Why Cheney Went After Wilson’s Wife:
Sun Mar 11, 2007 00:24

Ray McGovern

Why Cheney Went After Wilson’s Wife: To Show the Rest What Could Happen to Them

Antiwar Radio: Charles Goyette Interviews Ray McGovern

Friday, March 9th, 2007 in News, War party, Iran, Antiwar Radio by Charles Goyette|

Former veteran CIA analyst Ray McGovern discusses his piece, “Why Cheney Lost It When Joe Wilson Spoke Out.”

Also: Senator Pat Roberts’ obstruction of the FBI and Senate investigations of the Cheney Cabal, Senator John D. Rockefeller IV’s cowardice and reasons why he thinks the chances Bush/Cheney will bomb Iran are now less than 50/50.

MP3 here. (20:24)

Ray McGovern was a CIA analyst for 27 years – from the John F. Kennedy administration to that of George H. W. Bush. He is a co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.


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