Patrick Briley
Thu Mar 17, 2005 21:03


Patrick Briley
March 16, 2005
Mr. Roger Ailes Chairman and CEO, Fox News

Dear Mr. Ailes,

As you know Fox News is producing a special on the Oklahoma City (OKC) bombing for airing around the time of the tenth anniversary of the bombing, April 19, 1995. Mr. Peter Russo, the producer of the Fox special contacted me on March 9, 2005 and spoke to me approximately 25 minutes. Mr. Russo told me he contacted me because one of the persons he interviewed for the special, retired Air Force General Benton Partin, had recommended me to Mr. Russo as an important source for the OKC bombing investigations.

I recommended to Mr. Russo that he contact, ASAP, two men I have known for almost ten years- OKC attorney Michael Johnston and William Jasper, the senior editor of the New American magazine. Johnston filed a Federal lawsuit in DC against Iraq three years ago on behalf of 20 OKC bombing victims. Johnston is an expert on Iraq going back to before the first Gulf war. Johnston has been a Federal litigant seeking the release of surveillance tapes associated with the OKC bombing and Johnston won a ruling (but not complied with) from Federal judge Wayne Alley ordering the release of such tapes held by the FBI and DOJ. Johnston interviewed OKC bombing suspect Andreas Strassmeyer in Germany shortly after the OKC bombing. For almost ten years William Jasper has written more articles and done more interviews on the OKC bombing than any single investigator or researcher. Lance Hori communicated significantly with Jasper and Johnston at length during Hori’s production of the History Channel very abbreviated documentary on the OKC bombing last year.

I provided Mr. Russo contact information for Mr. Johnston and Mr. Jasper and have conferred with them about my conversation with Mr. Russo. To this date Russo has not contacted Johnston or Jasper based on what they have told me.

Russo told me that he had already spoken to Johnston and McVeigh’s defense attorney, Stephen Jones, about surveillance tapes associated with the OKC bombing case. Russo tried to tell me there was no surveillance tape evidence of John Does because Russo claimed that Jones had told Russo that Jones had gotten all the surveillance tapes and did not see a John Doe on the tapes. But Johnston told me after my conversation with Russo that Russo has not spoken to Johnston any within the past few years, if at all. Johnston says that although it is possible, Johnston is not sure that Russo has ever spoken to Johnston at any time. When I related to Johnston what Russo had quoted Jones as saying about the tapes, Johnston told me that the Russo provided quote attributed to Jones was significantly misleading because Jones did not believe he had gotten all the surveillance tapes and Jones was concerned the ones he did receive could have been edited. I had told Russo this same thing in our conversation, the same thing that Johnston later verified again to me.

I also urged Mr. Russo to contact the Fox News Dallas bureau chief, Russell Cobsy, concerning a story I have worked on for years and Cosby worked on in 2004 related to the Travelers Aid in OKC and a primary suspect in the OKC bombing, the 1993 WTC bombing and the 9-11 attacks, Melvin Lattimore. I also urged Russo to contact a key witness in the case, Gloria Smith, the Director of Travelers Aid, who had been interviewed at length by Cosby’s and the Fox people from the Dallas Fox bureau in 2004. I told Russo that Cosby had confirmed to me something I already knew, namely, that McVeigh had been seen with Lattimore in several locations in OKC besides just at the Travelers Aid. I also explained that Cosby and Fox News aired only a very small part of the Smith interview in 2004 and left out most significant parts, including the role of Lattimore and a letter that Attorney General Ashcroft did receive from Smith via General Partin in Ashcroft’s residence in August 2001.

Russo told me that he had not heard of the Travelers Aid story or of Gloria Smith even though Russo said he knew Cosby quite well. I have confirmed with Russ Cosby that Russo did contact Cosby about the Travelers Aid story after my conversation with Russo. I told Cosby that I believed the Gloria Smith story was a vital aspect of the OKC bombing story and hoped it would be included in the Russo produced special to make it much more complete, comprehensive and accurate.

Russo had started our phone conversation by telling me that there was little I could tell him about the OKC case that he had not already learned during his 3-4 months working on the story. But during our conversation I identified at least ten additional major and vital aspects of the OKC bombing that Russo told me he had never heard of before even though Russo said he had been working on the OKC story for 3-4 months. I offered Russo names, court documents, witness contact information and references to back up these additional aspects including not only Jasper and Johnston but also Jesse Clear, the Pentagon terror advisor I know who was the advisor at the time of the OKC bombing.

And there are even more than just these vital aspects that Russo does not know of and has yet to learn from me since Russo said he needed to end the call. I offered to speak to Russo further about all these aspects when he had more time. However, Russo told me, that although it was possible he could, he doubted that he would be getting back to me about these aspects.

