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World Bank: An army doesn't march on an empty stomach...
Fri Mar 25, 2005 10:40

Wolfowitz and Bloody Mary for breakfast

By Henk Ruyssenaars

March 25th - 2005 - They always made me think of albino rabbits, with their white skin and red eyes. Whether it was in the 1st class of a Swissair plane, exiting from an executive US/UN Lear jet, or in some expensive hotel in a Third World country. If the party had been really hot, their eyes behind the Ray-Bans would have the same color as the 'Bloody Mary's they were having for breakfast as the hair of the dog 'that bit them the night before'.

And many of those pinstripe suit operators were - and are - the people who are supposed to give advice and help to the one billion plus extremely poor people in the world. Fact is that the financial help given by the world's international loan shark banks, like Wolfowitz's World Bank or the IMF, often is referred to as "Development AIDS", or USAIDS...

Which is quite understandable, because as is shown on a worldwide scale and for anyone to see if one wants to: this 'help' many times has a killing effect, like the spreading of AIDS. It can be seen again in the present doubling of - also AIDS related - tuberculosis cases, with all those 'unprofitable' people - because they can not pay for the medicine they need - dying in Africa and elsewhere. Are they dying thanks to all the 'help', given by the World Bank or IMF?

Or thanks to all those international 'aid donors' that never pay up the millions they promise? But put the money in their own pockets? Spending it on illegal wars* to restructure the US's energy needs?

A dollar a day keeps resistance away...

Many of the paupers which are forced to vegetate on less than one dollar a day, need, and often are promised, help from the so called international development workers and their institutions. And many - before ending up in cardboard coffins or less - have understood that they in reality have been strangled by World Bank and IMF loans.

Putting the already poor countries economy in further shambles and strangle them, also using the greed of their own countrymen. The corruption of people made possible by organizations like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, UNDP, USAID etc. etc.

Which many times are the direct origin of their inhumane poverty, which is based on the principle: An army doesn't march on an empty stomach. You keep'm poor - I'll keep'm stupid. So they can't understand nor revolt.

Because this is how it works: imagine a poor idealist in for instance India or Africa, who after 40 years of work finally has gotten a project to work, to function in a way benevolent to the poor people in the area. Whatever it is, a new dam, city or forest. And globally it's happening: in fly the often gold rim bespectacled, Armani dressed and Fahrenheit smelling tasteless Rolex toting 'sons of the neocons'.

With their Hermès shawl covered 'secretaries'; the criminal travelers on the 'Gravy Train'. The global reps and constructors of the World Bank and IMF development work 'Fatah Morghana's. Tipped by their local bank snitches or the usual collaborators at the embassies which are focused on money making called trade, they're mostly not there to help countrymen. Even if those pay them through their taxes.

'An offer one can't refuse'...

The idealist and the 'project' will than be visited and checked to see whether it's profitable for the banks, and will get 'An offer he/she can't refuse'. Which is easy and contains every form of pressure, because in nearly all countries in the world the banking world and so called 'governments' are one.

The offer may be including a retainer, say $5000,- a month, for the rest of his or her lifetime. The length of which by the way also is decided by the bank gangs, as perfectly described in the just published Perkins book about the US, the CIA and it's killing 'Jackals' of the World Bank, IMF etc.* [Url below]

Following the inspection and decision, the WWF, World Bank and/or IMF 'helpers' are taking over the name of the project. Which from than on is called "our project", be it in India, AIDS patients in poor Africa, baby seals slaughtered in Canada's Polar world, Pandas in China or whatever. With glossy information material people the world over are informed about the fact that "our project after decades of investing and idealistic work finally is operating" and needs permanent donations to keep everybody happy.

Meaning top salaries and all expenses, like guzzling SUV's, paid for the 'helpers'. The people in the West always pay for 'Pandas and poor people', they say.

The local idealist gets say $5000 a month, and the now ''IMF, World Bank or World Wildlife Fund project'' as it will be called, will via the 'helpers' rake in the millions which can be collected from the sheeple believing in the 'good work and projects'.

That's how it many times works; that's the 'gravy' which keeps the train running. Not to talk about the billions thrown away on crazy projects.

Dromedaries milk and Camembert?

Like making Camembert cheese out of dromedaries milk in Mauritania on the African continent's west coast, to 'help' the poor people in the Sahara area. The local Sahraouis told the swedish 'development workers', living in their new build air conditioned bungalow with swimming pool: "We've tried, and for a thousand years
nobody has been able to make real cheese out of these camel's milk. It's not like normal cows milk."

