Homicide Investigation - Chandra Ann Levy
Homicide Investigation - Chandra Ann Levy
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Homicide Investigation - Chandra Ann Levy


Latest News:

* Chandra Levy Homicide Investigation, Response to Media Inquiries 9-29-02 News Release
* Search of Chandra Levy Crime Scene Concluded 6-25-02 News Release
* Continuing Search of Rock Creek Park: Additional Bones Discovered 6-11-02 News Release
* Update on Discovery of Leg Bone 6-7-02 News Release
* Additional Leg Bone Discovered 6-6-02 News Release
* The MPDC seeks the public's assistance in locating a gold ring worn by Ms. Levy

The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking information about the homicide of 24-year-old Chandra Ann Levy. Ms. Levy was reported missing in May 2001. On May 22, 2002, her skeletal remains were found in a heavily wooded area of Rock Creek Park in Northwest Washington, DC. On May 28, 2002 the DC Medical Examiner's Office ruled Ms. Levy's death was a homicide; the precise cause of death remains undetermined.

Ms. Levy was expected to travel from Washington, DC, to her hometown of Modesto, California, on May 9, 2001 to attend her graduation from the University of Southern California. From September 2000 until May 2001, she had been living in DC at an apartment building located at 1260 21st Street, NW, while working as an intern for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Her parents attempted to contact her by phone from May 1st to May 6th. After failing to do so, they contacted the MPDC and reported her missing.

Police checked her residence and found no signs of a struggle. However, personal items, such as credit cards and her driver's license, as well as packed luggage, were found inside her apartment.

Anyone with information pertaining to the death investigation of Chandra Ann Levy is asked to contact the Synchronized Operations Command Center at (202) 727-9099.

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When Chandra disappeared, I had this strange flash in my mind of her. I saw her struggling with 3 or 4 men. They took her into a basement of some strange looking black building. Her hands were tied in front of her and she was pushed into some type of metal container, maybe a locker. She kept beating on the door with her hands until they were bloody and the men walked away. I felt quite strongly that they were leaving her there to die and she felt it, too! Which apparently is what they did. She screamed and beat on the door begging to be let out and promising not to tell what she knew. Her hands were swollen and broken and she kept beating and crying to be released. So, if anyone wants to find evidence of where and how she died I think the building is pretty close to where she was found. I hope this information helps. I'd prefer not being acknowledge in anyway in regards to this but, I felt I needed to tell someone.





By: Todd Brendan Fahey

Congressman Gary Condit has been interviewed for the fourth time by law
enforcement officials, but, as is being reported by Niles Latham of the New
York Post, investigators "were not allowed" to ask of him details regarding
the watch case which he placed into a trash can in Alexandria, Virginia, with
the assistance of his driver, senior aide Michael Dayton, just hours before
FBI were to search his Adams-Morgan apartment, July 10th. It must be
concluded, then--since this fourth investigatory meeting with Condit was
anticipated by FBI sources at being five (5) hours in length, but lasted barely
60 minuites--that Abbe Lowell, Condit's attorney, advised his client against
answering any among that line of questioning; or else, since Condit has not
yet been declared a suspect, terminated the interview prematurely. Whatever
the case, the Congressman is not cooperating, as is the fee

MEDIUM RARE August 18, 2001
By Jim Rarey


In the last several articles published by this writer, a theory has been
developed that the disappearance of former intern Chandra Levy had little
or nothing to do with her affair with Congressman Gary Condit. Rather,
that something Chandra learned on her job at the Bureau of Prisons made
her dangerous to powerful people who arranged her elimination.

One of the two scenarios advanced had to do with allegations that Timothy
McVeigh had been visited a number of time by Dr. Louis Jolyon West, one of
the premiere CIA mind control experts. The other was allegations that Carlos
Lehder, cofounder of the Medellin drug cartel in Columbia had been released
from federal prison where he was supposed to be serving a 55 year sentence
with no parole.

Lehder was a witness against Manuel Noriega in the Panamanian dictator's
trial in Miami. Both Lehder and Noriega are said to have extensive knowledge
of CIA involvement in illegal drug distribution.

In the normal course of her duties at the Bureau of Prisons, Chandra could
have run across information on either or both subjects. (See articles,
"Chandra's Dangerous Knowledge," "Condit: The Circling of the Wagons," and
"Chandra: Unraveling Government Cover-ups?")

