economy’s recovery by the GDP’s growth.

On abortion (aka pagan child sacrifice done by the ancient Canaanites and other pagans) since 1967, Reagan was responsible for abortion in California. Reagan proposed pro-abortion justices to the Supreme Court like the rabid abortion advocate Sandra Day O’Connor, an Episcopalian. That cut down the Christians’ attempt to overthrow Roe v. Wade in the 1980’s by 1 vote. Ronald Reagan still claimed that he’s Pro-Life and didn’t achieve many Pro-Life laws to be against abortion. 2 powerful Secret Societies that Reagan was apart of were the elite Bohemian Grove and Freemasonry. He’s a honorary 33rd Degree Freemason in February 11, 1988 done by C. Fred Kleinlcnecht from the Scottish Rite.

Although, Reagan was a Protestant Presbyterian, his father was a Catholic Knight of Columbus. At August 5, 1986, he praised the K of C in Chicago. Queen Elizabeth II on June 14, 1989 awarded Reagan the Knight of the most Honorable Order of Bath and the Knight Grand Cross for Foreign Service. This is against our constitutionally banned foreign entanglements and awards plus our national sovereignty. Other demonic badges and medals, he had were the Collar of the Nile from Egypt, Legion of Honor from France, Order of Adolphus of Nassau from Luxembourg, Order of the Netherlands Lion Star, etc.

Is Ronald Reagan a born again Christian or a Bible believer? No, see Reagan would say a lot of great words in agreeing with Christianity. On the other hand, he was a Mason, and friend of 33rd Degree Freemason and pervert Walt Disney (he passed laws favorable to Disney). Reagan returned with Illuminatus Art Linkletter for

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