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Scott Ritter on Randi Rhodes 2/19/2007

Randi Rhodes interviews Scott Ritter 2/19/07 part 1

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The new temporary head of Walter Reed is the same ass that let soldiers sleep in their own urine.

Army to injured vets: Want to talk to the press? Then grab your prosthetic limbs and haul your ass down to Starbucks.

VIDEO: Tony Snow continues the White House’s fine tradition of downplaying bin Laden, especially since it’s been nearly 2000 days since 9/11!

Just a few ways Dick Cheney and his primate president have done bin Laden’s bidding.

Since 2003 Afghanistan has actually been producing more heroin than the world can consume…yes, actual poppy bumper crops! In 2006, poppy production was up another 25% from there.

Laura Bush’s “one bombing a day” is only off by 229. In January alone there were on average 180 attacks a day on our troops and 50 a day on civilians for 230 total.

Bush’s newest best buds, Sunni terrorists, kidnap 18 in Iraq.

And 88% of our National Guard reserves are now classified as “not ready”. More

Meanwhile, at least 20 are dead after yesterday’s tornadoes.

Bush’s advance team scouts for friendlies when Chimpy visits the Gulf Coast. Bush then hands out flags.

POLL: Bush down to 29% approval; even Republican support for him is down 13 percent, although 65% of Republicans STILL stand by this freak.

Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) has issued subpoenas for some the federal prosecutors that Bush has purged. It begins…

And James Dobson has joined Jerry Falwell in his crusade against the “myth” of global warming.

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