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Manipulation of the Clueless
Thu Mar 8, 2007 02:07

Manipulation of the Clueless
March 7th, 2007 by donbendellsblog

I am an American cowboy, a real cowboy with a real horse. Real American cowboys believe in simple things, starting with truth, filled with tenacity, and ending with faith. When I was a bachelor, decades ago, and much younger, dumber, more insecure, and self-absorbed; I lived in a beautiful rustic apartment overlooking a nice pristine lake. I went through one of those heartbreak periods, where I was trying to set records on dating, and this abode was a wonderful place to take the newest date to try to weave some kind of spell that would hopefully somehow make me feel better about myself as a man. They each would comment on what a good housekeeper I was, and I could hardly keep from laughing out loud. “If she could only see the dirty dishes I hid in the linen closest, the canned goods drawer, and even in the clothes dryer,” I thought, “or if she would only look at all the junk or dirty clothes I kicked under my bed or crammed into closets, I would be exposed as a phony.”

The cadre of the liberals has much the same mindset, but there is one big, big difference: As I got older, I got wiser and much more principled, but they still closet secrets and continue to seduce with no thought to morality or character. That is the kind of housekeeping being done by many in the democratic party leadership: Hide all your own dirty items in expedient places so you can go on the attack and try to charm the unsuspecting voters into a seductive bed of new dreams, a better world, and a government who actually cares. Don’t really clean your own house. That takes commitment and effort. And if that is the strategy of the party of liberalism, then the majority of the world press are indeed their pompous pimps, wearing a fedora halo cocked to the side, and doing the “gangsta” lean on the right armrest of their computer chair.

Ever since George W. Bush has been President, for the first time under any Administration, democratic or republican, I have not been treated like a bastard stepchild at the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center, VAMC, or the Pueblo VA Clinic. I never have to wait long for appointments, I am treated with the quiet dignity and respect I feel I have earned as a Vietnam veteran, and the attitudes of VA employees, on the whole, has been exemplary. Going to VA under Bill Clinton was especially bad, and was as much fun and fulfilling as sending your twin sisters out on a date with the late-sons of Saddam Hussein. Under the nation’s “first black President,” whose Cabinet was cracker-white like all Cabinets until GWB’s, our military was downsized and trashed and so were our VA facilities to a point where it will take years to recover. Now after the Walter Reed debacle, I know the liberal “beanbag” guns (They won’t use real guns as they are harsh and kill enemies instead of the sensible tactic of “loving them to death”) will now come out and blast away at George W. Bush, the entire Department of Veterans Affairs, and the entire military medical care system. More heads will roll. Why? So the American voters will awaken from “this horrible nightmare” created by the media pimps and liberal pundits and put a democratic President into office to save us from our horrible, hated, demonic leader Dubya. Why is he so hated? Simple: Our money says, “In God We Trust,” but we do not really want him or any of our leaders to actually mention God out loud too much. Maybe it will make the muslim imams get mad at us and not like us like they would under a democratic savior. Or maybe it will just make us feel insecure and anxious.

Here is the classic of the democratic leaders right now: “I support our troops, but not the war. We are going to cut down their funding,” (and the unspoken part): “so they will feel even more betrayed by us and will be in even greater danger. But, unfortunately, that is what we will do so we can win the election. That is what is of the greatest import, winning the election, not the war. Maybe we don’t like to be so cold, but we can live with 1,000 more Americans dead because of us closing the bank. First of all, we can simply spin it and blame it on the President anyway. The anti-war crowd, the al-Qaida, Hamas, the PLO, they all learned after studying the Vietnam War how to turn it around. Just repeat the same lies over and over, discount all common sense and truth, and keep repeating the lies. If we can get airplay on CBS, ABC, or NBC, most of America will buy it in time. After-all, those TV anchors let us know they are the tops in journalism and are our real authorities. Think I am lying? Just ask Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, the deep-voiced Tom Brokaw, Katie Couric, or any of those authorities. That way, most of you Americans don’t have to think or investigate the issues. We’ll do it all for you. Trust us. Besides Americans have become soft. We are the quick-fix society; take a pill, push a button, turn your back, and all our problems simply go away.”

Our enemies have learned this. Professional politicians have learned this. The media has learned this. And they all play us and kick us around like flesh-covered hacky-sacks. I am tired of being kicked around by so-called leaders and pundits who daily violate many of the premises of integrity and morality I hammered into my children’s brains and hearts, for votes or power.

I have a solution, simple and straightforward. John Wayne is the only dead actor in history to consistently be listed in the top ten list of favorite and most respected celebrities even though he’s been gone for years. There is a reason for that. He did his own thinking and stood up for what he believed in and did not waiver. Why don’t we? Or have we sold out so much for convenience sake that we have forgotten how? I don’t think so. We are, each; after-all, still Americans.

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