The New World Order to TV-holics and other dummies
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For those who might find this interesting or educational - I just felt a creative spark and a need to decompress a bit this evening:

The New World Order for TV-holics and other dummies

The world is run by very bad men. There are no men worse. They come from families that have owned the rights to print all the paper money of all the nations of the world. When they print new money out of thin air, they lend it to governments and politicians to spend and charge them interest on it, just like how your mom or dad or you use a credit card. In 1913 the big world bankers put America on a gigantic credit card with a 10 trillion dollar credit limit. That is 10,000,000,000,000 dollars and America is now nearly maxed out on credit. However, the money is really not a dollar, it is a note, or a loan. It is called a Federal Reserve Note. But the Federal government does not run the bank, the international banking families do who have been paid all the interest by the IRS money collected over the past 90+ years and now own more than half all the world's wealth and industrial assets too. The families own and control not only the government but the newspaper and magazine presses and worldwide television networks and the "news" people that talk on them also. That is why the billions of people don't know about how the world is being run by this small set of hidden people. The great many people all over are all fooled to think Bill Gates is the richest man in the world but he is far from that. Bill Gates lets the big bankers lie to all the people of the world because Bill Gates doesn't want to anger these very powerful families and men or all the many other people that also serve them. People like Bill Gates who like to think of themselves as rich and hang out only with other rich people are more 'in the know' and know that the bad guy's network has killed many people who have opposed them in the past, like the young former president John F. Kennedy, and covered up those crimes in the controlled press too. People like David Rockefeller and Jacob Rothschild are amongst the very few most powerful people in the world.

The big world Eurpopean bankers hijacked America's money supply in 1913 with their private bank. Then the big world bankers celebrated by making all Americans think through the press that something good for them just happened despite all the previous warnings of our constitutional writers and forefathers. To further cover up their scam and other crimes they set the stage for the First World War the next year in 1914. Then after all that smoke and dust cleared from that war they started their work on making a world government called The League of Nations. Then in 1927 they helped cause the US stock market to crash where the rich won big and the little guys lost almost everything he/she had across the nation. Also in 1927 they helped Hitler rise to power by letting him burn his own government building down and blame it on his political enemies. Then the Federal Reserve banks constricted (reduced) the amount of Federal Reserve notes from 1930-1933. This was known as the Great Depression where Americans starved, lost their properties to the banks, businesses went bankrupt in America and the unemployment rate neared 50%. Then in 1933 before letting go of the choke hold they had over the American economy they outlawed Americans having gold. The confiscated it all in the Gold Confiscation Act of 1933. They made it a crime to hold gold and the desperate starving Americans agreed to give their gold they had to the government. Americans turned in their gold, hundreds of billions in dollars of it, and the government put it in a place called Fort Knox where it was secretly sent back to the big banks in Europe. Then they printed up more paper money and the economy came back to life. After a short while longer the international bankers were ready to cash in on another war. This was World War II. America was brought into it by the staged event known as Pearl Harbor. The president at the time, Franklin Roosevelt, allowed the Japanese fighters to attack America so Americans would get very angry and would want to fight in WW II. The ploy against the American people worked. The international bankers also funded the terrible tyrant Hitler during the same time. This is when the Bush family started to grow rich too because the grandfather Prescott Bush worked with the big world bankers to help fund and supply Hitler's war machine throughout the war. The big international bankers know they profit from lending their paper money to anybody who is fighting in the war, and the bankers always win and everyone else always loses every time.

After World War II ended, the world bankers created the United Nations. This is the blueprint for an eventual World Government that will not have a constitution to protect freedoms such as America once had. In the world government, they will decide if somebody lives or dies based on their measure of profitablity to the system. This is known as corporate fascism. David Rockefeller was quoted as saying that big business should replace government on a global scale. He and many presidents refer to this bad idea as the "New World Order".

So, like a zoo, there are the zookeepers and the animals. Americans and others around the world are only fooled into thinking they are free or live in a democracy. The truth is though it is more like a zoo and the many poor people are like animals. The people have as much control over their government as the animals have in a public zoo.

Now the bankers want another global war. Like they allowed Pearl Harbor to occur, they also set the stage for 9-11, but they planned 9-11 more carefully yet many people now know they did it and lied about how it happened on the television. The bankers want to control all the oil resources on the planet because they know oil is more valuable than their printed paper money. They want another world war to profit their corporate banks more, to bankrupt the American middle class, to take away what they have created and saved, and to enslave them like they have done to other 3rd world nations already. They also wish to do away with all the 'baby boomers' who are now old people and remember what it was like when America once seemed like a nice place to raise a family. The bankers don't want to support them as they don't view them as profitable assets any more. However, they can't just hire an army to go kill who they want, so they have to do everything through tricking the people to do it all for them. Through the television, they learned they can make the many people believe almost anything by just simply lying to them over and over. Through this and other ways, they are going to try and get the people to accomplish their own horrible goals. Also, they will unleash biological plagues and blame it on brown people from the Middle East or other political enemies they still have in the world or say God did it through nature. This is how the next deadly flu pandemic will soon come about. How they currently have been setting this up is described in the ebook "Revelation 9:11". They will use this as the smokescreen for the collapse of the American free market economy and way of life. Through the chaos created by the intentional plague they can put hired and well fed UN and NATO 'peacekeeper' military on American streets, systematically reduce the population, and continue to enslave the whole world.

During this upcoming process, they hope to microchip people so they can be identified by scanners at the hospital, store, cemetary, incinerator, or whereever they may be. The bad guys want to know everything they can know about everyone at any given time so they can frame or simply make anyone they want disappear. They will also do this to people they don't like to scare all the other people into being quite and being their slaves.

So for the rich to get more of their way, the very evil men who control the money system of the world will make conditions horrible so everyone will want to accept the "New World Order" corporate control of the whole world and all its people.

God Our Father will allow things to get this bad (Rev 17:17), but at some time when most people are not suspecting it, He will send his Son Jesus Christ back to Earth for a battle known as Armageddon. This will be the final battle between good and evil, between the soon coming antiChrist world dictator and Jesus Christ. The book of Revelation says all this will take place and Jesus will win the battle. After that, He will be also be given the power by God to ressurrect everyone for judgement. The people who were on the bad guys side will be sent to hell for punishment with all the rest of the bad guys. The good guys who did not fall for the the bad guys' scams and control and microchip marking of the people and believed in Jesus' return will be saved by Jesus and given eternal life in a New Kingdom that God Our Father is going to create both here on Earth and in a new heaven too.

That's about it. Oh, the bad guys like to call themselves "The Illuminati". They don't believe in God or Jesus but believe in the devil they call "Lucifer". Maybe some do believe in Jesus, but they like being rich, evil, and murderers more than serving anyone else but them.

For more information please see or or or or or or or many more sites that get into more detail about the above New World Order summary.

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