I am writing this letter to you Mr. Ailes to ask for your personal involvement in the production of the OKC bombing special to ensure the inclusion of the substance of more vital interviews and of more, verifiable stories of witnesses, evidence and references I described to Russo. Without the input to the Fox News special from Michael Johnston, Jesse Clear, William Jasper and other individuals I identified to Russo, the Fox News special on OKC will be very incomplete. Furthermore, without further investigation, verification and inclusion of the numerous additional vital aspects that I identified to Russo (that Russo said he had never heard of), the Fox New special will be substantially inadequate.

For your consideration I list below additional vital aspects of the OKC bombing case, many of which Russo told me he had not heard of and others that I did not have the opportunity to tell Russo due to time constraints on his phone call to me. The list, though long, actually is abbreviated and condensed to save time and space but detailed and complete enough to get you started and to confirm many of the very topics I brought up to Russo.

Patrick B. Briley


Terry Nichols was in Newkirk OK with two John Does and a Ryder truck on the afternoon of April 18, 1995. The FBI and BATF interviewed at least 3 witnesses who identified a sketch of a Middle Eastern John Doe #2. Johnston has spoken to witnesses in Newkirk including the wife of a police officer. Johnston considers the Newkirk story a very important aspect of the OKC case.

Four men with McVeigh’s car came to the Travelers Aid near the Murrah Building on April 18, 1995. Two of the men have been positively identified as James Rosencrans and Melvin Lattimore and a third man has been tentatively identified as Peter Langan. All three men are known to the FBI, yet there have been no sketches or FBI 302 reports produced that should have been generated by 6 FBI agents (and an FBI sketch artist who was in town) who interviewed witnessed at Travelers Aid for over 9 months immediately after the OKC bombing. Significant portions of this story were reported on OKC ABC affiliate, KOCO TV and on KTOK new radio the week after the OKC bombing and on KTOK even further, up until 2003. Lattimore has also been strongly implicated in the 1993 WTC bombing (his credit card used to buy bomb making materials) and the 9-11 attacks with Zacarias Moussaoui, and 9-11 hijackers AlHazmi and AlSheehi in Norman OK

A DEA agent testified at Nichols state trial in 2004 that the DEA agent had observed McVeigh’s car parked very close to the front of the Murrah building at 9 pm on April 18, 1995, wrote down the car license plate number of the car and phoned it in. There are accounts that McVeigh’s car later lost its license plate by or on April 19, 1995.

McVeigh was at the Murrah Day car center in November 1994 and was given a tour of that part of the Murrah building near the Day Care Center by its Director Danielle Hunt, the wife of the head of Federal protective services, Tom E. Hunt, in the Federal Court House across the street from Murrah. Danielle Hunt was interviewed by the BATF’s Harry Eberhardt, but was not called to testify at the McViegh or Nichols trials.

Two janitors saw McVeigh on April 18, 1995 between 5 and 6 pm in the Murrah Building. The FBI interviewed these janitors and their story was recounted to William Jasper and Tom E Hunt. McVeigh was said to have gained access to janitor smocks and a janitor closet at Murrah.

Anas and Assad Siddiqy and Mohammed Chafti were arrested on April 19, 1995 as suspects in the OKC bombing after being identified by OKC witness Debbie Burdick. The men were seen by Burdick with McVeigh near the Murrah building on April 19, 1995. The FBI intervened to have the men released and an OKC FBI agent, Floyd Zimms, told OKC police officer Don Browning that the FBI agent was deliberately putting out a false ID of the men’s car that led to their release. FBI agent Odom called Burdick from Denver while Zimms was FBI liaison to the US prosecutors during the McVeigh and Nichols trials in Denver. Odom told Burdick not to talk to news media or defense attorneys and told her that if she did, “she would harm her country (America.).” FBI 302 records of the arrest of the Siddiqys and Chafti were found in Dallas FBI SAC Danny Defenbaugh’s office in January 2001. Accounts in major national print media did report the arrest of the Siddiqys and Chafti the week after the OKC bombing. These accounts also stated that same three men had been major suspects in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

US Prosecutor Beth Wilkinson told Stephen Jones and Federal Judge Matsch during a preliminary hearing in Denver in 1996, that the entire federal family had been warning of a possible attack on the OKC federal building complex (Murrah and court house across the street) around the time of the OKC bombing. Wilkinson told the court that the DOJ and FBI chose NOT to write a FBI 302 report on the warning but instead to tell the court in the preliminary hearing. The transcripts of the hearing are available even though the press did not give a lot of coverage to this aspect of the hearing. OKC federal judge Wayne Alley was warned by US Marshals of the possible attack and told his hometown newspaper, the Oregonian that Alley kept his grand children out of the day care center and stayed home after April 4, 1995 because of the warning. The head of the US Marshals, Eduardo Gonzales had issued a warning to all US Marshals in March 1995 due to a Fatwah issued in connection with the ongoing 1993 WTC bombing trials. The Gonzales warning memo this was reported in the Newark (NJ) Star Ledger. OKC had been the site of WTC bombing plot planning in December of 1991 according to a filmed documentary, “Jihad in America”, prepared by Steve Emerson and shown to Congress.