The Swedes spent a $-million, had a good time on the beach too, and after the first year produced one sheet of A-4 size called 'Report on the Mauritania Project'. Concluding that it was not possible to make cheese from dromedaries milk. [There are no camels in Africa, only dromedaries - - the 'camels' are in Asia.] The Swedish minister for Third World Development, who advocated and used tax money for this 'camel project' via the University of Uppsala, was called Camilla Ohdnoff. The rest of her life she'll be remembered by her nickname 'Camela' Ohdnoff.

Wolfowitz: more Wolf than Witz...

In an article which was published yesterday in the States too, Reverend Jesse Jackson, SR, the well known political activist and former candidate for president in 1984 and 1988, had a few things to say concerning the american decision to nominate Paul Wolfowitz as the new boss of the World Bank.

Reverend Jackson puts his finger on the sore spot by describing the heartless power of the World Bank, the IMF and criminals like Wolfowitz. A zionist front man which globally is seen as more of a 'Wolf' than a 'Witz' and who is certainly no 'Witz' (joke) to billions of poor people all over the world, who think of him as the bad genius behind many disastrous american actions.

" Why should the world's poorest people be excluded from the process of selecting one of the most important leaders who will affect their lives? Why are the nations most controlled by World Bank and International Monetary Fund policies not allowed to nominate - or even participate in any meaningful way - in the selection of new leadership? Is Nelson Mandela less qualified to run the World Bank than Paul Wolfowitz?

These names are not even considered. Only Americans, and even then, only hard-core Bush loyalists, are in the loop. In an entirely secret process, despite his lack of development credentials, and despite the widespread rejection of the idea when the Wolfowitz name was first floated publicly, George W. Bush followed up on his divisive choice of John Bolton for the U.N. with the promotion of leading war hawk Wolfowitz to head the World Bank. Forget all that talk about reconciliation with Europe and the rest of the world.

Bush’s picks were like a thumb in each of the world's wide-open eyes." - Wolfowitz is a world disaster, as Jackson correctly observed.

CIA's deadly 'Jackals' and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Globally Wolfowitz now is known and - outside the US and Israel - also described, as the bad genius behind the waged US wars, who amid global opposition is expected to head the World Bank, one of the world's biggest criminal institutions, and thus a dirty job that fits Wolfowitz well. This despicable figure is supposed
to be the new head of the US Empire's economical killers: the Jackals and 'hit men', which are perfectly described in "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins, which has now been published.*

Perkins, a former respected member of the international banking community is one of the people who after decades concluded that he can't take it anymore 'how the U.S. uses globalization to cheat poor Countries out of $-trillions'. In his book Perkins describes how he as a highly paid professional, helped the U.S. cheat poor countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars by lending them more money than they could possibly repay and then take over their economies.

Perkins: "When the economic 'hit men' fail in this scenario, the next step is what we call the jackals. Jackals are C.I.A.-sanctioned people that come in and try to foment a coup or revolution. If that doesn't work, they perform assassinations. or try to.

In the case of Iraq, they weren't able to get through to Saddam Hussein. His bodyguards were too good. He had doubles. They couldn't get through to him. So the third line of defense, if the economic hit men and the jackals fail, the next line of defense is our young men and women, who are sent in to die and kill, which is
what we've obviously done in Iraq." Perkins writes.*

The SHELL boycott and a monarchy fiefdom.

In Argentine - and in a very underreported way - the Kirchner government is fighting back. Two weeks ago democratic President Kirchner rightly urged all Argentineans to boycott infamous Royal Dutch/Shell, after the oil company increased prices at the pump reaping billions in profit worldwide. President Kirchner suggested that petrol station franchisees buy insteadfrom Enarsa, the new state oil company.

trying to be on a safer side, president Kirchner has already made defense and energy deals with Venezuela's president Chavez: like him putting his life on the line by opposing the US and it's banking bandits.*

As Kirchner lashed out at the Anglo-Dutch oil major, accusing the Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies of fueling inflation with higher energy prices, picketers who support the president said they would march on Shell stations in the capital.

"Argentines should not buy from them, they have to say 'No' to Shell," Kirchner said at an event with schoolchildren. "Let's unite and not even buy a can of oil from them. May they realize that Argentines no longer put up with this. A national boycott is the best thing the people can do," he added.

