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The normal procedure is that after each "BLACK" or "wet" operation all persons participating in or connected with the operation are totally debriefed by a special debriefing team sent from Agency headquarters -- including a psychiatrist skilled in the various mind control and memory block techniques we have been discussing.

In this debriefing, each member of the "wet" team is required recite to the debriefing team exactly what happened during the operation, in a precise, step-by-step, detailed manner. Each member's recitation is generally repeated several times -- once normally, once under hypnosis, once with a polygraph, and once under scopolamine -- and only when the debriefers are fully satisfied that they have gotten ALL the details and that there are no glaring inconsistencies between these different recitations, is the debriefing brought to a close.

Part of the reason for this debriefing process is to provide detailed records and feedback to the Agency concerning all of the top-level "black" and "wet" operations -- i.e., precisely what was done? Was the operation a "success"? Did it go off as planned? What mistakes, if any, were made? And what improvements can be made so that on succeeding operations, the task at hand can accomplished even more professionally and expeditiously?

The importance of this point cannot be overstated. For, this means that deep within the bowels of the Central Intelligence Agency -- if you only know where to look -- you can find the detailed debriefing records on all of the "black" and "wet" operations carried out by the CIA over the past,30 years or so.

You should subpoena these records immediately, Attorney General. And once you get them -- If you ever get them -- you should put them under the tightest security imaginable to protect them from being tampered with or destroyed.

All these records should then be made available for the debriefing and complete testimony of the 16 or so top covert operatives who now wish to come forward to testify -- see pages 102

(RMNews--The copy of his report that Paul Wilcher left with his friend Sarah McClendon contained only the first 101 pages. The copy left with McClendon is the copy from which all the copies of the Wilcher Report, which are now in circulation, have come. The Wilcher Reports, which are currently being printed, are being made from the copy Wilcher gave to McClendon)

(Wilcher Report cont.) and following below and as their testimony is given, released to the public.

Then, at the conclusion of the debriefing, once the debriefers are confident they have gotten ALL of the factual details, each operative is put under deep hypnosis, and the psychiatrist in the team implants memory blocks into his subconscious memory:

(a) first, to make it far more difficult for him to remember what he and his other "wet" team members did during the operation i.e., to block many of the gory details as to precisely how each of the persons targeted for "elimination" was "taken out" (i.e., murdered) -- so that he will be less likely to be troubled by recurring nightmares concerning what he and his team members have just done; and

(b) second, to alleviate the guilt which would otherwise be associated with these memories, and to allow him to justify in his mind, to the extent he is able to remember what happened, that what he and his fellow team members did was "praiseworthy," rather than highly criminal -- i.e., that the person or persons they murdered were a "menace" to society and deserved to die, and that he was doing his country a valuable service by eliminating these "targets" from society.

Of course, these memories of what he and his fellows have done on these various "wet" operations are never completely erased, and can, with work, be fully recovered. But at least these mental blocks make it easier for the operative to live with himself and his conscience, and help to keep these vivid and gory images from flooding into his consciousness, and becoming obsessive thoughts and recurring nightmares.

These memory blocks are also a way for the operative to justify his having acted as the targets' accuser, prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner -- all in one fell swoop, without the target's having been given the benefit of due process whatsoever -- i.e., NO notice, NO hearing, NO right to confront and cross-examine his accusers, NO right to put on a defense, NO right to testify personally or call witnesses in his behalf, and NO right to be tried before an honest judge and a jury of his peers, according to the laws and the Constitution of the United States.

These memory blocks thus help the operative to suppress all these troubling thoughts which might otherwise disturb his waking hours or his restful sleep -- thoughts which might otherwise force him to reexamine his calling as one of the CIA's top professional killers, and to consider seriously whether he ought to pursue some other line of work.


There may be sow argument in favor of such "wet" operations to "take out" the agents of foreign governments who were the sworn enemies of this nation during the "Cold War" era, or even today, in the instance of state-sponsored foreign or domestic terrorism.

But when such "wet" operations are used instead to "take out" citizens of this country who do NOT pose a legitimate threat to the society at large

Like David Koresh and the other 85 men, women, and children at the Branch Davidian compound -- and whose only real threat is that IF they were given a legitimate trial before an honest judge and jury, they might expose some of the CIA's dirty business concerning its top secret mind control operations and the murderous purposes for which they are used -- i.e., where these "wet" operations are used merely for the purpose of covering up and burying the truth, along with the innocent victims, in order to protect the guilty -- -- as clearly was the case both in Waco and in Jonestown -- not to mention the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and countless other persons whom the CIA has deemed a threat to its existence then such "wet" operations have clearly gone way out of bounds, and absolutely must be exposed, so that those responsible can be held accountable, and so that such operations can be prevented from happening ever again in the future.

But I am getting way ahead of myself here. Let's return to David Koresh and his 6 fellow "sleepers" in Waco, Texas.

#17) Returning to David Koresh and his 6 Fellow "Sleepers" in Waco: The point to be made here is that David Koresh and his 6 fellow "sleepers" were low-level Manchurian-Candidate-type programmed robot assassins -- who were scheduled to be used at some point in the future, but who had NOT yet been used for their pre-ordained secret missions

(RMNews--Paul Wilcher was not told about the mission the Waco "sleepers" had been prepared to carry out. Gunther Russbacher, Wilcher's primary source for the information contained in "The Wilcher Report", wrote an outline from memory of the chemical device the "sleepers" were constructing and alluded to how and where it would have been used. (Russbacher wrote this outline on a napkin in the visitors section of the prison where he was housed. A fellow covert operative smuggled the napkin out of the visitors's room and faxed it to Russbacher's wife. The operative typed it on an old typewriter. This is the only way he could be certain that no one knew he had the information until AFTER it had been faxed. Upon receiving the information, Mrs. Russbacher immediately put it out over her Fax- tree network. Before the Internet became so popular, Fax-trees were the way whistle blowers had to work. In other words, the information had to get out to hundreds of thousands of people in a short period of time to insure their safety.)

(Wilcher Report cont.) Note Well: whereas the "wet" team that went in to "take them out" were some of the CIA's top professional killers.

The term "sleeper" in this context connotes:

(a) that the mind control programming which had been done on Koresh and his inner circle had probably been done a number of years earlier;

(b)that the secret instructions implanted deep into their subconscious memories had lain dormant over the intervening years;

(c) that the CIA now had to arouse Koresh and the other 6 from their "sleep" -- i.e., to reactivate the secret conditioned responses implanted into their subconscious memories -- in order to get them to perform their pre-ordained secret missions on cue, whenever the CIA deemed it appropriate; and

(d) that the CIA could also activate the secret "self-destruct" signal, discussed on pages 20 to 22 above, to cause the robotic "suicides" of Koresh and his inner circle, once they had been performed their secret mission,, or at any other time the CIA decided they were no longer of any use to the Agency

(RMNews--The "sleepers" had been programmed to commit suicide in a specific way. They were not programmed to kill the other members of the cult.)


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