by Ernest Hancock
So You Say You Want A Revolution.
Sat Mar 3, 2007 10:19


So You Say You Want A Revolution. Well, you know... -

Ernest Hancock
Date: 03-03-2007
Subject: Politics: General Activism

FreedomsPhoenix has completed
Phase I of its development!

There is a lot to share with the readers of FreedomsPhoenix about the new features available and the upgrades coming online, and we’ll be spending another couple weeks debugging new features and making the site’s features more user friendly with improved graphics.

For the next few days I will be leaving this article at the top of the site in hopes that readers will take the time to explore this article and its links so that you’ll gain a better understanding about what motivated the creation of FreedomsPhoenix and its bright future.

Many of us realize just how important the events of the past few years are, and even the past few weeks, to the future of our families. My family, friends and fellow freedom supporters have been very much aware of the direction America and the rest of the world is heading and FreedomsPhoenix has been a great tool to help understand and prepare for what many of us believe is in the near future. But the path to that future is going to be messy and very dangerous. Categories such as: Economy, Housing, War, Technology, Medicine, Energy, Foreign Policy to name a few, have every one of over 15,000 entries sorted for in depth research on any one of over 130 subjects so new readers and media professionals have a depth of knowledge to aide them in getting caught up on what the real trends are in the world.

FreedomsPhoenix is the product of the efforts and support of many. The talents of Powell Gammill (senior editor) and Tyger Gilbert (webmaster) are obvious to the readers of FreedomsPhoenix and the many other editors and reporters are beginning to have their own fans promoting their work here on FreedomsPhoenix .

My 18 years of freedom activism in addition to my years in radio as a talk show host and producer has provided a unique perspective that allowed me to see news being made and news being reported. Almost immediately I realized how the traditional media would be replaced with alternative media. As technology increasingly empowered the individual to tell the truth in real time, the ability to fabricate news and twist the truth only made it easy to expose the liars and their intentions.

I hope you’ll take the time to allow me to share some thoughts and a small bit of personal history with you so that there is a better understanding of the important role FreedomsPhoenix will play in the coming “revolution between the ears” that precede all drastic changes for the better.

By clicking on any of the following images you will be directed to more information in the form of web sites, audio and video that will help expand an understanding that I wish to share.



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