According to former Murrah Day Care Center Director Danielle Hunt and her husband Tom E. Hunt, the FBI had 3-4 FBI agents at the Murrah Building at 9 am sharp EVERY DAY. Mrs. Hunt and her husband have wondered if the bombing had been timed by McVeigh for the arrival of the FBI since the truck bomb went of 2 minutes after the FBI normally arrived at Murrah. The Hunts also have said that these FBI agents often dropped off children at the day care center even though the FBI offices in OKC at the time were in a location 7-8 miles away, at 50 Penn Place.

*** FBI agent wives Dee Vogel and Cristy Hersley told a coworker at 9:30 am on April 19, 1995, that the FBI had expected an attack in OKC on April 19, 1995 and that the FBI had told FBI agents not to go into the Murrah building on April 19, 1995. The Hunts have said, consistent with the statements by the FBI agent wives, that to their knowledge, no FBI agents did in fact go into the Murrah building on April 19, 1995 even though every other day except April 19, 1995, 3-4 FBI agents were in Murrah by 9 am, the time of the bombing (9:02 am). Cristy and Dee were the wives of OKC FBI agents Jon Hersley (senior case agent on OKC case) and Dan Vogel, respectively. In 2002 the coworker was told by the wife of former Governor Frank Keating’s bodyguard (an OK state highway patrol trooper) that Dee and Cristy lied to the FBI about what the wives had told the coworker the morning of April 19, 1995 in order to protect their husbands FBI careers. Dan Vogel’s attorney David Schippers confirmed the story of the bodyguard in 2003. The bodyguard’s wife was a friend of Dee and Cristy and the coworker for many years and worked with them all at the time of the OKC bombing.

At least 13 men besides Nichols and McVeigh’s neighbor, Michael Fortier, were with and spoke to McVeigh about attacking a federal building. All of these men had well established ties before the OKC bombing to one or more of the federal agencies, DEA, FBI, BATF, CIA, DOJ, and the US State Department. The 13 men include Roger Moore, Melvin Lattimore, James Rosencrans, Peter Ward, Peter Langan, Robert Jacques, Gary D. Hunt, Al Hussain Hussaini (Iraqi), Andreas Strassmeyer, Anas Siddiqy, Asad Siddiqy, Mohammed Chafti, Dave Holloway. I have important information and documentation on all 13 men, much of it already having been reported in mainline press outlets over the past nine years.

Witness John Morris Kuper testified at the Nichols federal trial that he had seen McVeigh walking in OKC with a large Middle Eastern looking John Doe in front of a surveillance camera at the Public Library on the morning of April 19, 1995. McVeigh and the John Doe went to McVeigh’s car according to Kuper. The US prosecutors tried to discredit Kuper’s story claiming the FBI and prosecutors had found no account of Kuper going to the FBI with his story until way too long after the bombing. After the Nichols’ federal trial, the prosecutors publicly admitted that they in fact had found proof that Kuper had gone to the FBI with his account right after the bombing.

***FBI agent John Hippard confiscated the surveillance cameras not only at the Public Library but also at the Regency Towers apartment complex and Journal Record Building close to and pointed at the Murrah Building. The cameras were working at the time and should have recorded what witnesses say they saw occur in front of the cameras. All of these tapes have not been released in entirety according to OKC attorney Michael Johnston.

***The AP did a story in May 1995 which quoted a federal law enforcement official stating that the official viewed a tape of a John Doe existing the passenger side of Ryder truck in front of Murrah precisely as witnessed and testified to by Dana Bradley who was at the Social Security office.

***A US Secret Service agent logged into his official records that federal authorities had viewed a tape showing others help McVeigh park the Ryder truck in front of Murrah at precise times given to the nearest second.

***The FBI and DOJ released the tape from Regency Towers only showing a large Ryder truck parked across the street from the Regency. The DOJ and FBI have not produced the rest of the Regency Towers tape showing a John Doe sitting in a smaller Ryder truck (with an overhang) when it was first parked by McVeigh next to and immediately in front of the Regency Towers surveillance camera before the larger Ryder truck was later parked on the other side of the street by McVeigh. The FBI and DOJ released tape (shown at federal trials) from the Regency Towers also omits footage showing McVeigh getting out of the Ryder truck(s) when the truck(s) were parked on both sides of the street in front of the SAME Regency Towers s


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