While this writer believes Condit's involvement in Chandra's disappearance
is peripheral at best (although possibly criminal), he most probably knows
why she disappeared and generally who is responsible.

Condit sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Members
of that committee would have to be blind and deaf not to be aware of the
massive government cover-ups, among other things, of the CIA involvement in
illegal drugs and the government's foreknowledge and probable participation
in the OKC bombing.

It is likely that Condit's top aides, his chief of staff in California (Mike
Lynch) and Michael Dayton his office manager in Washington, were privy to
secret information their boss was working with. It is not known what level
of security clearances they had, if any (remember this is during the Clinton
administration). Given the lack of security in Washington in those days, it's
entirely possible the aides saw a lot of classified information regardless
of their clearance levels.

There has been discussion on cable talk shows of the possibility of "squeezing"
one or both of Condit's aides. That is, charging them with some violation of
law in order to get them to give information on Condit's activities.

Both would appear to be vulnerable to that tactic. Dayton is said to have been
the driver when Condit disposed of the watch box as well as telling Joline
McKay (the watch giver) not to cooperate with the authorities.

Both have been with Condit for some time and are said to be fiercely loyal to
him. They are well paid for that loyalty with Drayton earning in the mid
$90,000 range and Lynch's salary topping $100,000.

So what, besides the fear of being "disappeared" themselves, is keeping Condit
and his staff quiet? One answer may be high-powered Washington lawyers.

Condit, of course, has Abbe Lowell as his lead attorney (Although Anne Marie
Smith's lawyer, Jim Robinson, said Lowell is quitting the case). Lowell
obtained national recognition when he made the closing argument in defense
of President Clinton at his Senate impeachment trial. According to USA
Today there is a long string of troubled politicians he has defended
including; Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, Rep. Joseph McDade and Jim Wright.

Lowell also had worked as counsel to the United Nations high commission for
human rights. He has worked for Greenpeace and for Ralph Nader at the Center
for Auto Safety.

Lowell was a special assistant to the Attorney General in the Carter
administration. At the time of the impeachment trial, he was the Democrats'
chief counsel on the House Judiciary Committee.

According to an Aug. 17, 2001 article in the on line version of Time magazine,
Michael Dayton has retained another top Washington criminal lawyer, Stanley
Brand, who just happens to be a partner in the same law firm he founded with
Abbe Lowell and election law specialist Stephen M. Ryan. Brand was General
Counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives under Speaker Tip O'Neill.

The Time article also reveals that Mike Lynch has retained Beth Wilkinson
described as an "ex-Timothy McVeigh prosecutor." She is much more than that.

Beth Wilkinson attended Princeton University on a four year R.O.T.C.
scholarship. She obtained a J.D. degree from the University of Virginia
law school.

Captain Wilkinson served as assistant to the Army General Counsel for
intelligence, special operations and national security matters during her
four year Army obligation. During that tour of duty she was assigned to
the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Florida for six
months to assist the prosecution team in U.S. vs Manuel Noriega with
litigation regarding the use of classified information.

In other words, her specific duty was to make sure no mention of the CIA drug
involvement got into the public record, at which she was eminently successful.

Wilkinson, after leaving the army, joined the Clinton /Reno Justice Department,
first as Counsel to the Deputy Attorney General for criminal law matters and
later as Principal Deputy Chief of the Terrorism and Violent Crime Section of
the Criminal Division.

In that capacity she was part of the prosecution team in both the McVeigh and
Nichols trials. She continued her coverup of any government involvement
raising successful objections to any witnesses or facts that would implicate

Wilkinson delivered the summation at the penalty phases in both trials
demanding the death penalty for both McVeigh and Nichols. The jury, however,
returned a life without parole sentence for Nichols.

Several commentators have questioned why such high-powered legal
representation is needed in just a missing person's case.

This writer does not believe that Condit and his staff requested these
lawyers. They were most likely assigned there as a team with a containment
strategy to ensure that no mention is made of the CIA/drug and OKC bombing
(Timothy McVeigh) subjects in connection with Chandra Levy's disappearance.

Permission is granted to reproduce this article in its entirety.

The author is a free lance writer based in Romulus, Michigan. He is a
former newspaper editor and investigative reporter, a retired customs
administrator and accountant, and a student of history and the
U.S. Constitution.

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