'Royal Dutch Shell' is known for it's abominable practices: fraud with oil reserves, lying, cheating and murdering (Nigeria/Ogonis) and the 'running' of their tax haven the Netherlands. Where for instance the 'leader' of the so called 'social democratic party' Labour, is one of SHELL's protégés and plant's. Labour is thus 'run' by a man who got his schooling at SHELL - party leader Wouter Bos.

Bos c.s. just stopped a change in the dutch constitution which after centuries would have made it possible for the 16 million Netherlanders to have elected mayors, like in the surrounding countries. SHELL's and Bos (covert right wing) Labour Party senators voted 'No', thus stopping the law for years to come.

It's of course more profitable to appoint one's own mayors, and have control over the police in the whole country, like the situation is now. The mayor normally and by law being 'Head of Police' too. So the SHELL people (Labour) saw their power game threatened and stopped the law, forcing a minister (de Graaf) to exit with the eggs on his and his 'Democrats 66' party's face.

Arresting Bush on visit to Holland in May

Eggs that also should smear the face of the worlds 'Terrorist number One' President George Bush, if he tries to visit the Netherlands as planned, coming May. To avoid further shame and guilt by association the Netherlands justice apparatus and some dare devil DA should arrest Bush upon arrival, so his criminality can be judged by the International Court of Justice or some form of honest Tribunal.

The fact that a despised war criminal is invited once again confirms that the managers running the country have turned the Netherlands into an anachronism. To many foreign observers it looks like one of the last real fiefdoms. Where the mind numbing and dumbing down fakes are kept alive by the neocon's media.

Fakes about the 'people's will' for a medieval monarchy which has gathered billions through SHELL, and having the misled taxpayers covering the expenses of the Houe of Orange. Which is more like 'Clockwork Orange' to honest people, the kitsch being as bad as the media's Piped Piper's music.

One of the so called 'princesses' has made PR in Brussels for an international tobacco company; selling cancer. The not very intelligent crown prince 'Wilhelm' Alexander married Maxima, the daughter out of the foul nest of Jorge Zorreguieta, the infamous Argentinean war criminal and minister in the 'dirty war' under the arrested criminal and pro-US ex-dictator Videla.

With overwhelming propaganda and desinformation force Maxima was 'sold' and shoved down the throat of the ignorant dutch sheeple by the treacherous media and their collaborators.

One lover in jail and one in a coffin

Another one - Mabel Wisse-Smit - an international UN and 'jet set beaver' - fornicated with a Croatian muslim and diplomat/embezzler in the United Nations gravy train, who let some $-millions disappear and ended up in jail. Then Mabel shared bed and boat, the 'Neeltje Jacoba' - with the biggest criminal and drugs smuggler in the Netherlands, Klaas Bruinsma, who got gunned down in the street by competing gansters. The mission not being accomplished, and with one lover in jail and one in a coffin, Mabel thereupon turned to an ignorant Dutch empty headed prince, and hooked him. Dinasaurial 'Queen' Beatrix thereafter exclaimed on State TV NOS: "She is perfectly fitting into the Royal family''. How very true indeed!

The dutch industrial news services and their media also keep the fake alive that the World Bank, the IMF and the with 1 $million by Lockheed bribed late prince Bernhard's WWF, and similar rackets, like the elite's secret 'Bilderberg Conferences' - ''are meant to help the poor people and the Third World.'' So: 'shut up and pay up' is the slogan, well supported by most of the dutch mainstream media which are indoctrinating and spreading 'mental manure' as effective as the heavy air- and land traffic badly polluting the whole country.

A new form of journalism is however slowly arising from the ashes of the old corrupt gang of media people in the fiefdom, which sold out to the gangs managing the docile country a long tome ago. Killing the freewheeling optimism that existed from 1965 to 1980.

Based on 40 years of work as an independent correspondent abroad, I fully agree with American colleague Craig Merrihue who wrote: 'Experience and education has taught me, like many others, that the bottom line to politics is money and murder, an unpleasantry completely ignored by professional journalism, which is doomed to therefore never approach the most salient truths. Frankly, those are precisely my thoughts whenever I'm exposed to the lying/ignorant/arrogant corporate media or its apologists.

Deep in my heart, and with no hyperbole, I believe the hands of such information deficient journalists drip with the blood of innocents throughout time and the world. I wonder if your sleep is appropriately fitful'.

Let's hope they ly awake in well deserved agony...

Henk Ruyssenaars


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