A Call to Investigate All of the President's Men
Wed Feb 28, 2007 14:36


Elizabeth de la Vega asks for a Congressional investigation into the White House; Walter Cronkite calls Iraq war a "disaster"; Human Rights Watch claims over 60 prisoners in CIA "black site" prisons; Republicans threaten to stop anti-terrorism bill over union rights provisions; Padilla's treatment confirmed by brig official; Robert Parry says military leaders, including the chairman of the joint chiefs, fear Bush has secret plan to wage war with Iran; panic in the sub-prime mortgage market sets off mass liquidation of loans; and more ... Browse our continually updating front page at http://www.truthout.org

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Elizabeth de la Vega | A Call to Investigate All of the President's Men
The trial of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was merely a snapshot view of this administration in daily action; but incomplete as it was, it nevertheless starkly revealed what many had known all along: that the most powerful officials in the United States government - including, but not limited to, the vice president, the vice president's chief of staff, the deputy secretary of state, the president's press secretary, the president's chief of staff and, yes, the president himself - had responded to the barrage of criticism being aimed at their fictitious case for war in the spring and summer of 2003 by focusing their sights on a man and woman who had devoted their lives to public service.

Walter Cronkite: Iraq War a "Disaster"
Walter Cronkite weighs in on the situation in Iraq stating: "We should have gotten out a long time ago. This is a mistake, this entire war there, it's a disaster. And the earlier we get out, the better. It's a terrible disaster. Look at the loss of lives of our young Americans there and those who have been maimed for life, for what purpose? No purpose we can define."

New Light Shed on CIA's "Black Site" Prisons
Human Rights Watch has identified 38 people who may have been held by the CIA and remain unaccounted for. The number of detainees held in such facilities over nearly five years remains classified but is higher than 60. Their whereabouts have not been publicly disclosed.

Republicans Threaten to Derail Anti-Terror Bill Over Union Rights
White House officials made clear on Tuesday that President Bush was prepared to veto a bill that enacted recommendations of the Sept. 11 Commission if the provision granting Transportation Security Administration workers collective bargaining rights was not removed.

Aspects of Padilla's Treatment Confirmed
A brig official confirms that the terrorism suspect had no timepiece or natural light - and sometimes no light at all. With no clock, watch or natural light to guide him, terrorism suspect Jose Padilla was jailed at a Navy brig in timeless isolation while anonymous jailers monitored him around the clock, a brig official testified on Tuesday.

Robert Parry | Bush Faces Opposition on Iran Attack
Robert Parry writes, "A number of US military leaders, reportedly including the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, have waged an extraordinary behind-the-scenes resistance to what they fear is a secret plan by George W. Bush to wage war against Iran."

Le Monde | Darfur and the International Criminal Court
Le Monde considers how the ICC's new findings fit in with other international strategies to end the killing in Darfur.

US Mortgage Crisis Goes Into Meltdown
Panic has begun to sweep the sub-prime mortgage sector in the United States after the bankruptcy of 22 lenders over the past two months, setting off mass liquidation of housing loans packaged as securities.

VIDEO | Keith Olbermann: Condi Goes Too Far
Keith Olbermann presents one of his "special comments" on remarks made by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during an interview on Fox News, where she compared Saddam Hussein to Adolf Hitler.

VIDEO | Hersh: Bush Funneling Money to al Qaeda-Related Groups
Seymour Hersh reports that the Bush administration is funding anti-Shiite Sunnis linked to al Qaeda without Congressional approval and without appropriate appropriation. Hersh speculates that the money is coming from the pallet-loads of cash floating around Iraq and has already reached "three Sunni jihadist groups." He says, flatly, that the president is "supporting groups indirectly that are involved with the same people that did 9/11."

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CNN, BBC 24 Reports Conclusively Prove Media Prior Knowledge and False-Start Scripting of Building 7 Controlled Demolition

Report: Soldiers at Walter Reed told not to talk
USA Today - 27 minutes ago
According to Army Times, some of the soldiers believe this is a form of punishment because many of them went on-the-record with The Washington Post to talk ...

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